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  1. You keep forgetting that banners are planned MONTHS in advance. The moment Ephraim was announced, Eirika was bound to follow within 6 months. Hrid's popularity is VERY recent. He didnt't even exist or get mentionned until a few months ago. Will he get a legendary hero version? Maybe. Who knows. Alm just like Marth will eventually get a legendary hero ALT. The question is when. His popularity growth was strictly due to the release of his remake. Dispite how you feel about Eirika, the stats show how much she gained in popularity with no advertisements even against the reddit/twitter/social media hate she got from vocal minorities due to her alt being released at the same time as CLY2. You talk as if you know what it is like to hope for the best in people and be betrayed by someone you grew up with and trusted since childhood. I understand from your posts how cynical you are and have trouble trusting in anyone.
  2. "Lately" = after heros are planned out. Did you forget that banners are planned at least 5 to 6 months in advance? You are also only looking at the voices of a VERY small portion of the Feh player base. Eirika is a very popular lord. She only lost against Fanservice Camilla by 663 votes in CLY2. Her popularity increased by 60% since CYL1 which means a lot of casuals like her. By contrast, Camilla's popularity only increased by 10% by comparison. Nino's popularity within social media greatly increased thanks to memes but only yielded 7698 votes. Yet Eika gained 11080 votes with NO propaganda/memes at all. This is even AFTER the ALT saltiness from the vocal minority. The moment Ephraim was released with Solar Brace, Eirika was destined to come with Lunar Brace relatively soon. I am surprised she wasn't released earlier. Sadly, I got baited by Gauntlet banner despite knowing that she was coming this month.
  3. Block 2 banner hates me. Used 376 orbs trying to get any of Linde, Ishtar, or Ophelia. Got pitty broken by Olwen 3x, Delthea 2x, B!Hector 1x and finally got my first Linde, -ATK +SPD which is not bad since it will cement her as a Bladetome.
  4. I agree with the fear the dragon. I wish I had the orbs and fodder to invest into a Special Fighter QR Myrrh. :(
  5. Genealogy really wants me to play it. I have been trying to get Summer Maciah but got pitty broken by Ares, Nene and just now Eldigan... At least, give me Sigurd instead! :(
  6. I can't seem to find a clear explanation on how Special Fighter works. Is it like a dual phase Breath? Does it also prevent the opponent from gaining charges when they are attacked just like Guard?
  7. Got pity broken by a 3rd Camilla on a no blue session. :(
  8. This banner HATES me... Got 5 Azura's in a row currently at 10% again. I hope it is not Azura for the 6th time. :(
  9. I know! I restarted multiple times and only get red allies most of the time. Got like 10 arvis teams during my search. :( I did a bunch of skill manuvering to get Brave Lyn and Nowi.
  10. Yeah. Recently, Vengeful Fighter is more common. Which is very weird since almost everyone else has Bold fighter and Tharja is amazing with it... This is comparing Mage Killer Legendary Lyn to Mage Killer Brave Lyn. A Blue unit killing a Red is normal. A Mage killing something with low Res is also normal (besides Blade tomes are easily countered by Dull Range). Are you really going to run Shield Pulse with a defensive special instead of Radiant Aether? Heck what special will you give him instead that will allow him to beat his counters and kill everything in the game? None of your points suggest that Radiant Aether isn't the prefered Special on him or that it is bad. Just because a unit is GREAT at something doesn't mean it can't be good at something else. Player Phase Brave Lyn being a great unit has nothing to do with Mage Killer Brave Lyn being of equal if not better than Mage Killer Legendary Lyn. Your points add nothing to the comparison of these 2 units and the builds they have access to. If I choose to run a team of 4 Brave Lyns, it is uterly stupid to make all of them the same and be countered by a single unit. Edit: Also your 9/9/4/7 includes an A skill. Give Brave Lyn an A skill like Fury and she will get 8/8/3/6 on BOTH phases instead of just EP. She already has more ATK and RES than Legendary Lyn. Losing out on only 2 SPD and 1 HP (Def doesn't matter) VS LoS Legendary Lyn on EP. Again she also has access to Blessings which allows her to easily cover the stat deficiency.
  11. LoS isn't more Practical than Radiant Aether, which activates every EP battle thanks to Warding Breath while being a 500 SP skill. Again, Fury is more practical than LoS. Brave Lyn isn't just Player phase. She is very strong during player phase yes but Mulgir and her stats allow her to tank mages (same EHP as Legendary Lyn) while still being a deadly mage killer in PP. SM on her is just as good as SM on Legendary Lyn if not better due to her already having higher ATK with only 1 SPD less. You require the same amount of effort to use it on both Lyn's. Legendary Lyn only has 2 BST more than her Brave variant (+1 Def and 1 SPD). The latter as you said could be paired with Gunnthra to be a better mage killer or mixed in with F!Robin for better Player Phase (repositioning over tress and other obstacles is another plus). Brave Lyn can tank mages of all 3 colours as she basically has the same EHP against magic as Legendary Lyn. Yes the later can tank Rein better but Brave can survive Rein when built as a mage killer while also counter Bold Fighter W!Tharja (the most common mage in +10 Whale land). The fact that Brave Lyn can run Mulagir and Guard means she can cancel buffs and prevent Specials from the fighter skills. Legendary Lyn sacrifices a lot of stats to acheive this combo using Gratia+. I hope IS releases Guard Seal fast! Being colourless cavalry means she is weak vs counterable builds instead of uncounterable colour. Their mage tanking overall is quite similar but Brave Lyn as a mage tank is more valuable in whale land (I face at least 2-3 W!Tharja per arena run). She has 36 base SPD nothing with equal investment (whale land) will have 5 more SPD than her, especially since we easily use drives and spurs. Actually, I am wrong. Non-Legendary Heroes have access to +SPD blessings, up to +9 SPD! Luckily, not many people use 3 +10 Fjorm or F!Robins in their team. You seem to misunderstand the "I would Whale for her". I am being quite literal with this statement. A Legendary Hero means she is MUCH more expensive to +10. Laws of Sacae is not worth the extra cost of hundreds of dollars. Will I still get 1 copy of her? Most definitely. Off Topic: I actually love Fjorm with Ice Mirror + Life and Death as an anti range EP unit. I have enough multi purpose heroes. QR seal is the best thing to happen to Fjorm.
  12. If she was a normal unit without Law of Sacae, I would totally Whale for her. But as is, she isn't befitting of the Legendary status. Ice Mirror, Chilling Seal, Radiant Aether, Solar Brace and Dragon Skin are all really good unique skills. Lyn's new skill barely giver her better match ups than Fury. The skill force specific positioning and playstyle with little benefit. Most people will replace Law of Sacae due to its mediocrity. It is very difficult not to compare her to Brave Lyn. The 1 BST less can be fixed with either -ATK/SPD and +HP (for Arena Score). Even at -ATK, Brave Lyn only sacrifices 1 ATK and 1 SPD to neutral Legendary Lyn for 1 extra movement while being able to have a Blessing (for extra stats...) and 1 more MOV. Heck, Mulagir (which I think this weapon is the better mage killer) will probably be able to upgrade to the Swift version. Edit: To be clear, my grip with her is that she is a hard to get Legendary Hero but doesn't have the specialty to back it up since Law of Sacae is so lack luster.
  13. Oh wow! I finally get to use my merged Ryoma again. Holy shit. Sadly, I don't have high merged flyers...
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