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  1. Oh dear. Where do I begin? I have so many ships already... F!Byleth/Dimitri (Azure Moon), F!Byleth/Rhea (Silver Snow), F!Byleth/Claude (Verdant Wind), F!Byleth/Edelgard (Crimson Flower). Romance all the main characters!!!!! Dorothea/Ferdinand Marianne/Ignatz (I think it's a cute concept) Leonie/Lorenz (Tough girl and blueblood snob? Yes please) Flayn/Felix (Rarepair? I like it, though) Bernadetta/Hubert He's actually not as ass to her, at least that I've seen), Bernadetta/Raphael Annette/Caspar (It was cute when he cheered her up in C support. Have to continue!!) Mercedes/Dedue (Azure Moon and Everyone Lives fanfic) I love their interactions. Hilda/Claude (for a fic I'm writing since F!Byleth is with Rhea in it. Also I like them), Hilda/Cyril Ingrid/Sylvain (Childhood friend romance and womanizer realizes that what he was looking for was there all along :P) Petra/Ashe (I like their supports. He's such a nice guy, you can pair him with anyone), Petra/Dorothea (it's popular, I guess. I like it) Lysithea/Linhardt (He's one of the people who can save her!!) Catherine/Shamir (I think this one is obvious. C'mon they clearly have a connection) Manuela/Seteth (They open a school and it's so precious!!! Also like they idea of the lonely dragon widower finding love again) Edelgard/Dimitri (Tragic that it can only be done in fix-it fanfics), Edelgard/Hubert (The next best thing) I have also read a very good Hubert/Ferdinand fic that takes place in BL route where Ferdie sided with Dimitri. They win the war and take Hubert prisoner instead of killing him. The tension and arguements between the two are amazing. Go read this if you like the ship! It's on AO3 and it's by Bohemienne (I think that's how that how the author spelled it).
  2. I'm currently doing a Silver Snow NG+ and I'm spamming gifts and tutoring. It works very well. I'm aware of the time limits for the supports and have planned accordingly. Can't wait!
  3. I didn't have too much trouble with it in BL, my first ever run. My Dimitri was doubling and either OHKO or ORKOing everyone who looked at him funny. Maybe I just did some grinding before the timeskip? Luck?? I'll see how it goes in my current (second) playthrough of Silver Snow NG+.
  4. I'm actually doing that now! Gonna get as many boosters as I can! Thanks!
  5. Welp, my Byleth is defense screwed. 9 at Level 18. I'm honestly considering restarting NG+ (have a final boss BL save file just in case) even if I have to go through 6 chapters again. Most of my team (and I've recruited all but Hilda so far) are okay, but some are speed screwed, some are strength screwed and Lysithea is getting magic screwed. I've had enough. If Advanced classes don't patch up some of their stats, I'm restarting Silver Snow even though it'll be a headache.
  6. I'm on my first NG+, doing Silver Snow. I'm thinking of making Ferdinand the Dancer (since I missed the thing in BL), but if not, I guess his canon class will do. I was also tempted to make him the Dark Mage. Maybe on my eventual BE run I'll make Edelgard a Bishop (LOLOLOLOL).
  7. I'm playing my second run (Church route NG+) and everyone seems to hate Strength (and a few hate Speed). I'm now at chapter 6, so hopefully my Eagles and recruits get their acts straight. And Lysithea has not leveled Magic for 2-3 levels. Annette now has more magic. Sigh. At least she'll probably KO the Death Knight with Dark Spikes.
  8. I agree with most of this. Both of them are fascinating because they are so damaged and deal with that in different, extreme ways. Morally ambiguous characters usually spark debate, which is a good thing. People should always question and talk about morality and motives. Edelgard and Rhea mostly feel like genuine people who have gone through terrible things and are just trying to cope while also change society to what they think is best (Edel) or keep things mostly peaceful (Rhea). If I really think on it, Edelgard strikes me as someone who is desperately trying to reach the light at the end of a dark tunnel. After losing her ten siblings to experimentation by TWSITD and suffering ill-effects from that, she wants to make the continent a better place where things like that never happen to anyone else. Problem is, she allies with the people who did that to her (even if she was planning on betraying them later), starts a world war without regard to people trampled along the way, and doesn't accept any other alternative. Why? It's hinted that she has a shortened lifespan like Lysithea, so she wants her change now. That leads to making risky, rash, and immoral decisions no matter the route (turning into a monster in BL is a prime example along with lying about the missile strike in BE). It's really sad. She keeps running to that light while slipping in puddles of her own making. I honestly think 3H is one of the best FE games because of the quality of the characters and world building. I'm constantly being blown away by the details every time I pick up the game.
