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  1. A full-scale ground invasion is so very 2003. This is the modern era; we now blow up people from the skies with drones. In which Trump has increased the usage of during his term to the point where there was more in his four years than there was in eight years of Obama. Something Obama was heavily criticised was increasing the number from Bush, and Trump has substantially increased it from there. Anyone who unironically thinks Trump is peaceful on foreign policy is not looking at the finer details very much. (I personally think Bush is worse simply because the sheer unnecessary loss of life from initiating both Afghanistan and Iraq that we, check notes, still haven't left from - Trump had a chance to leave the regions completely after 20 years of being there: and he didn't - I don't give a fuck what he says about "troop numbers". But Bush was also seen as damaging the United States image towards the end of his presidency. Regardless, when you are being compared to Dubya, it's not a good look.)
  2. If it was just that, I would say okay, but a lot of these folks seem to think that Twitter has done something legally wrong or violated the first ammendment or something like that. I'm not actually opposed to a nationalisation solution, personally. I do think such corporations have too much influence over our lives and that isn't ideal. But that's an issue with free-market capitalism that these folks seem to fall just short of proposing the left-wing solution for. Welcome aboard, comrades.
  3. It's just funny to me how they both claim to love capitalism and criticise big tech, corporations, etc. Them deciding to ban Trump and post what they like - that's capitalism. Unless they have a plan to regulate capitalism, but that's a horrible leftist thing that flies in the face of "the free market". It's more that the nationalists in my country tend to think Trump is a joke as well (well, they are mostly opposed to American nationalism because it doesn't do them any favours) If it's true that they actually dislike Republicans, then they believe that the Republicans have sold out Trump at the critical hour. Will be interesting to see what happens to the party after that. And I dunno, I would say that most of them still care about social issues. Those folks are still talking about abortion and trans people, and they seem to talk about race a lot despite what they say.
  4. getting banned from twitter probably unironically hurts trump more than losing the presidency. how did it get to this point. i don't understand how anyone can take him seriously especially after hearing him talk. he's like a cartoon character to me and pretty much anyone around here thinks the same.
  5. Not to dwell or anything, but in the nicest way I can describe, Dragoncat is on the spectrum from what she's said before and I don't think she was saying anything out of malice. I understand it is frustrating to hear that 'both sides are the same' spiel, even myself, but I've found that some impassive responses will bring people up to speed on the grievances with statements like that. Otherwise people like that just tend to shut down and not want to argue if they get dogpiled or abrasive replies. But whatever. Is done.
  6. tim pool is obsessed with the idea of civil war for some reason, while still maintaining that he is somehow a "disillusioned leftist" that believes trump would sweep 49 states in the last election yeah, he's the most subscribed political commentator on youtube. big brain.
  7. It does seem as though they are being amplified and in some cases even encouraged in a unprecedented way in recent times. It's also worth looking at the fatality rates for these attacks as well. Obviously 9/11 is the outlier in this case. And this study only goes up to 2016. Quite interesting, though. https://start.umd.edu/pubs/START_IdeologicalMotivationsOfTerrorismInUS_Nov2017.pdf
  8. Even if you were to look at America, more instances of political violence were from anarchist and black separatist groups in the 60s and 70s... which is expected because it was around the civil rights era. It just happens that it isn't so much the case anymore. (not to mention the drop off in number of attacks, as bad as it seems in the modern world - I'm not sure how "single issue" is defined but it's likely things like abortion clinic attacks)
  9. I will accept that agent provocateurs can sometimes exist. If you read the history of the CIA you'll know that is undeniable. But - a lot of those front and center in the footage have already been identified as MAGA types. The viking larper who's actually a Christian is a QAnon conspiracist (he also claims to be a shaman and a spiritual healer), several folks in there were already identified as far-right types and other content creators that are openly far-right like Nick Fuentes and Baked Alaska were there. If it looks like a duck... you know, because they don't believe in wearing masks, which might have helped people not identify them so easily
  10. It's kind of amazing, looking in the right-wing version of reality, they believe that it is the double-standard that BLM are the ones that were always treated well by the police and the powers that be and they are the ones that are discriminated against. Mind you, when they storm a federal building in a way that can only be described as insurrection. Maybe if they had some sort of legitimate grievance or issue, but their goal is to put a rich elite reality tv star back in office after he lost his second term, and nothing else. I suppose Trumpism and by extension authoritarianism has fully taken root even after he is gone. But somehow they don't see it that way.
  11. Trump actually has the potential to do major damage to the Republican party on his way out, and unlike a traditional Republican like Dubya he may actually do it because he's petulant. You already have normal Republican loyalists saying that the GOP failed to support Trump in the critical hour. Of course, the reason for this is that they think that the election was stolen from Trump and the GOP aren't quite willing to go full authoritarian, but regardless. They wholeheartedly believe in these delusions. I'm not sure if it'll last because the scaremongering about the next Democrat being a communist will put them right back in line, but it would be kind of brilliant if it either lead to the creation of a third party that siphoned Republican votes or a not-insignificant portion of Republican voters just didn't go back to them. I remember back in 2016 some Republicans were saying how if they let Trump in, it would destroy the GOP. It would be amusing if that turned out to be the case.
  12. I find this incredible - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55153366 US Attorney General William Barr says his justice department has found no proof to back President Donald Trump's claims of fraud in the 2020 election. "To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election," he said. His comments are seen as a big blow to Mr Trump, who has not accepted defeat. Barr is terrible and probably one of the biggest Trump sycophants, but when even he turns on Trump on this... oof. Now he's apparently part of the deep state.
  13. does Hades count if it's full release after early access was this year? because that game is just ridiculously good. ghost of tsushima, the demon's souls remake, doom eternal, persona 5 royal, and crusader kings 3 are also all very good that I played this year
  14. i do have to wonder how the psyche of some of these diehard trumpers will develop when they get past the denial phase where they genuinely think trump is going to overturn the election and be inaugurated
  15. Can I mention how Trump said after the 2016 election there was voter fraud and 3 million invalid votes from Democrats "bussing in illegals" to vote on their behalf. And he won that election? Trump can't handle losing the popular vote and still winning, never mind losing electorally as well.
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