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  1. My Bernadetta was speed screwed in both the Empire and Silver Snow route, I'm actually shocked to see that she has a 50% speed growth, she just couldn't double unless I gave her a Brave Bow (went Archer-Sniper-Bow Knight). On my first Blue Lions playthrough (first route in general) my Ingrid got so strength screwed she couldn't even reliably finish of mages without a forged Silver Sword. BL endgame was still the Ingrid fest because she literally couldn't get hit by said mages so it kinda evened itself out (Pegasus Knight-Falcon Knight). Petra was also severally strength screwed in the Empire route, she was way better in my Silver Snow run (Pegasus Knight-Assassin-Falcon Knight). My Empire route was cursed in general - Dorothea had 22 magic in the last chapter, she couldn't one-round Fortress Knights... Fortress Knights! Blessed units were Ignatz and Seteth (used him in every run), Ignatz got a lot of strength surprisingly and Seteth was just an all around monster (in GD he had more strength than Hilda and Claude, it was insane).
  2. I agree with everything you said here, I've just got a little question: And just to add my own thoughts on the routes: I'm playing BE just now so I can't say anything to conclusive there but I really enjoy the characters. Really loved what I saw in the Caspar and Petra support, makes the characters feel so much more alive when they are directly influenced by happenings in the world. Blue Lions: Golden Deer:
  3. Now that you mention it, I did notice that Lorenz and Marianne stopped gaining support hearts at some point. So basically, what I suspect happened in my example with the GD endings is that Lorenz and Lysithia accidentally gained some support points during the final map (even though they were literally at opposing sites of the map... maybe during the rush on the final boss they gained some points), resulting in them getting the ending and affecting every other ending as a result. That would at least explain the Lorenz and Cyril situation and mayyybe the fact that Marianne ended up with Hanneman (every other candidate likely had a higher priority with another character already). What I find puzzling however, is what determines solo endings - in my case Flayn and Cyril both having one despite having several options to "choose" from. If I remember correctly, I didn't have any solo endings in my BL run, at least concerning my main cast. Doing a BE run right now and I'm really interested what endings I get this time around.
  4. No spoilers, rather a question about game mechanics. I just finished my second playthrough of the game (first being Blue Lions, second Golden Deer) and I can't wrap my head around how paired endings are determined. According to Reddit, the endings depend on the closest allies tap and the characters who have each other as the first option get the paired endings. However, in my GD playthrough I didn't get any of the pairings that should have happened according to the closest ally section. Claude and Flayn, as well as Hilda and Ignatz, Raphael and Leonie, Lorenz and Marianne and Lysithea and Cyril all had each other as their closest ally, yet the endings I got were Claude/Hilda, Ignatz/Raphael, Lorenz/Lysithea, Flayn and Cyil were alone and Marianne had an ending with.... Hanneman (they had an A support, however I completed that chain shortly after the time skip)? Same with the Blue Lions, Felix and Sylvain ended up getting an ending although Sylvain and Mercedes were practically clued together the whole game. Does anyone have any idea how the game determines which characters get a paired ending?
  5. Got a +Atk -Def Lewyn and a +Def -Spd Quan (and a pretty garbage Leo) in only 80 orbs, I'm so happy! My luck with Judgral banners is pretty abysmal because the game hates me (luckily I have gotten everyone but Leif, Ishtar and Nanna through Legendary banners) but this is amazing, they even seem to have optimal IV's. Also it seems that the game has noticed my FE bias...
  6. What is happening...! Normally my success rate with Judgral banners is non-existant because why give me characters from my fave FE game. Hopefully that wasn't the end of my luck and I get an Ishtar down the line from the few orbs I can get from Arena/Challenges/...
  7. The bias continues. My last two votes originally were meant to go to Arvis and Lakche but Leif needs some love right now.
  8. HP- Hector (52), Ninian (50) and Black Knight (49) - I was really surprised that Ninian has the second highest HP in my file. Atk- Tana (53), Seliph/Arvis/Hector/Minerva (52), Ayra/Black Knight/Eltshan/Deirdre/Julia (51) Spd- Ayra (43), Minerva (41), Tana/Brave!Lyn (38) - kinda surprised that I have only two units that are above 40 Def- Lukas (46), Hector (40), Xander (37) - Lukas is such a wall Res- Deidre (38), Arvis (37), Felicia (35) - and Deidre is -Res! Overall- Ayra (197), Black Knight (187), Seliph (186) - didn't expect Seliph to show up honestly
  9. Aaaaah. Well you learn something new every day, thank you! :D
  10. So the notifications updated too and now there is a post that says Ayra can sometimes appear as a hero of different rarity? Did I miss something
  11. I pulled two Deirdres: 1st is +spd/-res 2nd is +atk/-res What Deirdre should I train/What Deirdre will be merge fodder? I honestly have a pretty hard time deciding.
  12. Got up to 12 orbs today and tried again aaaand ~ Yes! But that isn't the only thing I got... One is +speed and -res the other is +attack and -res; so any suggestions which one is better?
  13. The worst part is that I didn't resort to buying the orbs, so I always had to sit out a few banners to gather up orbs :D the last banner where I pulled the character I actually wanted was the one with Tana and Innes (and Innes only came home at the last day). I tried to get Ike in the TT banner but got Lilina instead (not even mad I didn't have her before). Just sit back, grab some tea and try not to smash something when you pull the 10th Cherche --> rinse and repeat until you have no orbs left :( Hey we had the same experience! I tried Ike and Lucina and got... Delthea. welp. But hey you managed to get Ike in the end so that's something and you can still get Lucina in the future :) Congrats on your Sigurd too, I think he is quite the monster regardless of the -spd bane. Thanks, yeah I once tried to get Lukas on his banner and got him as a 4* just one week after it ended :D yeah buying orbs can lead to some serious regret if you don't get the intended character, glad you got yours.
  14. 200 orbs later and I still haven't gotten one of the characters god damnit. My pity rate was once broken by a 5* Tharja otherwise I haven't gotten anything. That's the third time in a row where I have a pity rate of over 5% and still don't get a 5* (what's wrong with my luck...). Well it's still the first day and there are still plenty to come (the chances of getting both Sigurd and Deirdre are getting lower and lower though).
  15. Oh boy here we go I love how the trailer for my favourite FE game/universe comes out at my birthday, thanks IS that was a really nice suprise in the morning ^^ Now I just hope that my 110 orbs are enough for all 3 characters (considering my luck with the last few banners I pulled from... yeah no). Surprised to see Tiltyu here to be honest but I love using her in Genealogy so no complaints from me. I've taken good care of your children Sigurd and Deidre... now come home pls
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