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  1. Donnel, I think he will dig this kind of music. Which character will you like to have as a fitness instructor?
  2. Followed the steps and I'm know playing Heroes on my Laptop, thanks alot! Only issue is that when I try to buy orbs via Memu, it gets stuck on the load screen Any solutions?
  3. Looks like Xander will be good for this map. With a cavalry buff and QR he should kill the thief and magic cavalier in the first turn. Does anyone know if there are any reinforcements like in the Legion map?
  4. I don't have any of these Healers at 5 star so I'll go with Team Priscilla. I liked her character in FE7.
  5. BigKlingy is very good as well. He hasn't made a FE LP in a while but he made one of the most in depth and entertaining LP's of Awakening I've watched. Half the time I thought Chuggaaconroy was playing the game because of how much passion he went into making it. My Fav FE Youtuber would be Ghast, Very insightful but does entertaining commentary and LP's. His Support Sciences are his best works.
  6. Yoshi mid tier? Pfft But overall it's a good list but Paper Mario is one of those games where how well a partner is comes down to the enemies they face after.
  7. I paired Niles with Beruka and it worked well for me.
  8. I don't like Nowi's design. Her face looks like a rabbit to me. Don't know why.
  9. At least you got an A rank. I haven't played SA2 in almost 5 years so I might fall behind when I play it again soon.
  10. Just beaten the game last night. The game is truly amazing but it's difficult where to rank it with the other Zelda games because of how different it is. As for the divine beasts, I like the creativity they have and how much influence they have on the games over world and story. I will say they are too short and don't stand out compared to the traditional dungeons but I'd rather have a dungeon that's short and fun than one that's long and boring (like City in the Sky). The voice acting is decent, they do the job and they fit the characters but they are not fantastic. Zelda's voice does fit her but there is not enough diversity in her vocals. When she gets excited or frustrated her tone feels the same, which is something that a main character truly needs. The best voice performance I would say is Sean Chiplock (Revali and the Deku Trees Voice), This guy is very good and has so much potential for future roles.
  11. Rend Keaven


    I stopped taking birthdays seriously after my 17th. Heck, on my 21st I decided not to take the day off work because I didn't want to take too many day offs. If it's a milestone birthday then maybe I'll have something planned with the family..
  12. OK, so I've found the Hylian Shield, won't tell anyone where it is for spoilers sake.I would like to know if the shield is breakable and if so where can I get a new one? Also, are Robbies anti-guardian weapons worth getting? I have the armor but not the weapons as they are too expensive for weapons that break but are they worth getting? Finally, what order of Divine Beasts did you do/planned on doing? Just to get an idea of what is the most difficult order.The order I did was Ruta, Rudania, Nabooris and Medoh.
  13. Alright, I have one memory left to find and it's the one that's in a generic forest. I'm trying really hard to find all of them without a guide but this one is bothering me. I have a feeling the forest is near Hyrule Castle. I will accept help from anyone, but as long as your advice doesn't tell me the name of the area I have to go to.
  14. Before you replied to my post, I actually found him again lol. Managed to upgrade enough room for my items, but I might try Korok Forest soon. Kind of wish they made upgrading storage easier. Do you have to go through the Lost Woods to reach him? I have trouble navigating through there and the furthest I got was beyond the first set of torches that sit side to side with each other. Oh and you can also visit Rito Village that will have gear to withstand cold climate. They can be expensive, but as long as you have two cold resistant accessories, you should be fine.
  15. Does anyone know where I can find the korok that upgrades your storage? I found him once after giving his maraccas back but now I don't where he went and I have over 20 seeds that are ready for use. She's probably my favorite of the champions, still yet to meet the others and what she gives you after clearing the water divine beast is so good.
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