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  1. it's just pretty much copy and pasted from the new zealand shooters manifesto, which is white identitarian drivel and a belief in great replacement conspiracy garbage. anyone who latches on to such ideology to such a degree to where they would take direct action is likely going to be young, unexceptional, disillusioned, and resenting the perceived decline in social status for white men (whether or not that is actually true or not). imagine that you have such little confidence in yourself and a responsibility for your own personal failings that you decide that you are going to leech off a group identity for your sense of worth, especially something as superficial as the colour of your skin. beyond being bigoted, it's just pathetic and weak-minded, and that's why such individuals are often easily manipulated by far-right ideologues that want to use them.
  2. From are kinda in an awkward place because people for some reason think their previous older games are super hard. I've heard over and over again that Dark Souls 1 is the hardest Souls game. If you go back and play it now, it's hard to keep that opinion. Ever since Bloodborne they have been making enemies more aggressive in a way that just wasn't really the case in any game DS2 and earlier. If they had released Elden Ring with the same rudimentary enemy patterns as Dark Souls 1, the game would be panned for being too easy for From's reputation, despite that not really being an accurate depiction of the series in terms of difficulty. So From feel a need to constantly raise the stakes because people familar with souls are getting/have gotten very very good at their games in a way that they will just be bored otherwise. Or at least, that's the opinion that difficulty is very important for these games. Something that I question to begin with since that's not the reason I play them. In terms of pure difficulty though, just on the account of no summons, and having very limited tools and playstyle, I still think Sekiro can be harder. In the way that if you can't beat the boss there are not really any easier paths you can take of getting someone to help you, or anything like that.
  3. confirmation: it's just dark souls 4/big dark souls if you're not down for that then there's no point playing it still think sekiro is 'more difficult' in a vacuum
  4. dont get me wrong, i like sekiro but it was in parallel to elden ring because it was a side project and thats why it never got a real dlc. honestly i dont see much sekiro influence aside from the jump button, they are completely different games where one is very focused gameplay wise and the other has so much shit in it, warts and unbalanced nonsense in it regardless. Elden Ring has already sold 12m copies, thats kind of crazy. personally i prefer the unbalanced mess that ill undoubtedly play for hundred of hours because it actually has replay value compared to me playing and beating sekiro in 25 hours and never having any reason to play it again. Froms next game is probably a new Armored Core regardless.
  5. From seem to have rebounded from what Sekiro was because sadly a lot of people just aren't really interested in that type of game. In the same way I could be finished with Sekiro in 25 hours and then never have any reason to play it again, Elden Ring is by far the action RPG with the most variety (in terms of gameplay styles and weapon/spell variety) in it that I'm aware of. Just the amount of spells is more than Skyrim had, with more varied spell effects, with a large dump of ashes of war that aren't even included in that. It doesn't do anything particular new but just the sheer amount of gameplay options is something that I haven't seen to this extent before. So yeah, if From ever wanted to step out of their modern comfort zone, they have been reminded that people are perfectly happy with Dark Souls 4 with the success of this game lol (not to say Sekiro wasn't successful but that is a far more narrow interest range). I think the game is great but once again From suffers from the same problems they have had before - PC performance being shoddy on the port, unbalanced spells like DS3 with higher tier spells that don't warrant the higher FP cost for the damage they deal, and the reused bosses in a way reminiscent of how Bloodborne chalice dungeons were. In some ways, the game is almost too large, and could have cut off several hours to remove some of the more repetitive bosses or elements. I like Leyndell more than Stormveil. It's probably one of, if not the most impressive areas I've seen in a Souls game. Rotten breath with an arcane build is gross and will carry you the entire game
  6. Are people just upset over the fact that the landscape of video gaming is becoming more entrenched in the arms race of acquiring exclusives for their platform? Or is actually because they might make some games you want to play for something you don't want to own? As someone who actually plays Activision-Blizzard games currently, I can tell you the feeling from the fanbase is that it can't be any worse. For people who want to see (mostly Blizzards) franchises flourish, this is actually good news. Because the decisions they are making currently are so atrocious that it has gotten to that point. Although I will say that this acquisition isn't finalised until July 2023 so nothing in the immediate future will change at Activision-Blizzard. Microsoft seem to be making it a recent habit of acquiring disgraced studios in order to try and turn them around. It's not really going badly for them, and I don't even like Microsoft.
  7. anyone who uses the term petersonian is already long gone
  8. It is probably the most egregious example I've seen that is seriously reaching but it's not like I haven't seen various hot takes from people over the years who contend that games like Grand Theft Auto are right-wing power fantasies. Dumb takes on twitter are universal.
  9. Not even most British conservatives would like Trump - he had something like a 15% approval in the UK late 2020 (on par with Russian and China leadership) and it might be even lower now. You'll find most right-wingers generally don't like other right-wingers from other countries. Probably because they have no interest in working together as they want to be nationalist, to the exclusion of other countries. (With the exception, I've found, that some seem to think strongman antics are commendable. Republicans seem to idolise Putin because they want the US to be the same)
  10. By all means, people would be able (and probably should, considering the state of things) to mock British politics if that was the subject matter. I'd say it's only fair considering how much I've given my opinion on the US. What I find most amusing about that recall is that Larry Elder's team set up a website accusing voter fraud before the election was even finished. So you know this is the standard for Republicans now since Trump did the same with laying the foundations before the fact, for claiming voter fraud when he lost.
  11. Faith, from Mirror's Edge is the first one I thought of, especially if you like parkour.
  12. There's a decent amount of Scottish people who celebrated a 0-0 draw with England and will always root against England's opponents. I don't really do the same. Sadly, if we had played the same way for our draw in the other two matches we may have even made it to the knockout stages. Most English people that I've encountered just want their team to do well even if they know they aren't exactly a top tier team. My annoyance is just having no choice but to listen to English commentators talk up their own team and unknowingly put high expectations on them they always failed to meet for years. You're just hurting your own team and making English fans seem arrogant. Italy deserved to win, though. Defending a 1-0 lead for over 60 minutes is never really a good idea when you allow the opposition to pressure you. Some people do point out Southgate's failings during the match but it is certainly better than the myriad of managers England have had in recent years - Hodgson, Capello, McClaren, Eriksson back to Keegan. But he also had an easier path against the poorest Germany side I've seen in a long time, Ukraine, and a Denmark side that had a very dubious decision going against them. As with all hooligans, the ones that follow England can fuck off, though. This is in reference to the abuse that Sako, Rashford and Sancho appear to be getting from some, as if no white English player has ever missed a penalty.
  13. We have to watch BBC and ITV if we want to see any kind of live footage, yeah. Which is pretty much exclusively English commentators. They have the broadcasting rights for the UK.
  14. There's been several topics on sportsball over the years and as far to my recollection you haven't contributed to any of them, didn't exactly paint me as an enthusiast by any means, which is where the doubt is from. If I happened to be from Germany or Argentina, what I said would have more validity because my nation has won more World Cups than England, then? You understand how this makes no sense, right?
  15. I know this is some sad attempt at a troll, but firstly, there are no expectations for Scotland and nobody I have ever met would consider their football skills good, or even average really. And I'm perfectly fine with that. Secondly, I severely doubt you care about football to begin with so please stop pretending.
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