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  1. The left side of the body (sprite's POV) is largely fine; what needs work imo is the right side. Something about the arm keeps bugging me, and I feel like his upper torso could use a bit more depth.
  2. Did you sculpt the model yourself or...? I seem to have a lot of problems sculpting models QQ
  3. Aight ^^ just what I was looking for. Thanks Eliwan!
  4. Oh. I didn't realise that. Thanks ^^ I'll cut out the back three frames from the anim and remove her sword when I shove her into RMXP. Gonna leave the sheet as is, though, in case anyone wants to use it (unlikely as that may be)
  5. Hi o/ I'm a newbie spriter, venturing into the realm of full customs, and I was wondering whether anybody has a guide or a link to a guide for FE-style motion blurs? I'm having a lot of trouble with them; I've attempted several, but they just don't seem to turn out like how the FE ones do. Any tips?
  6. Hmmmm... Probably messed up the motion blur XD It probably looks better just completely cutting out the motion blur frames and inserting a tilted sword frame from the attack anim. Well, I'll leave those there till I get good enough to properly update them. Thanks for the feedback \o/ Current WIP: Ryougi Shiki (Kara no Kyoukai) (15 COLOURS :O)
  7. Lol. I was considering either that or a backhop, but decided that fencers were more likely to retreat using backsteps than risk losing their balance with a hop. EDIT: NOW WITH SPRITESHEET \o/
  8. Added a (rather simple and underwhelming) dodge for Weiss.
  9. Head is very strange, I can't tell if he's facing left or facing right with hair over his other eye. Body is too thick. He looks like he's wearing plate armor. Shading is basically nonexistent, but I'm assuming you just haven't done it yet. Dropshadow does not follow the outline of his body. Arms look much better than the witch's though. The bg is probably due to whatever graphics program you're using setting your bg colour as the transparency colour. Playing atound in settings for a bit and clicking anything you can find should help.
  10. Did you make that rigged blender skeleton yourself? I'm thinking of experimenting with this method too :x love your work, by the way, everything looks great!
  11. LOL this would indeed make for an amusing, if slightly unbalanced FE game... Hmmm... *starts sketching Rory's poses*
  12. Left arm is bent unnaturally, the upper arm in particular is way too thin. Same with the region where it bends, the elbow portion should be closer to an inverted triangle than a U-shape. The dropshadow is inconsistent with the light source, which seems to be top right, I believe? Hair could use more texture and ahading, particularly at the area under her hat. The right limbs are unnaturally straight; her right leg doesn't seem to stem from her hip. Right shoulder should be a curve, not a straight diagonal. The top part of her dress, at the cut, is also too straight - does not follow the contours of the human body. That's all I can see. I'm still new to spriting, too, so someone more experienced could probably give more extensive critique.
  13. Hi~ Could you elaborate on making the folds more fluid? Also, updated first post to include her magic anim. Her magic crit is the same thing but with multicoloured rainbow circle things. Weiss sheet ~60% done \o/ Just need to finish up armed/unarmed dodge/hit.
  14. Thanks^^ I'm using the paid version of GraphicsGale. Edited OP to include critical animation.
  15. Hi o/ I'm new to this site, registered because I just only recently discovered it, and because I recently started working on a fangame in FEXP. So this topic is where I'll toss my finished gifs/spritesheets/customs for archival/critique; hopefully I'll see myself improve as I continue doing this. Note: The intended fangame will be a crossover fangame from a number of different series, so most of the sprites posted here will be of existing characters. I do not own any of these characters, all rights go to their original creators, etc. All sprites are done in GraphicsGale. Note that as these sprites are meant to be used with FEXP, unless specified, they will not adhere to 16 colour limits, and therefore will likely look terrible when placed in a GBA. Any and all feedback would be appreciated, thanks ^^ #1: Weiss Schnee (RWBY) [25-52ish unique colours] [COMPLETED & PUBLIC] #2: Ryougi Shiki (Kara No Kyoukai) [15 COLOURS] [idle Sprite only, due for anim]
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