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  1. Got it, Iron axe only for you Edel Well this is my 2nd playthrough (Did Blue Lions first) and with all the extra activities I get being max professor level I've ended up doing a LOT of battles. So I have everyone recruited and they're almost ALL over-leveled ๐Ÿ˜… So not really concerned with XP and I actually really like Hubert and Edelgard as units
  2. This question mentions a spoiler. I put it in the title but idk if there was anything else I needed to do....anyway If I choose to side with the church do I lose any equipment Edelgard and Hubert have? I would like to fully utilize them in the last chapter I have them in but if I don't get their equipment back I need to take some stuff from them.
  3. Petra is easy. Not sure about lorenz. I can't B-support Leonie yet so she may not be until post-timeskip, on month 12 Note: Leonie seems to have low standards, I recruited her at c-support with only like a D+ in lance
  4. I've noticed that different characters get different combat arts and abilities from leveling skills. Is there a list anywhere that shows who gets what? Like the list we have of who gets what spells?
  5. 1: Are the stat boosts battalions give always in effect? Or only when using gambits? 2: To unlock budding talents do you just need to give have the skill level raise while giving instruction or do I have have to give them a certain amount of XP in the skill through instruction?
  6. I THINK it would be the beginning of your first week as a professor, which is I believe the 2nd week of the 5th month. If you want the birthday bonus at the start, I'd probably go with the beginning of the 6th month because that's after the "end" of the "tutorial" The game starts in the middle of the 4th month (My B-Day is 4/5 so that's what I sent for my character. Guess I'm not getting the bonus any time soon ๐Ÿ˜…)
  7. Does anyone know the specific stat requirements for recruit characters? Like I know Marianne requires High Magic and Riding, but HOW high? Also, has anyone managed to recruit Marianne without leveling their character in mage classes? My character is currently a Myrmidon and while I'm training in Faith magic I don't really plan on changing to any mage classes unless I need to in order to get a high enough Magic stat for Marianne
  8. Oh my that's gonna be rough.... Especially if recruiting students from other houses requires like, an A
  9. Ok, I have another question๐Ÿ˜… I noticed that some characters have a + next to their weapon ranks (Like Dimitri Starts with a D+ in Lances instead of just D) What do those mean?
  10. Wait, how do you know it's New Game+??? Which bring up another question I have. Do we know any details about New Game+? (Do things from your last playthrough carry over, do you get bonuses, etc)
  11. Alright, I think that covers everything I've been wondering about. At least for now. Thanks guys! ๐Ÿ˜
  12. I have a few questions: 1: Can we change the difficulty mid-playthrough like we could in Fates? 2: There is a new charm stat. Does it do anything outside of battalion effectiveness? (Does Byleth get any bonuses? Like making it easier to recruit from other houses for example? 3: How do the playable teachers work? Can we train them in new classes and weapons (I'd like to make Shamir a Bow Knight or Assassin but idk if that's possible) 4: I heard somewhere that after the time skip you can't train your students as diversely as your can before. Can anyone confirm this?
  13. Whoa those are awesome! Thanks so much! Yeah I've a lot of Pokemon trainer edits, I play a lot of Pokemon fan game. They're pretty cool. Some people have even made their own pokemon in their fan game and most of them were amazing. I need to get good at this kind of stuff, lol
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