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  1. 1- you listed me as cutest eimm player, wtf, why, don’t you know I’m a fucking monster? 2- who would you say is my opposite in eimm and why? 3- who would you say is my opposite in general and why?
  2. Ah, that’s why you call him Jordan. Yeah, I figured out format just now after 3 days. Also lolette telling me fable was wrong.
  3. So, let’s have fable blocked, yeah? ##Vote @xnadrodj
  4. Neato, fable. Now I’m a locked wolf am I?
  5. But I’ll wait for mack and rad results. Fable/xand
  6. @Fable before I vote rq, give me the best reasons why you are not wolf.
  7. @RADicate if you believe scum is 2/3 of junk/fable/xand and an xand lynch isn’t happening atm, who is his partner? I want thoughts on junk before I commit to a lynch.
  8. Good assumption. Still not making it until rad can give me thoughts and we can consolidate somewhere.
  9. Rad, who of fable and junk do you view as most scummy and why? Do you hold your townread on junk still or no?
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