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  1. 1. Alfheim. 2. Playable Kiran (with double Breidablik). 3. Promotion for Asked Trio 4. Franz and Duessel 5. More Waifus
  2. how about, a portal opens between the four paths into a certain singularity (perhaps our world?) and must work together to prevent their own realities from being destroyed.
  3. And Dimitri's route unknowingly killing TWSITD's mastermind?
  4. It could be inspired from that but the setting and circumstances may be different. P.S. Crest guns/crossbows, anyone?
  5. The most steamy, Rated-18 ones to boot! Say goodbye to your innocence, Nino!!!! ?????????
  6. I believe Three Houses is inspired from the Catholic-Protestant war especially the Thirty Years War. What if Adraetea is the Catholic League, Fergus the Protestant Union and Leicester the Islamic Sultanate OR Adraetea the Catholics, Fergus the Lutherans, an Leicester the Calvinists?
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