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  1. It definitely works, it'll take some time to build up your tome mastery, but tomes will easily outpace the levin sword at endgame since they can crit/trigger skills (like standard, built-in, dragon fang) and have other bonus effects (such as using moonlight to recover a small amount of hp after attacking or being able to use calamity gate on lance/shuriken wielders). Also, for some reason, magic boon has better growths than similar stats do as boons. http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/nohrian-characters/growth-rates/ Normally you'd compare strength and magic, but magic gets a solid 5% extra over strength in addition to a very welcome speed boost.
  2. Heh, it's interesting that Rena will be playing as both Corrin and Azura simultaneously. Also, I feel like some of the negative feedback may have more to do with the translation of the main song than Rena's actual performance in it. Some of the words feel kind of forced, which is common in dubbed songs where the translator prioritizes the literal translations over a looser translation that may sound better. Regardless, I found that it definitely grew on me, and I am very happy that we were able to get such an amazing singer in Fire Emblem!
  3. So the Roy amiibo for Smash comes out tomorrow (technically today since it's after midnight). Does anyone know if it'll be compatible with fates immediately or if we will have to wait for a bit?... or... if for some reason it won't be compatible at all?
  4. I don't know about boon or bane, but if you're planning on pairing with laslow you should consider a talent that gives him a rally to go with his fancy footwork. He only comes with rally skill, and I'm pretty sure strength and speed will just overwrite fancy footwork. Wyvern Lords (dragon) have rally defense, strategists (troubadour) have rally resistance, and the shrine maiden line gives both rally magic and rally luck.
  5. Oh yeah, the other thing about Sakura's team is that the ballista isn't even worth using at all since it only has 25 mt. That deals no damage at all to several of your foes and nearly nothing to anyone not a flier.
  6. I know somewhere on some forum I saw somebody complaining that even Subaki's swordcatcher barely did anything to Xander, but I can't find it now... Also, it's interesting to note that the stat booster you get is the one that each sibling starts with at the beginning of the chapter.
  7. Does rally spectrum even stack with fancy footwork? I'm pretty sure if you use rally spectrum with any other rally (except movement) you'll get +2, +2,... and +4 (not +6). If that's the case rally spectrum would just overwrite fancy footwork making him effectively have no personal skill. Rally movement should work nicely on Laslow though, while spectrum should work nicely on Shigure. EDIT: So it seems like fancy footwork does work with the rallies. Which is interesting because those types of things usually just use the highest value instead of stacking.
  8. I found Takumi to be surprisingly easy. They all actually have good weapons to use, Takumi can EASILY take out ANY flier OR anyone who can't attack from afar (Effie). Oboro with the guard lance let's her tank pretty much anyone while giving seal defense and speed in the process. I gave Takumi's secret book to Hinata for 1% higher proc rate on Astra (though it never actually proc'd lol). You can equip Oboro's spear and/or Hinata's katana for an attacker stance assist for extra damage (because attacker supports don't lose stats when they use silver-type weapons). My kill order was [Elise > Camilla > Sakura > Leo > Ryoma > Hinoka > Xander] if I remember correctly.
  9. Yikes, if I can find time between school and work I'll put together a google doc that people can record more detailed data in the case that our current data does turn out obsolete. I'll also start recording data on my end, though it'll just be as I go instead of farming for specific values.
  10. How would we even go about testing for a dynamic system?
  11. @Joth Yeah, I very much agree lol. This is why I'm so glad they added the ability to lower the difficutly. I got to experience Hard Classic story, but I can do my post-game grinding in casual.
  12. I've extensively played FEs 6-13 (excluding 12) ever since 7 came out in the west, but in all those years I have never had as many things go against the odds in all those games combined as I already have in this game. Granted, I haven't actually experienced the 1RN system from games 1-5, but I would be dumbfounded if I found out that my terrible luck in this game can't be attributed to some form of change in the RNG.
  13. Right after I made my last post I got hit by a 4% crit... BACK TO BACK twice in a row... smh
  14. This has been quite informative, I had noticed throughout my years playing FE games that it seemed like hit percentages were less true at values that were further away from 50/50, but I didn't know the specifics of why that happened. So maybe, it's a combination of the 2RN system not being there to hold my hand and happening to get a string of bad luck at the same time that has resulted in such absurd things happening all of a sudden in this game.
  15. Am I the only one that feels like whatever random number generator this game uses is flawed? I've been playing FE since blazing sword came out in America (more than half my life) and I have never had such a ridiculous string of bad luck, and it is still coming! For example, I went into an arena match and got a match that should have easily been my win. We both dealt a similar amount of damage to each other, but the enemy had only 44% hit rate while I had a 92%... I missed 2 attacks while the enemy hit all 7 out of 7! That's just 1 specific example as well, I've had to reset during the actual chapters due to attacks with 30%, 40%, and even 15% hitting back, to back, to back, to back. It feels like they intentionally nerfed EVERYONE'S ability to dodge for the sake of making tanky characters more prominent. Am I going crazy or are other people experiencing similar things?
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