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  1. I would also like to know if this is still happening. The Discord links here are expired. Really interested, this has been a dream project of mine for some time, but I've never had the free time to learn FE romhacking till now.
  2. cgRIPPER


    I've been wanting to remake 6 and/or 7 using 8's engine as a first mod for a while now. But I've always been too busy to take the time to learn how to do so.
  3. I give this game a lot of crap myself, but I still enjoyed it. Do I regret buying all 3 paths? Maybe just a little bit. That being said, most of the complaining I do about Fates is less about the actual quality of the game as it is about lamenting that it wasn't everything a lot of what it could have been.
  4. That's because hand-axes were E-rank back in the day.
  5. I wanna get in on this Fate/ in Fates action. Rider (King of Conquerors) Nohrian. With a thundering warcry this warrior crushes all who would hinder his dreams of conquest under a mighty chariot gifted by the gods themselves. Weapons: A-Swords, B-Axes (doesn't canonically use axes, but they fit better than S rank swords) Skills: Lv1 (Conqueror) - This unit takes no bonus damage. Lv10 (Canto) - Leftover MOV can be used after performing an action. Lv25 (Noble Charge) - This unit and allies within 2 spaces gain leftover MOV as damage dealt. Lv35 (Dreamchaser) - HP/2 % chance of adjacent allies gaining +(MOV/2) to all stats at the beginning of either turn (until end of turn). Stats: (not quite motivated enough to put together complete stats right now) HP: 70 Str+ Mag- Skl- Spd= Lck= Def+ Res= MOV: 8 Ddg+10 Mounted, Beast, Mechanical (Golem/Puppet)
  6. I would definitely say Fomortiis after Ashera. Like the other people here have said, he isn't even at full power when you fight him.
  7. The decision to make 2 separate games came very early on in the development process. They could have saved themselves the trouble of putting so much effort into 70 chapters by making a single game that has the normal number of chapters and is polished significantly better. They could have conveyed the story perfectly fine without that many chapters. I acknowledge their effort, but I complain because a good portion of it feels like wasted effort. This is just my opinion, but I have a lot more beef with Fates than just its story. I still like the game, but whenever I play Fates I find myself cringing every 15 minutes because it could have been SO much better...
  8. This is true, however; myself and a good deal of the people I know all agree that there was no reason (gameplay-wise) to divide this one story separate pieces in the first place except to squeeze more money out of us. Like I said before, I definitely acknowledge how much effort went into these games, but I think they could have given us better content while putting in less effort if they hadn't tried what they did. It's not so much that the games themselves are limited to being a cash-grab as it is that that one crucial decision in the development process was for the purpose of grabbing our cash.
  9. Most of the things everyone has said I agree with. Particularly in that Pokemon uses the multiple versions to encourage multiplayer, while at the same time being made with minimal effort. The separate versions of Fates each required a great deal of effort that could have been spent polishing more important things. It's not even like this is an entirely new idea that IntSys is using here. Sacred Stones's layout of having the player choose to go with either Eirika or Ephraim would have worked just fine in Fates. We still end-up fighting Garon at the end of the game, Takumi's possession still happens just at different points in the story. There is no reason that the 2 paths couldn't have converged at the end (IMO). IntSys made an extremely poor decision that resulted in making their job harder than it needed to be at the expense of more important features than having 2 separate games. I still agree with your main point, I just can't believe that IntSys has looked back and actually examined what things they've done in the FE games that came out before Awakening have worked.
  10. The reason people are complaining is that the quality of the game is poor. Making 3 separate games is an extremely ambitious project, and I applaud them for that ambition. However, we, the consumers, don't want 3 mediocre games. We only ask for 1 game that gets about half as much effort as IntSys put into the 3 games cumulatively. People call Fates a cash grab because because IntSys deliberately chose to prioritize quantity over quality when they decided to make 3 games in the first place.
  11. What bothers me about how eclipse was responding is that she wasn't addressing anything that was actually going on in the discussion. She was just saying "No, because Cipher is separate from Fates." (in a really rude way) I was not aware of the pixelized content from last year, so yes, that part makes more sense now. I personally am still going to hold on to my hope for the reasons that I stated in my very first reply. However, as I have said over and over, a reason to hope is not a reason to get excited. There is a significant difference.
  12. No. You're not getting off on a case of "I don't like this conversation". The OP shows pictures and the question: "A Roy and Sigurd sprite appears 3 times on the promotional material. Could both characters be coming to Fire emblem fates as DLC?" It's still a question. You're still ignoring the entirety of my post except for the first sentence. I understand how frustrating it is to see misinformation get spread around, but "someone claiming that something will inevitably happen" and "people speculating whether or not a desirable outcome is likely" are completely different things. Hence why I said that anyone who neglects to take what is said here with a grain of salt can only blame themselves if they get let down. The most we can do for a person like that is share our reasonings for why or why not they should be getting excited and let them decide from there. If someone still refuses to give up on a lost cause then you'll be a much more pleasant person if you move on with your life and let them be disappointed by what unfolds. I also understand that since you're a mod you might not have the luxury of just not looking at threads that bother you. Even so, there are better ways of taking out your frustration than by being nasty to people, and I don't plan on just rolling over and taking it despite how much I appreciate the work of forum mods. Now one last time, I will try to have an intelligent conversation over whether or not this is a reason to hope. Regarding your assumption that this is only tangentially related to Fates at best: the white bag and the pen (2 of the 3 items this discussion is focused around) have no shown logos of Cipher at all. If it wasn't at an event for Cipher, then there would be no reason to draw any connection to Cipher in the first place. As I've already stated (and am still waiting for someone to correct me if I'm wrong) Cipher doesn't use sprites. Furthermore, not only are they sprites which already puts a distance from Cipher, but the others beside Roy/Sigurd are the exact same ones used in Fates. You're free to disagree if you like, but I wouldn't call that a tangential relationship by a longshot. Moving on, you say that Cipher and Fates have very little business being together, but they irrefutably have significantly more to do with each other than Fates and Smash do. Despite that fact, we already had the latter 2 things come together. If you want to state your opinion in response to the points that I make in my post, then that's fine but I will not stand around while someone dismisses an entire viewpoint without even addressing the supporting statements of the person they are quoting. I apologize if I've crossed the line here, but I'm trying to make a point at how immature you're being. What you do with that knowledge is up to you. EDIT: Also, sorry to anyone whose desire to participate in the conversation has been hindered by this.
