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  1. So we all agree to ignore LevAlt's white knight ranting now right?
  2. Aura stacking/dual strike is also a thing so just... swapping weapons via makes braves EP pretty not-an-issue.
  3. Hitting 4 times with a skillset that adds up to +34 damage per hit makes braves hilarious for killing the unholy shit out of certain things with 0 interaction or chance of failure. Like stage 28 tacomeat, wary fighters, or just anything you don't want to get a hit in at all. They're useful. The default example is brave axe, fullbuff, +12, 3 statue, Be Camilia vs stage 28 taco holding Be Mu. Click, boom, dead.
  4. We don't? Apples are apples, snozzberries are snozzberries, and of we have the rank for braves we have the rank for EP stuff of the same type.
  5. Excluding braves... aren't they the same thing? I guess bows and the hand axe are sorta situational on EP with the caveat that the situation comes up constantly.
  6. *points to my image* Waaaay ahead of you.
  7. The real value of this thread is seeing how xenophobia and suspicion can bring us all together as we all independently accuse the same person of a false crime.
  8. 20$ was 100% worth the ch18 mass suicide and Jacob's ladder scenario.
  9. Wait. The FE4 subforum discusses anything but mapsize? This is bloody pandemonium, cats and dogs living together, madness. That would be like the FE7 board taking a day off from discussing how viable Nino is. Given the long, long walls of text you're using to say the equivilant of "plz no bully" it's fair to say that... nobody here is angry, you just don't get the joke. To break this down into very simple terms... The Fates forum is entirely composed of bored shiptoasters and Levant is a meme. (I'm suspicious that this may be a LevAlt)
  10. It's 100% truthful, accurate, and correct yes. Defend a posters viewpoints from a position of logic/math/whatever and I'll listen, defend the years long tirade of crap based on vague emotional appeal and I'll react with the emotion inspired... Apathy. ------------ Believing in things is absolutely horrifying as often as it is good. The value of belief is weighted by the value of the belief.
  11. I don't see guard stance as a reason to guard stance. Levant-2019 At this point I'm becoming increasingly certain Levant is still on ch7. Holding a tea party. Because combat with the units available is something he's never done. Which is genuinely impressive in terms of turn count.
  12. Just do yourself a favor and ignore Levant when it starts ignoring math/common sense/established proof. It's the responsible choice.
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