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  1. I was thinking about Zephiel! I have a ton of units, so I didn’t want to list them all, rather just get everyone’s opinion and see what lines up!
  2. Hey guys, I just pulled an extra Hector and wondering what everyone’s hero short list is to inherit distant counter! thanks in advance!
  3. Sonya is an awesome green mage, and the stat and hp buffs from the tempest trial make her nearly unstoppable for me!
  4. Yup, but with a worse weapon. Gonna try and get him lancebreaker and a cavalry buff! Great hp/def/atk. Might take over for Camus
  5. Very happy today! Spent a few $$, not gonna spend more trying to get Xander/Leo, but I will summon from this banner to try and get them when free orbs come in/are earned. Xander team would be cool and Atk Ploy is useful!
  6. I voted for Robin since I like her artwork... however Tiki has been a POWERHOUSE of a Green Axe for me (and I do have Hector and Legion...)
  7. Pulled Elise. She's a pretty good Green Glass cannon! Any thoughts on a Special or B slot? She has pretty high Res, so I was thinking Glacies or Iceberg. Not really sure about B slot... Not sure if I want to waste Vantage or Quick Riposte on her... Regardless, G Tome Valor is great for grinding SP Trying to pull F!Corrin (Summer) since I don't have a flying mage (even though she isn't the best...) I have strong Green Axe users, but Xander looks extremely promising (and a Xander team would be cool... I have a the normal Red Sword Xander, and also blue lance Sp!Xander)
  8. Thank you for the info. Definitely lucky you pulled 2 Deltheas! (I have Linde/Reindhart/Bride!Caeda ... but I really want to pull at least one Delthea)... I ended up giving my Mathlida +1 Armored Blow 3. She doesn't have trouble when mages attack her, but AB3 will help out her low Def/HP when attacking other melee units. EDIT: FINALLY got Delthea! I was excited so leveled her up before checking what her boon/bane was... but I'll find out when she gets to lv. 40! ... Also was able to give her Desperation 3 from an extra 4* Shanna I had!
  9. Really trying for Delthea... and it's just not happening :/ That being said, I pulled 2 x 5* Mathilda and made here a +1 ... Since I have Summer F!Robin, I'm getting some good SP grinding Mathilda. Thoughts on an A-slot (or Special) that can help out with her low HP/Defense (other than HP/Def + 3)? The strategy/builds pages on the FE Heroes Wiki hasn't been updated yet. haha
  10. Does this mean that if you beat Grieth before speaking to Atlas, you cannot have him join your party at all? On my second go-around, I went straight to battle Grieth before heading to the Mountain Village because I did not want to go through the trouble of having Palla and Catria leave and have to go back and get them (I know, they don't disappear forever, but I was trying to save time). Kinda disappointed by this honestly... :/
  11. I just restarted my Echoes game, so it’s awesome to see these banners (and Berkut coming up as a GHB!) I bought a 35 orb pack to add to some orbs I already had and managed to pull 2 Mathilda’s and a Saber (Honestly saber is probably my favorite character on celica’s team by far...) Still trying to pull Delthea and Sonya! Gray/Leon are by far the last on my wish list for these two banners.
  12. I beat Lunatic with quite the rag-tag team of Heroes: Spring Xander (stock set up, but with Death Blow 1 in the A slot) Bride Caeda (completely stock) Sanaki (Stock) Nino (stock, plus Axebreaker 3 and draw back - which did nothing for this map) tried the same team for Infernal and got demolished. Going to need to switch it up ?
  13. I guess depends on who you need. I would honestly say Camus. Especially if you can give him Vantage or Quick Riposte. Zephiel is a beast of a Red Armor unit, but Camus fits into more teams in better ways imo. I like Kagero a lot, and actually promoted her from 4* ... but I find myself using her less and less, especially with people running non-infantry teams more and more.
  14. Ya, I thought this could be a general questions thread, but for a specific type of question (namely whenever someone has a ‘who should I promote’ question)
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