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  1. I would pay for it because I need a faster way to ship my characters. For the three supports I would add.... Silas/Niles. They talked to each other once in a paralouge and now I want them to support. (Plus Silas should have been a gay option so I want him to talk with the gay option) Camilla/Azura Camilla/Sakura
  2. Hayato x Sakura Silas x Corrin (I'm not biased) Selena x Keaton (It's full of tsundereness) Arthur x Azura Jakob x Mozu Xander x Leo Camilla x Niles Elise x Corrin Elise x Odin Ryoma x Elise Ryoma x Rinkah I like a lot of supports. This are more off the top of my head.
  3. I know the royals would definitely be top tier. The first servant would be high up too, but if we were to place one over the other, I would go with Jakob. I tried using Felicia in a male run and I vastly preferred Jakob during my female run. Kids would be high up as well. I think Nyx or Orochi would be low ranked. Nyx for being to fragile and Orochi for being way to slow. Gunter low because those growths, Keaton would be high ranking due to decent speed and great bulk though he would be out ranked by his daughter. Rinkah would also be mid tier due to her tankiness but low strength growth. I don't know how other people would be placed.
  4. Actually that is Sophie's personal skill that does that. The raider weapons do not actually cause a defense drop, otherwise it would be shown when you look at the enemy's stats.
  5. Anyways, coming back with another head canon based on classes! So their are four people with access to the Oni Savage class line. (If we don't count an avatar who can choose it as their secondary). The first three are from the Wind Tribe and the Flame Tribe, Hayato, Fuga, and Rinkah. The only other person that can become an Oni Savage is Hinata. His stats and growths aside it doesn't really make much sense he would get it since the only other people who can get it are from one of the tribes. Now let's look at what Rinkah talks about in her B support with the avatar. So with this I head canon that Hinata is a descendant of one of the few living tribe members that had managed to survive and decided to serve the Hoshidan royalty as one of their samurai as the already knew how to wield a sword and since they had nowhere else to go.
  6. I've noticed Leo is the only royal sibling that can't learn to fly through reclass or promotion, so I head canon that he is afraid of heights.
  7. Saizo because man cleavage But seriously he has a really nice design. I also like Beruka, Kaze, Silas (I have no bias I swear), Keaton, Oboro and Sakura.
  8. Yes. It is the lead unit (The one using Nohrian Trust) trigger rate that is used. So say I have Silas as my supporting unit and he has Luna, it will be my Skill stat that will determine if I activate it or not, not his. So this would also mean that it will be your Hoshidan Unity that is added into the Percent rate and not, say Kanna's, if he is supporting you.
  9. I think another way to fix it would do the top six of each gender but separated by the nations.The top two nohr males and females, top two hoshido males and females, and top two males and females of the shared characters, the same thing happening for the children That way no version is going to be cheaped out of having no fan service for them. I So that would mean that: Leo and Xander would be the nohrian males, and Camilla and Elise for the females. (Which mean nohr just gets another beach dlc stuff) Forrest and Seigbert for the nohrian males, and Nina and Ophelia for nohrian females Takumi and Ryoma for Hoshido males and Oboro and Hinoka for hoshido female Selkie and Rhajat for hoshido females, and Shinonome and Hisame for hoshido male Of course their are way to many royals in here (Not counting the child royals as they haven't gotten dlc yet). So if we take away royals: Niles and Odin nohrian males, and Flora and Charlotte for nohrian females Saizo and Subaki for Hoshido and Oboro and Setsuna for Hoshido females The shared characters would have: Jakob and Kaze for males Azura and Felicia for females Though I would love for the shared characters to get their own sort of beach dlc for themselves since, you know, they follow you no matter what and should get some points for that. It's not because I want some Silas fanservice. Nope not at all. EDIT: Forgot to add the children Shigure and Dwyer for males Midori and Sophie for females Though I guess they would be placed their anyways since the only other shared child is Kanna.
  10. My favorite character is Elise. She's cute, sweet, funny and a good unit to boot. I just love my little sister.
  11. Hey SF! I finally beat Conquest and going to be starting Birthright later today. One of the characters I really want to use is Subaki and I want to know what class is best for him. I see that he has good defense and skill mods and his growth rates at base are pretty decent for those stats too. So can anyone help decide what's the best class for him?
  12. I've only played Conquest so far and I'm not going to check the video so I can keep myself spoiler free of the other cut scenes (So I can experience them myself). So I voted for Takumi Revealed because I was really shocked to see the arrow go past me and then hear Takumi's voice as if he was in the greatest pain in the world. It was like he became a zombie only focusing on the thing that would end his despair.
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