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  1. It's very useful on units that have access to both magic and weapons too since you can then switch depending on opponent. Or as others here said, helping Takumi kill Generals.
  2. https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHlChkkdmg This is what happens after binge reading Fist of the North Star again.
  3. Here are mine that mattered to me: Me x Laslow - Because I'm a giant Oliviasexual. Keaton x Selena - Watching her get forced to embarrass herself was funny. ... That's all.
  4. From what I can see from my Hinoka x Kaden, Selkie gains Res but loses Def from it.
  5. Castle: Free Skillz (Nohr) Corrin: Quixotic, Lethality, Death Blow, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidian Unity Camilla: Counter, Quixotic, Bowbreaker, Swordbreaker, Countermagic Selena: Trample, Vantage, Swordfaire, Death Blow, Life and Death Laslow: Sol, Astra, Vantage, Swordfaire, Duelist's Blow Soleil: Nobility, Dragon Fang, Draconic Hex, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidian Unity Effie: Luna, Aegis, Renewal, Tomebreaker, Movement+1 Leo: Lifetaker, Tomefaire, Death Blow, Lucky Seven, Air Superiority Elise: Pavise, Counter, Tomefaire, Inspiration, Rend Heaven Felicia: Aegis, Pavise, Counter, Renewal, Countermagic Flora: Counter, Shurikenfaire, Renewal, Amaterasu, Countermagic Setting up Valla castle once I get all the skills I want for it. Till then, enjoy the Nohr castle. Code in sig.
  6. Azura's supports with Kaden are great. But if you're going for stats over cuteness, then I dunno.
  7. Depends on the parents of the three kids.
  8. Basically it means that if you change a character's class to something outside of their usual classes (like Selena becoming a Wyvern Lord due to an A+ Support with Camilla) you can use a Heart Seal to bring them back to normal.
  9. Yeah, the Ninjas and Outlaws seem to carry all the good stuff. It's a good thing to look out for. And it's a good method you have. If you don't have the Money DLC, Paralogue Map challenges tend to give 4000-6000 Gold each run through.
  10. Yes, you can strip Iago since he's an actual human model.
  11. So I was trying to see if Challenge Maps could be used to farm for stat boosting items to save on Eternal Seals. While doing so I found out something interesting. The units that are called are not completely random. For the purpose of my experimenting I used the Paralogue maps. Fair warning, I'm long-winded. TLDR Version: Yes, you can farm Stat Boosters, you'll just need to grind maps a lot. And if anyone else is interested in figuring this out, feel free to chime in.
  12. Doesn't work on Garon or Faceless, I tried. Sophie's skill does activate though, but no visual change is done.
  13. I have Hinoka with Renewal. Just watch out for the Dusk Dragon. Castle address is in my signature. Lemme know when you finish so I can switch back to Nohr.
  14. Raider Weapons gave me great material. But yeah, only Sophie benefits from armor stripping with her personal skill. Which is pretty fun to do.
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