  13. Aaaand there goes the last of my faith in humanity IntSys.
  14. I know how you feel, but you still only have yourself to blame if you bought the amiibo just for a game that the amiibo is listed as incompatible with on the official site.
  15. * I'm pretty sure you'll never get an opponent that your lead unit deals 0 damage to. I've had some really low numbers, but never 0 on the lead unit. I don't have a lot of confidence in IntSys anymore, but I don't think they'd let the arena screw anyone over like that. But yeah, there are better options available. ** I'm 99% positive that skills regarding a character's position in relation to other units on the map have no effect. As an example, Dragon Ward has never ever proc'd for me in the arena; presumably because it affects "adjacent units" regardless of whether they're being supported.
  16. I understand the logic, but I don't think it's a good reason at all. By that logic, female robin is just an alt costume within Awakening too because your cursor defaults over the male option when creating the character. Heck, maybe that is what they're thinking. More than anything though, I think they were looking for an excuse to gender-lock the Fell Brand just so that they could cut costs. The Amiibo einherjar itself I can easily understand, but the Fell Brand itself which isn't even obtained through the amiibo is just them being lazy. Anyway, I understand the reasoning, I just think it's a shoddy excuse to cover up their attempts at cutting costs. I've said my piece and I'll leave it at that (especially since this is quite off-topic in this thread).
  17. I still count it since she got her own rendered portrait. Though apparently IntSys doesn't...
  18. Thanks for reminding me, Fates and Awakening both have a few nice tracks here and there, but somewhere in FE's rebirth we lost the badass boss themes that I fondly remember from the good'ol days. Powerful Foe definitely did a lot in making the Grado generals into extremely satisfying fights.
  19. To be fair, you can get those weapons from the lottery lol. But yeah, I understand that they felt like they needed to rebalance weapon availability to account for the removal of durability, but they went too far with it. Yeah, I'm still confused at why they bothered to even bring up Corrin being a dragon when you get Kaden in BR if they weren't even going to include it in Kaden!Corrin supports... I also heavily second this.
  20. I like how you completely ignored the majority of my post where I explained why I didn't think it really mattered. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know Cipher doesn't use sprites at all. It would make much more sense if this is overlap from either new fates content or mobile into Cipher and not the other way around. Also, the topic is a question. The fact that the title is a question means that this thread is discussing the possibility of Roy and Sigurd in fates. Yes, it being at a Cipher event slightly decreases the likelihood, but my point was that the merchandise existing at all is more reason to hope than it being at a Cipher event is to give up hope. Hence: "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." Anyone starting to romp around shouting that "Roy and Sigurd are coming to Fates!" because of this thread only have themselves to blame if it turns out not to be the case. Except that female Robin is in Sm4sh too...
  21. Ephraim and his 3-man army smacking around Valter's entire platoon did more to showcase Ephraim's brilliance than make Valter seem less intimidating. "I don't pick fights I can't win." Friggin love that scene. IMO tho, Valter doesn't really have a fates equivalent. I feel like Iago is closer to Riev than Valter, and Hans is like a dumbed-down version of Caelach. Gosh, comparing fates to a game from FE's golden era (IMO) really makes me realise how bad the character designs are...
  22. There are so friggin many things I'd change (most of which IntSys has actually done right in previous games at some point or another) but if I had to pick 1 single thing... It'd have to be bringing back weapon weight. The entire weapon system of this game is an abysmal disaster. -Weapon weight was the natural balancer to high-powered weapons. Weight was removed in Awakening to make the game more simplistic and approachable, but the lack of any sort of balance was highly detrimental to the game. Fortunately, IntSys realised this mistake and decided to... make an even more complicated system of effective speed and follow-up restrictions? They removed a feature that worked perfectly well to make the series more accessible and then when they found out what that did to the game-balance, they created something totally new to do the same thing the feature they just removed did in an even more complicated way... -Learning what weapons each character should use made so much more sense with the weight system. I personally liked PoR/RD's use of STR to determine what weight a character could handle, but CON was still better than the mess that we have now. Or even better, they could make it based on SKL instead of STR. This would make a mediocre stat better and would mean magic wielders don't need to have STR to carry around (apparently) really heavy books. -I have no problem with the removal of durability, but I never understood why Hammerne was the only way to repair weapons, like seriously, c'mon people is it that hard to take good care of your weapons? I could go on and on about this so I'm gonna stop myself here.
  23. Why does it matter what the content is being showcased for? The main reason people don't think we are gonna get Roy Amiibo support is because of the effort it would take to create completely new content that isn't already in the game data. Regardless of whether it's being used for Cipher, Mobile or something else entirely, IS has reduced the amount of effort it would require for us to get these characters and IMO that alone is a reason to hope. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. EDIT: Especially since sprites aren't even actually used in Cypher (as far as I remember anyway). Also Robin probably isn't in it because he is not a lord.
  24. I take it that you haven't actually gotten a ballistician yet? Because neither of these work in the way you seem to think they do.
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