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  1. I must have Ingrid and Mercedes when I play the other Houses. I wish more character recruitment requirements were known, but all we can do is wait. Game, please hurry up and come out!!
  2. Ah, thanks for clearing that up. I'm glad the Avatars are more expressive this time around. I think I'll really enjoy the avatar aspect now that they seem more like actual people. Robin was fine and Corrin was just okay, but I'm definitely feeling Byleth!
  3. But that's subjective. It is not a fact. People can have different opinions. Do I dislike M!Avatar? No. Do I like F!Avatar better? Yes. Is that wrong? No.
  4. I'm in the same boat. IGN has so many stupid reviews that it's almost entertainment to see them. One of my favorite games ever was rated a 4 because they couldn't get past one of the early levels (which really isn't that difficult lol) and ignored the amazing story (seriously IGN, on what planet does Pokemon Mystery Dungeon deserve a 4/10!?). But anyway, I'm happy to see that Three Houses has a good score on Famitsu, even if some of their reviews have been questionable. Better positive than negative.
  5. Well, I just found out that I have to get my wisdom teeth yanked out on release day. So hopefully the game comes in before or when I get back so I can do nothing but play FE and eat ice cream to avoid the pain. At least I get an excuse to play video games all day and eat ice cream without normal food first 😛
  6. Agreed. Overall I prefer the female avatar. Her hair is great and I'm really pleased with how they designed it. I also like that she's pretty tall (definitely taller than Edelgard and most of the other females) so that's a plus. As a tall woman myself, I like characters who are tall.
  7. I agree with both of these. I don't want to play a third of the cast only, I don't want an easy solution (but I do want an ending that isn't doom and gloom) and absolutely no pay-for-canon-ending DLC! Nobody wants that ever again.
  8. I love both Edelgard and Dimitri's voices! Still going Blue Lions, but Black Eagles, why do you tempt me!? Eagerly awaiting the Golden Deer video!
  9. I'll start on Normal as usual, with Casual mode. I have no patience for multiple resets.
  10. I preordered the SE. It'll get here whenever it gets here, though hoping it arrives on the release date.
  11. I'm putting my own Byleth as 18-20 or so. S/he doesn't look that much older than the students.
  12. I'm in this category as well. I may stop lurking for a bit, I'm not sure yet. I have no other games I'm playing right now, so my attention will be solely on Three Houses when it arrives. I pre-ordered the special edition a while back, so it should arrive at my door when the game comes out. Very excited, but still cautious.
  13. I'll make sure all my mages have sidearms so they don't get caught unawares if their magic is running out. I've always liked classes that let mages also have a physical weapon.
  14. Agreed. I'll play as the opposite gender only in games with no shipping mechanics. So I'll be F!Avatar as usual for FE3H. On the topic of who I want to romance... Blue Lions: Dimitri, Sylvain, Ashe, or Linhardt (stolen from Black Eagles) Black Eagles: Linhardt, Sylvain (stolen), or Ashe (stolen) Golden Deer: Claude, Sylvain (stolen), Ashe (stolen), or Linhardt (stolen)
  15. I'm going to abstain until I have the game and have a better feel of everyone. First impressions only take you so far.
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