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  1. It could be inspired from that but the setting and circumstances may be different. P.S. Crest guns/crossbows, anyone?
  2. The most steamy, Rated-18 ones to boot! Say goodbye to your innocence, Nino!!!! ?????????
  3. I believe Three Houses is inspired from the Catholic-Protestant war especially the Thirty Years War. What if Adraetea is the Catholic League, Fergus the Protestant Union and Leicester the Islamic Sultanate OR Adraetea the Catholics, Fergus the Lutherans, an Leicester the Calvinists?
  4. Agree. While Bishop sounds classic, Exorcist reflects better the militaristic side of the Church. But then, Bishop may be used as a Light Magic specialist with Slayer skill while Exorcist can be delegated to a magic user class that has Light and Dark Magic at the same time similar to Anima/Light Sage and Anima/Dark Druid
  5. Ummm.... Templar or Zealot for physical class and Exorcist or Archon for Light Magic Class?
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