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  1. For some reason my characters are getting barely any EXP from this map, they're all around level 10 (maybe a little higher) and I'm on Chapter 10 of Birthright, can someone explain to me what's happening?
  2. Saizou with Orochi sounds awesome! Also I forgot about Tsubaki lol, so here's what I've messed around with since I've last posted this: JakobxMozu AquaxHinata HanaxKaden AzamaxFelicia SubakixSetsuna SaizoxOrochi Everything else is fair game. What do you guys think now?
  3. Hi everyone! I've treaded on Serene's Forest for a long time, but I just recently made an account and will now make my first post! I need help with my Birthright pairings, I have confidence in some, while others I feel are just leftover characters matched together. Any type of criticism is welcome, as long as it is justified. So let's cut to the chase: MU(Male)xScarlet SakuraxHayato RyomaxKagerou AzuraxKaden SilasxHinoka TakumixOboro (this is where I have low confidence) JakobxOrochi SetsunaxHinata AzamaxHana SaizoxMozu Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and if you took time to look at this and critique it, thank you in advance!
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