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  1. True. She's probably like one of my honor roll classmates in highschool. She only reads what she needs to study and does so diligently.
  2. You think so? Wait as Kiran accidentally introduced guns and people start shooting each other... LMAO.
  3. In short, no one can say who is better between Alfonse and Grid in the big bro department as we really don't know much about their everyday lives with their respective sisters... And doing that would make as creepy stalkers. Come to think of it. Alfonse shows his love for Sharena in similar way King Gustav shows his love for Alfonse. Like Father, like Son. Oh, how terrible would it be if we discovered that Ephraim X Eirika thing is real because of our "curiosity"?
  4. Kinda disagree due to Alfonse and Ephraim existing... Too bad, Sharena does not reciprocate and wants to replace Alfonse with a little sister. 😥
  5. 1. Alfheim. 2. Playable Kiran (with double Breidablik). 3. Promotion for Asked Trio 4. Franz and Duessel 5. More Waifus
  6. how about, a portal opens between the four paths into a certain singularity (perhaps our world?) and must work together to prevent their own realities from being destroyed.
  7. And Dimitri's route unknowingly killing TWSITD's mastermind?
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