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  1. Can I mention how Trump said after the 2016 election there was voter fraud and 3 million invalid votes from Democrats "bussing in illegals" to vote on their behalf. And he won that election? Trump can't handle losing the popular vote and still winning, never mind losing electorally as well.
  2. On the far-right, you've got both the larpers that tweet every year that their guns are ready and that there's going to be a civil war imminently but never actually do anything, and then the real crazy lone wolfers like Timothy McVeigh. The former are far more numerous.
  3. AP, CNN, NBC, NY Times have all called it for Biden. 300+ ECs against an incumbent (even just beating the incumbent) is really good though. If Biden does end up winning Georgia and Arizona he'll end up with 306 ECs, which is more than what Trump won in 2016 (304). And Trump called that one a mandate and a landslide, because of course he did.
  4. Once Trump's bravado runs out he will go away in shame. Prepare to argue for four years (at least) about how the election was stolen from him and there was mass voter fraud, though. You could memorise this argument.
  5. There was a story last year that did mention Biden was likely only going to run for one term: https://www.politico.com/news/2019/12/11/biden-single-term-082129 The slow inevitable loss of Trump is somewhat karmic and fitting right now, I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRW72zW4MgQ
  6. doomerposting is natural to the left, do not mind it i fully expect to see georgia flip and nevada hold. it's a win at that point, and it's not even worth worrying about arizona. and pennsylvania is 65K away right now with strong democrat areas remaining so I think Biden will probably flip it too. trump lost.
  7. Nevada is pretty much going to Biden. AP and Fox News probably won't call it because they already called Arizona for Biden early unlike other outlets and would need to call a Biden win if that's the case. They don't want to look foolish by doing that and then having to retract.
  8. I mean yeah, that's correct. But if that's the case there's literally nothing you can do if people willingly believe propaganda even when it's absurd. Kinda makes me wonder if those types will unite with your traditional Republican groups going forward. Somehow I don't think the Trumper types would really be up for a Ted Cruz or something like that.
  9. The whole Q thing becomes a lot less relevant when it's about Trump exposing a bunch of supposedly liberal deep state pedophiles when Trump isn't around anymore. Then again there was rumours before the election that Trump would go and start a TrumpTV channel if he lost.
  10. ask any actual socialist around and they will laugh at the concept that biden is not a capitalist i know it's cliche but whoever does say that sort of thing thinks anything left of the republicans are socialist or communist (trump also outsourced more jobs and deported less people than obama during his time in office, but that's conveniently ignored)
  11. The Associated Press (and Fox News) already called Arizona for Biden ages ago, and they are almost always reliable. I'd be quite surprised if there was a backtrack on that. So Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina. North Carolina is probably unlikely but for Biden to straight up lose the other three, I'm not really seeing it right now. Who knows. Georgia has the potential to be very close.
  12. Even if he was more aligned with my politics, I never really expected Corbyn to win in either case. Biden actually looks better than that. Trump's best path to victory in this case would be to win Florida and Pennsylvania.
  13. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/10/hacker-says-he-correctly-guessed-trumps-twitter-password-it-was-maga2020/ as a developer, this gives me physical pain
  14. https://www.prri.org/research/amid-multiple-crises-trump-and-biden-supporters-see-different-realities-and-futures-for-the-nation/ Some interesting numbers here. A highlight includes support for the question 'It always makes our country better when Americans speak up and protest unfair treatment by the government' being cut in half in the minds of Republicans when Black Americans is said instead. Some folks seem to be raring for it more than ever.
  15. I was looking at some estimations about possible outcomes for the election and saw the concept of a 'red mirage' being likely on the election night because of current circumstances. Basically, Democrats are going to be far more likely to send mail-in ballots as we've already seen whereas Republicans will disproportionally vote in person. What this may lead to is that on election night Trump appears to win in early projections, but as more and more mail-in ballots are counted over the course of a few days, it may then show that is potentially not the case. Considering Trump has already purposely being stirring the pot regarding voter fraud, if that does turn out to be the case, then I guarantee he will try to spin the narrative that the election is fraudulent after losing an early lead if that does occur. And that does not bode well for any potential violence that may happen as a result of that. There's not really anything that can be done about that, but it could be a very ugly situation to the point where the 2000 election will seem minor in comparison (where the result was still unknown for some time).
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