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  1. Harvest + Pinch berry + protect make it happen
  2. Wouldn't one want to use that in UU tier thou? Basically all noteworthy Fighting resisting Priority users are banned there. The fact that Aegislash is Immune to both of your offensive moves is an issue that could be avoided too. Of course UU brings the issue of Nidoking being everywhere... +2 252+ SpA Toxicroak Gunk Shot vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Nidoking: 103-121 (33.8 - 39.8%) -- guaranteed 3HKO Of course Nidoking is small price to pay to not crumple against 4 of the top 10 most used pkmn in OU
  3. Toxicroak could go for a pinch berry thou. I think Salac was the one that raises speed? Between Belch, Vacuum Wave and Nasty Plot he seems to have all the tools needed. Of course its secretly still just a shitty gimmick with low success rate. Toxicroak has better atk than special atk, Access to Gunk Shot AND Poison Jab as well as having sword dance access. Also Bullet/Sucker Punch
  4. Point being that when you have option to go for Gunk Shot, Belch should not be considered. The ages old Fire Blast vs. Flamethrower argument you can have without me
  5. I have played enough ocg to hate the new lightsworns. Seriously, fuck that shit
  6. Gunk Shot got improved up to 80% hit rate. And while that is indeed iffy, Belch got only 90% anyway
  7. -.- Why do they need the stone? Because they have first hand witness (Lucina) that world will go to hell unless they do something about it! LEGIONS OF UNDEAD ARE POURING INTO THE WORLD LOOTING THE PEOPLE AS WE SPEAK AND KIDS ARE COMING BACK FROM FUTURE OF NO HOPE TO WARN YOU AND YOU WONDER WHY YOU NEED THE GOD DAMN INSTAFIX TO THIS SHIT!? Like seriously, did you even read the shit you are complaining about?
  8. The issue with Belch is that in addition to the wonky at best berry use, most of its users have better atk and Gunk Shot access. It really isn't worth it in a world where Sludge Wave/Bomb and Gunk Shot exists.
  9. But they DID take precaution! They had no choice but to walk in the trap (because they need the stone), but they had an escape plan. Everything went to hell because Validar can mind control Avatar and you cannot possibly expect them to prepare for that.
  10. ... Bisharp has been OU for what, half a year? Mega Gardevoir went to BL1 atleast 2 months ago too You don't do much of laddering, do you?
  11. "only 3000..." is in this context "The amount of 9/11 victims was much lower than I expected it to be" and you really should harp on it so hard. And no, Obama is not a terrorist because he is for all intends and purposes doing his job. I do not like what is going on but I sure as hell won't single him out as terrorist and blame him for U.S's crap @Rehab U.S is doing what US is doing because it can. U.S just has somewhat better reputation than its kin. Yes you can read "kin" as Russia and the Ukraine thing.
  12. Using the amount of dead soldier isn't exactly a good number to compare at. A bloodbath of 1000 civilians (not pointing any situation ever happened) is a bloodbath of 1000 civilian, no matter if you lost 10 or 10000 soldiers. Other than that I am not going to argue your point I do not like his way of thinking but I have the decency to acknowledge that he admitted his mistake. I'm not going to hate the guy for admitting he has made a mistake for goodness sake. As for hat-tipping, I know admitting own mistake is hard and I respect it.
  13. Hat-tip for having the backbone to post this.
  14. I like how you emphasize the many, many, MANY deaths caused by 9/11 (roughly 3000 btw) and then say 2400 really isn't that many. Where among that 600 goes the line of MANY and not that many exactly? Then again, you know what they say. Difference between a cow and 9/11 is that only one of them is milked 12 years and counting.
  15. Expect they expected his betrayal to be a trap and they quite frankly needed the military assist against Valm and really did not have time to go de-throne a king?
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