  9. I would love that. Fingers crossed indeed. That's a great idea. I must admit I was bummed that Seteth and Flayn never showed their dragon forms and Rhea's was only in cutscenes or as a boss. They could make it like the Tellius games (which unfortunately I have not gotten to play yet) where there's a meter that shows how long they can stay transformed before reverting to their human selves. It would add some more strategy to the game since you'd have to decide when to transform them and how to utilize their power before they turn back.
  10. I like the route overall. Most of the scenes fit it more than GD. But... I wanted Rhea to be the playable Lord character. That's the main thing I wish was changed!
  11. I'm using these now 😛 Adding on, I feel Hubert also writes very edgy stuff. All three Lords have beautiful handwriting that befits their status. Both Byleths write neatly but without flourish. Caspar, Raphael, and Leonie have messy handwriting. For non-students, both Seteth and Rhea have gorgeous handwriting, both in standard and cursive. Flayn has good cursive but her standard is lacking. Ignatz adds artistic flourishes to his letters, though they are still legible.
  12. 1. While I like orchestral, the electronic elements added something new and fresh. i certainly can't fault IS and Nintendo for doing it. Most of the OST is wonderful, if a little repetitive as others have said. 2. Oh, there are a lot of tracks I like. Blues Skies and a Battle, The Spirit Dais, Guardian of Starlight (one of Rhea's themes), Shambhala, all three final map/boss themes, Between Heaven and Earth, Chasing Daybreak (this is definitely one of my faves. It really fits best on Dimitri's route, at least to me), Roar of Dominion, Song of the Nabateans, As Swift as Wind, As Fierce as Fire, Dwellings of the Ancient Gods (so mysterious and cool!!), all three monastery themes... Let's just say most. 3. Haven't beaten any of the routes completely yet (I have a busy college life) but after hearing them on YouTube... I think my favorite final map/boss theme is A Funeral of Flowers. It's so tragic and gorgeous. I like God Shattering Star and The Apex of the World as well. All three are amazing in their own ways. 4. While it's all right, I think Tearing Through Heaven got a little too repetitive for me. 5. Overall I think the OST is good, but I'm not sure if it's my absolute favorite ever. There are so many good tracks in every other game... Really, you can't go wrong with most FE music. Yes! I would like a longer version with more lyrics. I also want to just say that Cherami Leigh's voice is beautiful and has made me appreciate her and Rhea so much more. Move over Azura, I have a new favorite singer.
  13. Oh, definitely. I just wonder what the real reason for the change was. If they really thought people wanted less details in the supports and other non-plot dialogue, I'm pretty impressed...in a negative way. Most people enjoy the supports because they provide extra insight on the characters: their backgrounds, their likes and dislikes, their life experiences... Watering them down like this is quite silly.
  14. Yes. All of the routes have some sort of change that leads to a golden age. That's why I'm honestly in the camp that none of the main characters are "right" or "wrong" and that applying such simple terms to any of them devalues their intentions and characterizations. I have plenty of criticisms for both Edelgard and Rhea but their flaws add to what makes them good characters IMO. Their losses fuel their goals and that makes for some good storytelling. Having either of them fit into perfect "hero" or "villain" roles would be a waste. Rhea even admits that she hasn't been doing as well as she wanted and is perfectly content in handing over her authority to the player character. She outright states at one point that she's a proxy leader for Sothis, who she says could rule much better. Well, failing to get Sothis back, she entrusts the monastery to you during the battle for the school on non-Crimson Flower routes and then at the end of Azure Moon (completely giving over her authority to the Avatar) and Silver Snow (to an extent, like you said).
  15. These are my thoughts exactly! Thank you. It's the fact that her father abused her this way to mold her into a obedient wife just so he could have higher status that really hammered in Bernie's situation and how terrible her home life was. It's the reason she's so mentally messed and felt quite realistic. The new support keeps some of that, but not enough for that kind of context. The word "submissive" really spoke volumes in the original support by adding societal connotations to it, as women in the time period FE emulates really were treated terribly while being forced to adhere to strict standards of obedient behavior. It (hopefully) made the reader realize just how horrible Bernadetta's father is. Now I'm not sure if this was censorship or not, but either way, I still disagree with the decision to change it to this.
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