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  1. @Alexmender Petra made the two most challenging enemies look like the easiest. Nice theme clear! I like how Rinea hums when you select her. @mampfoid It’s nice to see Yarne’s debut! He fits in nicely. Roy’s refine is looking very nice! Even Caineghis didn’t give him any trouble. So we’ve got two clears this time: my standard team and a for fun semi-solo clear. I was always disappointed that I hadn’t been able to let Marisa enemy phase Naesala during his runs, but I guess Tibarn is the next best thing. Swift Sparrow 3 has been an excellent addition to my speedy Micaiah! I usually save my flier team for Abyssals since emblem teams are so strong, but I was messing around with them and found that Brave Micaiah was capable taking everyone out herself. She’s really been everything I ever wanted out of her Brave version and it’s so nice after Celica ended up being another infantry sword unit.
  2. I really hope Bantu is setting a precedent for future banners. I’ve just noticed that Astram’s epithet is “Midia’s Hero” and now I’m sad because Midia’s not in the game yet
  3. Ooh, we’ll finally have colorless reposition fodder in the colorless 4* pool! And it’s on the only person I want. But in bigger news NEW 3/4* UNIT!!!!!!!! Thank god. I can’t wait to see Bantu’s kit
  4. @Alexmender That pulse smoke really came in handy, Julia’s Dragon Fang is really deadly (found that out the hard way with Brave Micaiah). Surviving a round with her is a huge achievement for Kaden! Great teamwork all around. I hate that you weren’t able to solo it but this is definitely a difficult map to solo with a red unit. So many annoying blue units I love my free Micaiah already, but I’m hoping I can pull a +atk or spd (speed meme builds are so much fun on her!) version eventually.
  5. @mampfoid It was really close especially with Roy but they made it work! I like the use of Clair; I feel like I never see her used. Great job! The addition of Julia’s Close Defense seal on Abyssal was cruel, as was the lance fighter’s deflect magic. I was not interested in trying to Celica and three dancers this one because that Julia is scary, but the terrain lended itself well to a flier team (and without having to resort to Legendary Azura). It’s weird seeing Camilla not do much in one of these but the positioning worked out better for Micaiah and Elincia. And it’s Brave Micaiah’s first time working with this team and she’s already pulling her weight! Overall I don’t think this map is too bad other than Julia herself. Unrelated but man I wish Brave Micaiah and Yune didn’t share a color
  6. I like drives on my three infantry one flier main team. It’s not as high of a boost as tactics but it’s not visible so it can’t be panicked, and the positioning for them is easy to satisfy (plus they’re a pretty cheap option). I also suggest guidance (seal or as a c slot) if you do stick a flier on there because it’s good to have different movement options. Wave skills can be pretty hit or miss (unless it’s someone like Nino who has one in her weapon) thanks to the turn limitation, plus the atk and spd ones are very rare besides the one that comes with Fallen Delthea. The joint hones are great though if you ever manage to pull one. Just one less point to the stat and it effects the user too. Smokes can be useful too, especially atk smoke on a tank. Really it depends on your team and what they need. And I’ve got a question for y’all: any non-Victorious Axe suggestions for Edelgard? The guaranteed follow up is nice but it and the rest of her kit don’t really synergize with a team, especially since she’s a melee infantry unit. That two move hurts, and I don’t want to have to run a dancer with her to use her well. She’s +def -hp if that helps
  7. The only enemies that should be able to dent her that much are bow/dagger units (which she shouldn’t be attacking anyway unless they’re on a horse or are armored) and distant counter users/dragons (which apart from dragons are uncommon outside of Arena/Aether Raids) and the horse and cavalry ones she should be one shotting apart from a few high resistance reds. Personally my priority isn’t Arena/AR, so distant countering is less of an issue in general (and even in AR my speedy blue Micaiah is very useful on defense because no one expects her to be fast enough to double them), but I still think “you can only rely on it once” is a stretch. Edit because I forgot that dagger units existed for second
  8. A few different reasons. We already have access to several dragon slayers (and Masked Marth is free and Adult Tiki is 3-4*) and the majority of beasts have a secondary weakness. All the birds are still weak to bows and the cavalry and armor ones have those associated weaknesses. There’s also not a whole lot of beast units in general and we don’t have an enemy version of them yet, so they aren’t a problem on Abyssal maps where FTP guides would be needed. Armor and cavalry units are everywhere on those, and Micaiah is a high attack unit effective against both (and the only two non-Micaiah units effective against both, Caeda and Clair, suffer from low attack). She’s also only our second free mage flier (and only our second free green mage ever) which gives her fantastic movement and versatility. Her resistance is high enough to consistently debuff enemies which is useful to help deal with the bloated stats on Abyssal enemies, her a skill allows her to ignore any debuff she gets to her atk and res, and ground orders is an insane and incredibly rare movement buff that gives her team a lot of options. Eilwood is a good offensive lance cavalier but he lacks her versatility. Fuses are pretty situational and spd opening, while potentially useful by manipulating your team’s spd, is going to be less useful for someone using only ftp units to follow a guide. Veronica was the most popular pick last year not because she hit the hardest but because of her ability to safely buff her team and debuff her enemies with her impressive mobility. A lot of people are going to be looking for the unit that will be more helpful for Abyssal maps and Micaiah’s versatility is what’s made her the early favorite.
