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  1. Silas Falcon Knight (S-Rank Azura) Because Cavaliers are Norhrian, and Pegasi are not. Plus yet another possible healer.
  2. So I finally want to do one of these, so why not give it a shot? Ruleset: 1. 15 units including Avatar will be picked for the base team. 2. 5 extra units will be picked as back-up/extra. 3. Feel free to give me whatever units you want. 4. I have all the class DLC. 5. 1 unit per person. 6. No Scarlet/Gunter 7. I will use the Path Bonuses but not the Visitation/Battle Bonuses. Lets see what happens! Base Team: -+Res -Luck Adventurer Avatar [Still need name/appearance/gender] -Hero!Niles (S-Rank Selena) -Sniper!Elise (S-Rank Takumi) -Dark Falcon!Subaki -Vanguard!Fuga -Oni Cheiftan!Hayato Malig Knight!Camilla!Ophelia -Dark Knight!Flora -Master Ninja!Azura!Soleil - - - - - - - Extras: - - - - -
  3. Skar the Male Avatar Speed Boon, Resistance Bane Malig Knight/Dragon Talent Dark Purple Hair, Ponytail style.
  4. Lodestar!Kiragi with Elise as the mother.
  5. Forgive me, but you could just download the other paths via dlc, making it about $21 for 1 path instead.
  6. Greetings! Hope you can find you way around just fine. I really like it, it looks nice. Enjoy your time looking around and more.
  7. While I adore the Wolfskin/Kitsune, I really like the Raven Laguz. And Naesala.
  8. How about a Wyvern Lord Shigure(Heart Seal) with Jakob as the Father?
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