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  1. Odd to bump this up again, but could you do a story with EffieXArthur and HinataXHana? Maybe a double date story?
  2. Revelations I actually found pretty disgusting in the way they are cashing it as. PROS: - Happy ending where Azura and the royalty that you got to know and love don't die. - Getting to ship Rhajat with Forrest. - ...Umm... Ruling a country is nice??? - Elise gives you a cute CG cutscene hug! - Two royal healers! - Elise and Sakura support - Saizou X Belka support CONS: - Not being able to recruit Yukimura OR Izana, or Hell, not even being able to recruit Zola. He would have been a good Revelations Unit IMO. - Getting Fuga instead of Izana. - Scarlet dies (Not cool) - Ryoma and Camilla support - Some maps are suffering, even on Phoenix Mode - Takumi has no pressure?! - Too much attention on Corrin - No world building of Vallah, an extinct world? - Why did Mikoto run away then? - Azura X Corrin becomes incest now. - Seems to copy different plot elements and borrow maps from other routes. - No new units?! - Can't support Hinata with Effie and Hana with Arthur, creating the OTP switcheroo I always wanted - Saizo and Lazlow support a copy of the Gerome and Inigo support - Gunther is a traitor. Why?!?!?!?!? - Possible death of a kid - Retainers come in with their royalty and it is weird. If Revelations actually shows its uniqueness by actually killing characters that aren't Corrin-sexual like in Birthright if you don't actually get an A-Support with Kaze would have made this game much more promising in my opinion. So yeah. I don't really care for Revelations. I would pick Conquest or Birthright over Revelations as while it will make me upset watching the royals killed again, nothing is worse than being forced to watch a character you want to actually marry get killed. Besides, I like romancing Yukimura and Izana. And I like getting Niles pretty early on. Better than picking up Azura!Dwyer and marrying him.
  3. Marcella, I really like Scarlet! Thank you for voicing her! Do you think she could sing? If so what song? I thought she could sing Florence's verses in Chess: the Musical's I Know Him So Well and I don't know why. (Do you think she can too?)
  4. LOL Izana looks like he is having a blast. If you use a tablet though, I want to know how you got your lines to move the way you want them to be because I am jealous. The curliness on Izana looked unintentional, but the mug looks spot on.
  5. as long as avatars are still a thing in this universe...
  6. This is beautiful! Thank you for doing this!
  7. You are welcome. And it definitely does sound like a handful.
  8. Oh wow~! Best of luck to you and congrats on your daughter!
  9. Could you do one on JakobxAzura? If that's your NoTP, I understand. I thought of EffieXArthur and HanaXHinata as well for OTPs.
  10. Could you draw Shigure and Dwyer doing brotherly activities as chibis?
  11. Female: Scarlet since I actually like that she speaks up on the injustice she has witnessed as well as an artistic side. I also like Charlotte for being a girl that has the same kinds of insecurities as I do. I think we can bounce off. I would say Peri as well, though to be honest, many people would have trouble with why... I like how the both of us both suffer from anger management issues and I think we can work things out together. Honestly, I am not one for gore, but if Peri has to deal with my tendencies of drawing risque comics, I think I can handle Peri on weasel stomping day. (I tend to hang out with a lot of people that like blood and gore in their work as well, so Peri doesn't faze me.) Male: Niles is an obvious one, though seeing I am kind of a naive moron in certain occassions, I think having Niles around to pull me around from shady figures would have been very important in my life. I also like Izana, he makes me laugh and honestly he is pretty cute when he pouts. We might be the types to tease each other, but not too much since Izana and I would both have boundaries. The person that is most like my IRL boyfriend right now is Yukimura. He is kind and gentle and while he is self conscious, he and I both share ideas together and reminisce about the good old days as well. UPDATE: I also would date Zola, but my reasonings are odd... since I like roleplaying and such, he would be a great roleplay partner. Also, I like melting the Ice Queen.
  12. Nah Nah seems to think she is above her mother when it comes to childish activity. I don't find that to be the case since she is childish in other ways. See her support with her Father and her support with Tiki. Some of the S-Supports people object to, but I do like her support with Yarne and Owain. Vaike The one unit I openly despise. He is stupid enough to forget his most important item, he is not worth supporting, and overall I just can not tolerate him. Especially with someone as intelligent and independent as Miriel (who I ship with a person I have more patience with... I will get to him later.)
  13. Oh wow! I hope you are okay. Once again take your time and I am hoping you get a chance to have a break soon!
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