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  1. Fighter's/Berserkers make fine backpacks but pure backpacks are really inefficient as you're actively hamstringing your own action economy and kidstats. They're best as attack stance support that moves into guard as needed. Using Charlotte 101 Step 1: Remove gamble. Past that just embrace attack stance and lightforge's. Berserker's are absurd in this game for a LONG list of reasons but the TL:DR is that they replace the need for any other stat or build consideration with truly comical damage output. Arthur is by a mile the best gen1 axe unit because Avalibility and Male so he regularly outperforms Cammy on 10 while producing EUGINICS (W-rank and supports >>> raw statline). Charlotte lacks both of these qualities making her a more average unit but Be is so munckin that outside of specific lunatic challenge runs she's... still a Be so nothing else matters. Give her the forged bronze axe on her join and attack stance spam, she should leave the map at 15/1 with a C support or two and will be just fine in Be. Note: Selena is a fine 10/X wyvern lord through Cammy/Barracuda friendship.
  2. Wyvern!Elise legit styles on Camilia in this map. It's sorta hilarious.
  3. Pretty much this. Hard isn't nearly as restrictive as lunatic so just have fun with it
  4. I rather hope not. It's just irrelevant dingdong measuring. --------- @mangasdeouf Which one? This forum is 10% Odin arguments, 20% Tacomeat, 15% Levant hating on axes, 5% pleasure, 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the name.
  5. Eh, we've got 7 of the suckers. Bring 2 to use it more freely, realistically we're burning 3-4 charges here. Assuming you're going into CH22 we have exactly 6 relevant maps for freeze left. I'm assuming you have at least 6 staves in bank/shop. So we're never running out of charges per-map not counting entrap/enfeeble. Reddit is a really bad source of information. VLaD+ Forgetome/VNos Sorc breaks the game clean in half. @Starburst: Her paralouge is never really bad on the basis of "Ophelia is on the map".
  6. Yeah we'll need 3 turns worth of drugs and a freeze stave or two here. Still, it's Ophy so it works. Or just bring in triple freeze. That stave is broken.
  7. Promote Vantage!Ophy to sorc. Hand her Nos. Walk in a circle. Use tonics if needed. Is deep strategy. Much complex. Edit: Underleveled Odin and Strat Elise? Cheese and rice Ophy has trash bases here. Bring a freeze stave and give her Sorc!Odin as pairup. Make that two freeze staves. Hp Tonic, Mag tonic, def tonic, dustx3 on Ophy should do the dew. Just freeze anything that threatens her and mob it down.
  8. I don't think anything posted on this page is accurate at all. Even in the pokemon debate. We all know Nidoran is the best starter. Also Flere210, my dude, Kinshi exists. Pre-promoted Kinshi, exists. Like, there's pony advantage, there's flyer advantage, there's 1-2 advantage, and then there's birdbowpony1-2-360noscope advantage. Just... tossing that out there. (Also trained Setsuna is better than Taco in his join. Mozu is hilarious overkill, unfortunately early seals in BR are meaningfully limited)
  9. Lactose intolerance is a real problem tho.
  10. Every single kid can pick up a bow and we recruit before ch14. You certainly used up a lot of words though.
  11. This seems a lot more difficult than just using kids. Spoilers: Bowquest is pretty much a standard CQ run eskewing the main EP units in favor of a fugjillion bowbirds.
  12. Oh you missed out on some so-bad-it's-good fire emblem "plot"
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