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  1. I can support him, and his stats were all restored. My guess is that the grayed out supports were pre-time skip locked, and if you first recruit him post time skip then you're prevented from doing any supports.
  2. Alright, so I was playing the Golden Deer, and post time skip, Ashe disappeared from my roster. None of my remaining characters had listed any support with him, so I was convinced that I had somehow accidentally killed him and saved over it… leaving me with the unenviable dilemma of restarting the game or continuing with a man down (Something I've never done in any Fire Emblem). Skip ahead to the volcano map, Ashe appears as a generic opponent. His conversations were generic monologue-y. As I couldn't get him to talk, I ended up recruiting him Path of Radiance Shinon style… (beating him up with the protagonist). I immediately got a prompt asking if he could rejoin and I SLAMMED yes. My question is: Are there other characters who have non-regulation post time skip re-recruitment requirements?
  3. Mmm… personally I think Nintendo will launch Smash 5 with the Switch's online service in September. It's the only reason I can think of to justify its curiously obscene delay: Capitalize on Smash's system selling popularity to push credit card subscriptions. With that said, and assuming that the four "2018" titles are listed in chronological order (Which is seemingly a safe assumption since they're not listed in alphabetical order), I think it's we can assume that Fire Emblem Switch will be released somewhere between Late July and August. with Yoshi being an August/Early September title. (I won't hazard a guess with World Ends since it's a Square title and thus subject to other than Nintendo's whims)
  4. http://blog.livedoor.jp/od3/archives/52119990.html Special Delivery on behalf of Lite Agent regarding Fire Emblem IF. "That's some new details for Fire Emblem if, but I don't think they've seen that just yet." "They already did the part about the characters, though."
  5. Mind if I add something in Donnel's defense? Most of us are probably going to turn Donnel into a mercenary first chance we get. But when compared with Severa, Gregor, and Inigo, his Luck growth is so off the roof it doesn't compare to the other three pure mercenaries, and certainly tops them for availability, even counting the time it takes for him to reclass. ​You know what runs off the Luck stat? Armsthrift and Despoil, or more to the point: Leif's blade which is only a D rank and also has as much crit as a killing edge and you get for free with renown. In all my play throughs, I've only had his original Leif blade break once. (And by forging mostly crit and earning Sol, he certainly becomes a very profitable and durable one man murder machine.) Yes, Donnel does take a little investment, but I find he certainly pays back in the literal sense with interest.
  6. I don't own a Windows computer, but tell me if this modification worked.
  7. Helps to have a little trojan css file loaded off my server. I've submitted a proper fixed copy to Vincent to upload whenever.
  8. Should be fixed now? Had to sacrifice Yune on Opera. Does not support pointer-events: none.
  9. Oh, the right-on summoning circle is used for the webkit browsers (Safari/Chrome). They've got working CSS 3D transforms. Gecko's and Presto do support 3D transforms, but incompletely. Load the page in FireFox, then jump to Chrome, you'll spot the difference. As best as I currently know, it's impossible to get the summing circle to spin in perspective on Gecko and Presto. And sorry about not catching the bug earlier folks. I browse in Safari, and rarely venture beyond the Awakening board when I visit.
  10. Ah well. I feel a bit silly, but I figured it was at least worth looking into. Sorry to waste your time folks. Maaaaaaaagic
  11. Okay, I know Tumblr isn't exactly the most legit of sources. But I saw this floating about there. Can anyone confirm or deny this? The people who posted these didn't cite anything. Not confident at all this is real, but I figured I'd run it by the pros.
  12. I knew the original "January" date was a bunch of whooie, but was actually banking on a late March release date. But yes. Q2 should be something around March 26th - June 27th (Guestimating based upon past quarters). I'd wager an April release date as well, but early for me.
  13. Hmmm… yes and no. Fire Emblem is a niche series, as far as genre goes. But, compared to 2007's Hotel Dusk, there's no comparison. Niche genre, niche developer, niche art direction. The only thing not niche about it was the publisher, Nintendo. Hence, it got a late January release date. Fire Emblem is mainstream enough that it doesn't get dumped in the bargain bin of release dates, (that piece of junk Shadow Dragon not withstanding). which also means that there's a significant enough non-mainstream audience. Second, those in game purchases are mighty tempting for Nintendo. For that alone they'd want to give their poster child for such things a better spot light. So lets say Nintendo intended Awakening to be released in November, a fair assumption considering every game prior to Shadow Dragon has been internationally released in November, though only to one of EU or NA in each case. The latest a Fire Emblem was released ever was December 5th, but that gives less then 3 weeks to make major sales. That's not ideal, but lets say the November delays were serious enough that they couldn't make December 5th. Now what? The holiday rush was missed. No one buys games after Christmas. And everyone goes broke buying gifts, and further the sudden arrival of gifts mean not only don't you have money, but the gifts you have placate you into not craving new stuff, so spending always hits a sharp decline for the month of January and slightly improves for February. So if you release it mid December, you might get a week of above average sales, and then crickets chirping from Christmas Eve until well past February, and by then, no one will care. So what do you do, as Nintendo? You suddenly have all of at least December and January to finish localization, so there's nothing holding back the product now. Further, New Super Mario Bros Wii was delayed, not because it wasn't done, but because Nintendo didn't want it to fight for attention with Super Mario Galaxy at the time, so it's not unprecedented at all to sit on a product until the time is right. So, if you release now in early Feb you risk not gathering enough attention and hype. On the other hand, if you wait too long, the inertia of hype from the Japanese release will be lost completely and you create an awkward backlog of titles (Re: Professor Layton). If you can figure out that sweet spot, I'm sure you can figure out Nintendo's release date, provided, of course, it's not competing for that date with another title.
  14. You'd be surprised. I remember reading a somewhat suspect message from someone who made a suspiciously specific claim about the Ace Attorney Trilogy's release date in the West, back in February for August~September (The poster didn't go more specific then that and actually said "About 8 months from now", which turned out to be the PAX reveal. Obviously, they can't anticipate the unforeseen, but these things are planned out well in advanced. That said, I still think the Jan 25th date is a bunch of nonsense. It doesn't make sense. Everyone is still playing their games from Christmas. If you wanted to mute a franchise, you launch it in January. Hence the emphasis on less popular games in February, and there's rarely anything of note in January. It's like the Winter's version of the summer drought. Edit: On the other hand, the game was originally slated for 2012… so you could easily be right. My guess is translation went slower then anticipated. It pushed the game back, and so they couldn't make the holiday rush. I believe the date is pushed further then what's strictly necessary to milk the sales better.
  15. Dat Edgeworth sitting on my topic. I see nothing wrong with this

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