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  1. Real talk. Arthur is one of the stronger gen1 units. He's got a bad CH7 but everyone not named Silias, Corrin, or Jakob has a bad CH7 and he's got great pairup adds there along with bronze axe hitrate and hand axe DS. He scales pretty well into ch 9 and 10 where axes are a stellar weapon type and can make Percy before ch10. For long term use Be + Dual club + forged handy + brave axe (+15) stack, Luna lunge and Sol with a dragonwife are all greatmazing for a combat unit. He also gets both horse and bird access reasonably early. Early males are just stronk.
  2. Damn youuuuuuuuuu (His tome hand hungers)
  3. We have a pretty good bar for physical weapon usage in the form of Silias. Who is just default better with any weapon not an axe than their default user and Percy who is... Percy. On the Magic side our best slide bars wind up being Elise and (G)ODin.
  4. Eh. +4 damage from her personal at the low low cost of an HP tonic per-map is extremely good. Having no built in stack past that and shurikenfaire is extremely bad (this is a common failing of BR units)
  5. Yeah the Elise!Ophy described would have less than her mom-modified base bulk on a late join and Be's are Be's. We'd need tonic + dual auras to let her eat a hit on join. (I just use all the shines cause if you cannot win covered in sharpswag... did you really win at all?
  6. A Nitpick... This simply does not happen, not even vs dragonsbane weapons on -def Corrin!Ophelia using LaD. Silvers fail to kill after negative chain enfeeble staves on CH28. The bulk gain from stack goes to +21 without touching long term resources. (Admitedly the only mage using nos over forged tome/rev gate VLaD after X/15 is Odin but he caps Def and HP regularly so implying that anything can actually kill him is equally disingenuous) I guess Nyx can get one shotted? If this is the case I wasn't aware that ch9 was late game.
  7. Axes = Tomes >>> Bows = Knives >>> Swords = Spears >>>>> Beast stones. Swords and spears have situational uses and are fine early game. Nosferatu, lightning, horse spirit, brave axe, Bolt axe, Calamity gate, and Dual club are simply the best weapons in this game by an enormous margin. The special royal swords are just sharp tomes. The true Yato(s) is a statstick that eats inventory space. It's function as a real weapon is pretty trash as dealing 75% damage against dragonskin is worse than dealing double damage on everything and it's a 1-1 forged iron sword on EP.
  8. Levant making the argument that shurikenbreaker reverse gate Ophelia isn't a MN hose with 0% hitrate in 25 (Felecia!Ophelia still hits kill numbers consistantly)
  9. *scrolls up, see's Levant questioning VLaD users again* On a productive note any decent Ophy can take Srioposte from Soliel very quickly to hit every kill that isn't a double crunchwrap supreme at +15 (where we actually want full cap and +17-+20 or a proc). @starburst Elise gives lunge early. Which on ophy is essentially free boots that go through walls. It's pretty good. Since Ophy has natural access to perfect stack from birth, Corncob is only really passing +1 mag cap.
  10. I like how in 2019 someone is claiming magic is bad in fates. That's adorable Obligatory ignore Levant reminder.
  11. Use Odin. EquipNos. ???? Win game. Ez. This applies to any difficulty. Everything else is just window dressing.
  12. Lunatic club is good and Zoran recently did some excellent video's on some safe early Odin strats. If you have a brave axe and trained BeArthur he can kill taco at base btw. Misfortune makes taco attack him before any other enemy moves for an EP kill. Doesn't has a full write up on this in the lunatic club. Edit: If you've got invasions or paralouges open we can potentially build a taco slayer ex pz
  13. Welcome to un-preped endgame. Proc DF twice is pretty much all you've got here unfortunately.
  14. I have no idea why the game drops kidbases as their base level increases, but I can confirm that it is a thing. Thanks for posting this so I can stop wondering if I'm on the crazy pills
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