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  1. In which preview did you read that
  2. No problems! I knew it was weird to get a preview from one source only. We'll probably get all the previews in the upcoming hours
  3. I managed to save it. https://imgur.com/gallery/v27AaFD
  4. Normal Classic first run (three routes) then Hard Classic
  5. I'm getting the special edition so nope. I'm still waiting until you can buy the expansion pass separately though.
  6. Black Eagles (Marianne + Lysithea recruited)
  7. Shame that you can't buy the Expansion Pass ONLY right now. It will probably be on sale the day it comes out
  8. Yeah I don't think thats Erika either.
  9. Just be clear. Yokota works with Nintendo EPD and he is the Director & Planner (EPD Production Group No. 1) We still don't know whose IntSys director is from Three Houses.
  10. Sorry if this has been known for a while but the Japan Expo website cites them with these roles. https://www.japan-expo-paris.com/en/animations/fire-emblem-three-houses_3146.htm
  11. Maybe the picture changes like a slideshow or changes depending on how far you are into the game, it's pretty common.
  12. Off-topic, maybe. I think this is the first time we've seen the title screen
  13. Which picture/page says Marianne is recruitable?
  14. Apologies if already discussed. Is the Anna from the scans the same Anna from the official artwork? https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1121327655846940673/YlauMMyL_400x400.png I think she will only appear during the War phase.
  15. Is Seteth a new character? Edit: He is not, nevermind.
  16. I don't know why but the lyrics remind me of the flame emperor. Yet still I hide behind this mask that I have become My blackened heart scorched by flames of force I can't run from
  17. I'll do all three "routes" eventually but my ranking as of now is. Black Eagles ---> Golden Deers ----> Blue Lions Edelgard has the best design so far of the lords for me, and the Black Eagles' students look super interesting.
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