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  1. Villager - Kliff, love his design. Cavalier - Mathilda and Zeke Soldier - Lukas and Valbar Archer - Python Mage - Delthea (combat); Yuzu (design wise). Mercenary - Saber Pegasus Knight - Catria and Clair. I uses Catria more on main game because I like her design. But post-game I decided to bring Clair because she has more support bonus with my other characters. Cleric - Genny (design wise), Silque+Faye because Warp+Rescue combo.
  2. I don't really understand about that part of the ending. When they mention "vanishing without notice for days", does it mean she went looking for Alm?
  3. I just started playing, currently on Act 3. Really enjoying it so far, could be one of my favorite. But I don't really like the dungeon exploring part, and also don't like the part where we have to click around to find items.
  4. Can we view the list of completed sub-quests in game? I want to know how many quests that I've completed.
  5. From the list on this page (https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-echoes-shadows-valentia/miscellaneous/random-items/temple-of-stars/), seems like you can't get Blessed Bow from the DLC map. So, is there any other way to obtain 2nd Blessed Bow?
  6. Hi all, If I already get Saint!Shade from DLC Cipher, do you think it's still a good idea to promote Faye to Cleric? Will she become redundant? Thanks
  7. I suddenly get many email notifications, I've checked my settings, it's already disabled. I prefer to view notifications directly from the forum, is there any way to disable email notifications?
  8. I just read that the Master Seals from Heirs of Fate 5 actually affect the children's end class and give them bonus items for chapter 6. There are many good options there: Brave Sword, Chakram, Excalibur. Which option do you think would be the most helpful for chapter 6?
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