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  1. Is that Titania or Anna? Either one would be believable.
  2. If only Ike didn't have Distant Counter, this would be a hard skip.
  3. I must've signed this in my sleep then because out of the two units I wanted from the latest LHBanner (L!Eirika and L!Lyn), just snagged Lyndis with a +SPD/-HP nature within 50 orbs and 4 hours to go. On a YOLO summon. I wonder if I can scrape together 20 more orbs for one more round.
  4. @Cute Chao @Vaximillian @mampfoid @Rafiel's Aria @SatsumaFSoysoy @Zeo @Selena4Lyfe I had only one goal when the Winter Envoy banner returned: get another Lissa. My objective that fueled said goal: The chance to remove the -ATT bane on my current one. After over 100 orbs, two WE!Chroms and a Robin, with two hours to go, my Christmas Wish cane true! Even better, this girl is the exact opposite of my current copy: +Att/-Res! I can't wait until February, I'm going to make a retaliative WALL from Second-Most-Endearing Princess!
  5. New Years Tidings, one and all! I've been blessed with the ability to score Fjorm within 9 orbs and one ticket! +Spd/-Def She's basically a substitute Legendary Lyn but with over 10 less RES, so it'll be interesting, building her up.
  6. Gotta ask. Any chance we'll get a banner with Bownoka in it? I've been pulling on colorless for the last few months hoping to stumble upon her. I need a flying anti-armor for Arena.
  7. Oh he's definitely got a list of units to kill off for fodder. The reason he's freaking out? She right around the outage where he details his plans to give Deirdre Nino's Gronnblade.
  8. I haven't beaten Internal yet, playing around with my Galeforce team of B!Celica, Cordelia, NY! Azura and Ninian, seeing if I can clear it with additional move shenanigans. Tricky to do since Celica's 1+ unit in 2 spaces requirement for Cooldown Add'l is hard to maintain. Have to knock out the lancer with Cordelia to open the way for Celica to take the north on Turn One, then I have to have Cordi double back to handle the southern spawn. Having trouble killing the green fridge and bow cav between turns 3 and 4 - poor Cordelia is having to jump all over the place, and is hard to get her back to the northern front in time to support Celica. Weird to say, but this is the first L!HB I've played that was more fun than challenging, or perhaps fun despite it's challenge. Feels like a right proper puzzle.
  9. How can something so condescending be so adorable? xD
  10. First I've sunk 120k feathers towards my +10 Oboro project (@ +6 now), now I get this pulling on the Deep Sea Blue banners: Third one I've gotten this year without spending cash towards it. ^~^
  11. @Cute Chao @mampfoid @Rafiel's Aria Got Owain! Only took 22 orbs! +SPD -Def, could've been much worse. lol
  12. @mampfoid @Cute Chao Whoop! I got her! +HP/-Res, but I got her! She's so much cuter than Now I, I swear... Maybe because looking at her didn't make me fearful of the cops breaking down my door.
  13. @Zeo @Rafiel's Aria @mampfoid AHH, THIS IS THE BEST $25 WORTH OF CHASE REWARDS POINTS I'VE EVER SPENT ON A GIFT CARD! LOOK! She even has perfect IVs! I'm scared to spend the rest of my 50 orbs, because it just HAS to be downhill from here!
  14. That moment when the only focus unit you can get with your 5 orb yolo summon is the guy you didn't want. Haven't checked his IVs, but I'm gonna use him, at least for TT. I'll weigh my options afterwards.
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