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  1. Severa/Selena and Inigo/Laslow is my OTP and I cannot halt this sailing ship

  2. I don't think it matters, as others have already said. I'd go off what level challenge you want, what character cast you prefer, and just whatever captures your interest more. Just gonna reiterate that you should play and finish both Birthright and Conquest before you play Revelations!
  3. All of my Arthur's weapons have "justice" and "freedom" worked somehow into the name Azura's lances are all "help me", "spare me", "don't kill me", etc. And like everyone else, Odin's tomes just have to have some intense and rather creative names on them!
  4. For me personally, Camilla!Velouria, Elise!Ophelia, and Nyx!Forrest are the only ones getting any use (and Charlotte!Siegbert for Vel support lol). Not sure how your army was built, but those would be my recommendations if you're considering picking and choosing. But also as other have said, remember that all the paralogues offer more EXP and support opportunity!
  5. Uh, Do you mean GK Effie? My General Effie does indeed have her pink armor. I wouldn't say I'm bothered by it. I think it was cool we got the unique colors to even a small extent, though it would have been nice to have it extended to the character's full class line! Outside class lines though, I think that's a bit much and very cosmetic to ask of when there is so much else involved in the game.
  6. I was actually really relieved by the removal of weapon durability. I've always found that a cheap way to make a game harder, and I always found it more of an annoyance than an enhancement to the strategy of the game, especially when like you said you can get new weapons between every chapter. Plus, I felt like it made forging weapons a pretty wasteful idea. All in all, I think there is more strategy and though involved in the forging and distribution of weapons when they don't break on you after a set number of uses. Raijinto and Siegfried, I am on the side of saying they are holy weapons and kind of should be broken. However, it also bothers me how not all the signature royal weapons get the same treatment, since Fujin Yumi and Brynhildr really weren't that spectacular. It would've been nice to see Raijinto and Siegfried brought down and at the same level as an elevated Fujin Yumi and Brynhildr.
  7. After looking at the skill rewards for each map, I think I'm most excited for Point Blank to become available. It'll be interesting to see how much that will shift the use of archers in Fates since it takes away their signature weakness. Now if only we didn't have to wait until the very last map of the pack to get it xD Also, who did you all use Paragon on? I have no idea how on earth to pick just one unit to use it on... I'm considering Azura since I'm trying to shove her to level 35 for Warp, and I've already grinded everyone well beyond where they need to be for level 20 Conquest.
  8. What characters have emerged as RNG victors in your play through? What units surprised you with their strength or usability? For me, I've been shocked by my Effie and Camilla!Velouria. I expected both to be strong at least, but it'd be a lie to say I don't tend to end up supporting these two as they (and their Pair Up partners) run around causing mass murder. It's a beautiful thing, really.
  9. I actually like this idea. Honestly, anything is better that the Deeprealm gimmick we got <.< At least Awakening didn't make it horrible and weird, and it, you know, made sense with the plot? I do think keeping the inheritance would be nice, but not have hard set appearances and stuff like that. Honestly if the inheritance part was removed I think it'd just end up with kids either not being in the game or few people caring to take the time to get them.
  10. Could you direct me to where that is? I've tried google searches in the past but everything I'd found was still the early stages of it that didn't really give much beyond 'we don't know yet'.
  11. I didn't see it mentioned straight out in this thread, but my understanding is that (in Birthright at least) any staffs you break doing My Castle battles are restored after the battle, but EXP stays. That's why an all hold/unarmed castle with a Dusk Dragon can be so helpful for both staff users and building supports. I think that works on Revelations as well, but I have not yet played that route so I'm not sure. In Conquest, My Castle battles do not give EXP, but should give weapon EXP, should you ever need that. If anyone catches any errors in this, please let me know ^.^
  12. $8 for the whole pack is actually really awesome. I was expecting around $15 again too. But then again, we also don't have the Scrambles yet, so it may end up more like $20 if those come as a separate pack. Either way, more Boots and extra maps to play is always a welcome addition! I'm sure my bank account doesn't like it though.
  13. I know it isn't required, but wouldn't Ignatius go to crap if he has a level 8 villager/archer for a mom? I know we don't know they exact formula but it has to have some impact. If not, feel free to educate me. Well now I can say I learned something new today. Thanks for that little tidbit of info! Ahhh okay, I didn't realize how many of her options were bows. I probably won't use her for much more than posting Ignatius then :( Nina and Niles have already gotten to be my bow users and I don't really see another one taking up a slot on my team. I'll need to see how she grows though. Thank you all for the information and tips!
  14. Can you do that from any Villager level? I had thought the level 10 rule still applied. Is archer her best class btw?
  15. So, in my over eager starting of my Normal Conquest play through, I failed to get our sweet little villager Mozu until around chapter 18 (I'm on 20 now). Normally I'd just say 'oh well!' and move on, but I need to bring her up to par with the rest of my team so I can get Ignatius and round out some child pairings. I've been trying to use Boo Camp to level her up, but part of my issue is that I either kill an enemy before she can finish them off due to having an all promoted team, or she dies on her first attempt to attack because of a low hit rate or not doing enough damage. I've gotten lucky a few times and she's now at level 8, but I am hoping someone can suggest something that's a little more... Effective. She's running Aptitude, Quick Draw, Life or Death, Savage Blow, and Death Blow. I am more than willing to buy more skills for her since I'm really not happy with this build on her for this point of growth, so if anyone has a Mozu with other skills I'd appreciate taking advantage of that as well as tips on getting her some strength~
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