  9. I’m definitely happy that Micaiah’s b skill is essentially Atk/Spd Sabotage instead of Atk/Res...the sabotage skills aren’t my favorite because they’re more effective against you than an AI but it’s gonna make her deceptively speedy! That’s an effective +12 speed just from her b skill and weapon, putting her at 40 before buffs, potential a skill changes, and her seal. As a regular user of a deceptively speedy blue Micaiah I approve! God she’s amazing already, everything I wanted Brave Celica to be (not that I wanted Celia to be a green tome flier, just that I wanted her to not be red and definitely not be an infantry red sword). And her art is absolutely gorgeous...I’m very tempted to switch my summoner support to her
  10. Not gonna lie I was a little bitter when Camilla was revealed to be a flying staff user because that’s what I wanted Micaiah to be, but I’m super happy she’s a green tome user (and thank god she keeps that armor/cavalry effectiveness)! And she looks like a flier too (she floats and her c slot looks like ground orders!) which is great because I have only one green tome flier (ironically Yune) and I’m so glad she’s got her priestess outfit! AND YUNE HELPING HER I’m really interested in what her unique skill will be...I feel like it’s gonna be debuff related to go with her tome. She looks awesome and I’m so excited! Camilla’s definitely the obvious free pick though, but at least Micaiah’s also in a unique role unlike Celica last year
  11. I know I’m super late on these sorry! @Alexmender That is one scary Myrrh! She shrugged off that Iceberg and Hammer like they were nothing. @Nanima Very nice! Great use of vantage and that pitybreaker (at least it was something useful!) @mampfoid I love that you managed a theme clear here, and I feel like it’s a little funny that Corderlia took out both the Morgans. Maybe Chrom will get to do something fighting some day. Nothing really special for my main group, though it’s the first time Cherche has ever needed Draw Back My beast/dragon team was a lot of fun here, especially getting to really use Leanne as a fighter. Still nothing for Corrin to do, but maybe next time.
  12. @Alexmender I was so used to seeing Eirika with Aether that I was wondering how you were gonna handle this map without the sustain from it but uh. You don’t really need sustain if you kill everything in one turn, and it wasn’t even close. Amazing clear! @mampfoid That was a close one! This continues to be a reliable group for you, even against content as difficult as this. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this and just jumped in with Celica and three dancers right away. I was a little concerned about Sothis’s Hardy Bearing seal but really the blue mage was the most annoying enemy. Overall this felt like a very forgiving map layout. I’ve gotta say I’m really proud of Celica for one shoting Sothis without Legendary Azura’s attack boost while she was on a fortified tile. She’s a beast!
  13. I’ve been considering showing off my main beast/dragon team for a while now and I’ve finally gotten around to doing a clear with them! They’re probably my second most invested in team after Celica’s group (if only because my flier team either came with their skills or have skills that are easily available). I wish Corrin had gotten a chance to really show off what she can do (because boy that’s a lot of speed and attack stacking) but there’s always next time. At least Leanne got to do something!
  14. Lyn looks great, but not tempting enough to roll for with Edelgard most likely on the Three Houses banner at the end of the month. Im excited about Fiora though! She’s not a unit type I really need, but her sprite is cute and I’m excited to see her art.
  15. @mampfoid I’m glad you finally pulled Tibarn! It was nice seeing him and Elincia working together, and you know I love your offensive Airzura @Nanima Wow, that looked absolutely effortless! Absolutely no problem for the Takumi squad @Alexmender I love Idunn, so it’s great to see her in the spotlight here! She fears no dragon slayers or armor effectiveness I actually felt like this was one of the more challenging BHBs in recent memory, though mainly I just just hate that mountain for making positioning more difficult. Going for a full flier team would’ve made it a breeze though Had to do a little skill and seal shuffling to one round the lance cavalier (thanks debuffs), but after that it’s not bad. Micaiah’s gotten an extra merge since last time because she decided to pity break me going for summer Laegjarn (no complaints there!). Might post another one later with my beast/dragon team because this should be an easy one for them.
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