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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Got interested in the series after watching some gameplay videos of Awakening and eventually bought it. Ended up loving every part of it and wanted more Fire Emblem eventually emulating some of the older entries such as the GBA titles (haven't finished 8 yet) and recently, FE4 and 11.
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    With the release of Fates coming out tomorrow, I might as well introduce myself right now. Just an average college student and avid gamer with a knack for strategy games and RPGs. Put two and two together and you can see why I became interested in this series. I started with Awakening and grew to love it because of its gameplay and characters. After finishing my recent playthrough and getting a new laptop, I decided to try out some of the older games as well, specifically the 4th game and all 3 GBA titles and enjoyed those even moreso than Awakening, even though I have yet to finish any of them and only had one month of since playing them. Probably the reason why I enjoy this series overall is because of it's strategy elements, calculating every move I have to make with tons of factors thrown in, knowing that one mistake will result in resetting and groans of frustration. Anyways I'm so hyped for Fates right now that I'm playing FE7 at the same time I'm typing this so I can contain it. Salutations!
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