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  1. Looking for Deathblow on Azura.
  2. Looking for Orochi and Azura with Deathblow.
  3. Looking for Orochi with Deathblow.
  4. Looking for Felicia with Deathblow,
  5. Thank you I'll come get them now!
  6. Looking for Deathblow on Sakura as well as Felicia, Azura, and Orochi and Jakob.
  7. I need to know something. So I have Rinkah as a blacksmith now and I had her marry Ryoma what class would she thrive best in? The same can be said for Silas is he good as a Ninja?
  8. In birthright I'm trying to find my characters a final class! Who would be a better vanguard My unit(+Strength -Defense) or Ryoma? Also Subaki as a grandmaster or Dark Flier?
  9. I have but I'm not the best at accessing classes and the best use for them. Sorry if I'm a nuisance.
  10. How would Subaki fare as one?
  11. Qu need help deciding who will fit as the best use of the Fell brand in Birthright.
  12. Anyone got Deathblow on Rinkah?
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