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  1. would you expect anything else
  2. hades is a great game and you should play it
  3. Think people have other things to do after they get to their young adult stage in life. Usually people just leave these types of forums then. not me, though
  4. Guilt by association, then? I can see that Reddit pretty much wants to remove any alt-right and dark humour subreddits from that list. Okay. I could post on both ShitNeoconsSay because I don't like Neocons. I could post on ConsumeProduct because it would be a funny meme. Also, Vaush is pretty high on that list, a socialist youtuber. Seems really dumb to me.
  5. i'm not defending it, I'm just noting that places like reddit will always go after what they consider both "extremes" when they do this sort of stuff. There's several there that I don't even get why they were banned. ConsumeProduct, rightwingLGBT, ShitNeoconsSay? Unless there's some deep conspiracy involving them I don't exactly know why they've been banned.
  6. good to know that reddit will ban places like chapotraphouse or consumeproduct in order to appear "fair"
  7. Xenoblade Chronicles would probably be the big one. I don't hate it, but regard it as rather mediocre aside from a few good characters. The combat wasn't particularly great and a lot of the games questing can be phrased to be like an offline MMO - which is not really appealing after playing years of actual MMOs. I never played X or Xenoblade 2 but the latter appeals to me even less with it's overly 'anime' tropes.
  8. I think the main thing was the right to a job and home. That implies to me that any homeless person should be offered a house and any unemployed person should be offered a job that the government provides for both. Which seems rather radical to me even now. Although right now, constructing and giving a homeless person a basic house is actually cheaper than letting them be out on the streets. The others like social security may be there but education also implies higher education i.e college.
  9. Churchill is heavily romanticised for being a good war-time leader, and he was. But he was pretty terrible outside of that and was voted out in a pretty landslide victory immediately following WW2. He also didn't really have anything against fascism in particular. He just fought for geopolitical and imperial reasons, not because he had moral issues with the Nazi regime (in fact Hitler and fascism was quite popular in Britain prior to the outbreak of WW2) At least I can say he did one thing good for the wrong reasons. Columbus not so much. He wasn't even the first European on North American soil, Leif Erikson did it 500 years prior.
  10. should probably give the proposed second bill of rights by fdr a read over again as well I read over it in the past and thought it was radical even for todays standards (not in a bad way)
  11. And yet, Karl Popper also wrote: I don't think that actually jives with what you are trying to imply. Not that it really has anything to do with tolerance or respect for bad ideas in my view. I can understand why people like Alex Jones are removed for repeatedly saying things that are indistinguishable from physical threats or why Richard Spencer may be removed for promoting violence in the form of genocide against Jews. In fact, these would be punished more severely in other countries that have more strict hate speech laws than the United States. It's more that I don't trust these companies to be the arbiters of what is right and wrong because they are poor at it and have removed many people who are simply not intolerant. They may have terms of service, but this is only a justification for why they would ban people. If they wanted to, they could ban you just because they don't like you and you have no recourse. It's their website, and that's how it currently works. I understand that it is sad that conservatives seem to take issue with this particularly facet when the "they are a private company, they can regulate themselves" is a right-wing argument, but terms of service is little more than a vague idea of what they may do. Or: if you want an actual example - think about how many times Trump has broken Twitter's terms of service and has had immunity from it.
  12. gonna go back to playing dark souls 3 again since I never finished the dlc xd pyro because strength is actually ez mode in ds3
  13. from already did some work for the sixth broken archstone. was going to be a snowy area, kinda looks a bit like a precursor to cainhurst it was about 75% done before they cut it from the game but people have data mined the area/enemies that was supposed to be there if anything that would be the most likely add for content because no there wasn't any dlc
  14. imo it was too short tho like the fact that there was no third level for 2-3, 3-3, 4-3 and 5-3 it was just a boss area made it pretty short for a playthrough kinda hope that they add the sixth broken archstone for content if everything else is the same feels like I got my weapon halfway through and the game was pretty much over unless I wanted to play NG+ which I rarely do also the pvp was completely broken
  15. So what's the discussion? If deplatforming does or does not work? Because even that article does mention that little research has actually been done on this. But okay, I'm willing to look into this topic more to see what the outcomes are. Whatever you conclude on this, what if the person does truly believe that it should not be done even if it does help? Is there even a discussion to be had at that point? You're right that it would become repetition of talking points at that stage, then. What else is there to say?
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