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  1. What would be the point exactly? I'd be more impressed if FE was developed using the same engine as Final Fantasy. Possibly also voice actors that say more than ten lines. But VR, I dont see how that would work any better than the first person option in combat.
  2. How long did it take you to come out of the slaughterhouse meat locker?
  3. Depends entirely on your morality. If you show a more hateful side, it doesn't affect you as much as it would if you were sympathetic. It's a matter of opinion.
  4. I've been waiting for Scarlet's poll for 3000 years
  5. I would have killed for a Shura x Saizo/Kaze support (either/or), maybe something about the history of Kohga and the Moshukujin. Scarlet and Ryoma support should have happened, or at least in Birthright. And Reina should have at least been able to support Mikoto's other retainers. Fuga, he should have also had a support with Ryoma, to talk about Sumeragi. Yukimura doesn't do much except talk about strategy, but at least give him some supports so he doesn't seem like such a two-dimensional character.
  6. Seeing this thread in the thumbnail, I thought it was some sort of glitch where Hana pairs up with an enemy. Upon opening, I was gravely mistaken. I may have to try to recreate this phenomenon and test it for myself.
  7. Even if they don't mix, shake it up and it looks cool for the time being.
  8. "This way, Kamui. Join your true family in Flavortown." Sorry for the doublepost, I'll stop here.
  9. "Red Marth's grandson is in this, I think?" "Welcome back, Marth."
  10. I liked Orochi's support with Kaze more. Maybe it's just my botched views of Azama that makes it impossible for me to see his good side.
  11. I mean as a character Jakob is the best for the reasons stated above, but I'm usually in need of healers, so I utilize Felicia and Dwyer more. Reclass Felicia to a Strategist and you're golden.
  12. I haven't even tried that. But in the supports I've seen he's an absurdist jerk.
  13. If you want different characters to go into the hot spring, give them a Head Towel accessory. Already suggested. Maybe it's something about time of day?
  14. Because the paired endings are compiled of both parents. Single endings are longer because they go more into detail about a single unit.
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