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  1. Hm You might be on to something. Part of the reason I want to translate this song is that it might have some ties to Nemisis. In the intro, a motif of GSS plays when he appears and GSS thunder also plays when he is resurrected, So im thinking there must be something there. Maybe more lore? The 10 elites are very interesting and I really wonder how they and Serios all fit in the lore.
  2. Im starting to look into it once more! I got busy with life and but it on the back burner, but Ill be back at it again
  3. That might be a possibility, although I know it isnt classical, which im used to, its more so church latin. Which for the most part, uses latin words but uses modern pronunciation for some letters. It weird.
  4. Ok heres what I got so far: rus sa res basa bauc ad vita das saint gran i vaca vas pol bur hu res da si vasa a country that based BAUCIS I give my life to a great saint but it'll be a vessel during all human Give vessel Now it being latin, I had to find what certain letters made certain sounds. Now the singer I dont think it too consistent on using classical latin so it made it a little hard when translating. This is the intro, and there is one more part that I cant understand because its when the music comes in and its an extended note. interesting thing about the Baucis part is its a roman/greek legend. https://www.greekmythology.com/Myths/Mortals/Baucis/baucis.html Baucis Baucis and her husband Philemon were an old couple that appeared in a myth that is lesser known among those of Greek and Roman mythology. They lived i... now the C in Bauc is pronounced like B-ou-ch when he sings, listening closely, and slowing it down Ive listen to that part at .75 and .5 spd for almost 30 min help You hear he ends it with a CH not a SH, its very soft and can be misheard. I think he might be singing in Church latin Which might skew some of my translations But Ill cross that bridge when I get there Theres one part where I think he says: Da si vas (Give [the] vessel) Da si das (if you can give) or Das si vas (if you give a [vessel]) Its very hard to hear clearly ;-; For now, ima roll with Da Si Vas, or Give the Vessel Theres also one part where he it sounds like hes saying a jacior vasa ... I think it might be Ad Jacio vasa, and hes pronouncing jacio as YAH-SEE-OH which is weird. but this is also 1 singing 2 in latin and 3 modern
  5. I was wondering if anyone had any Idea what the lyrics or language of the song was. Its such a good song and then only song in FE3H to feature singing in a different language. I was thinking It might be Turkish. If anyone has any ideas Im down! Heres the song for reference. Edit: Im thinking it might be Latin again
  6. Still looking for Selkie Aegis Pavise Saizo And setsuna skills too Please a thank you Ft. Samson 13098 32692 44705 96086 Rice Amber Battle set up but good reward lots of good skills
  7. Hey man do you have a Selkie with aegis and pavise?
  8. Hi all Been looking for Selkie with Pavais Aegis and or Miriale And MU with bow breaker Thanks all! CA: 02086 64884 97535 48864 CN: Ft. Samson
  9. Hey I've been looking or anyone that has a MU or my unit with amerastsu or sun god My my castle is 13097-32692 44705-69086 Hoshido Coral and fish Thank you
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