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  1. Hey there! im on EU Fats and im searching for some skills i cant obtain with Nohr only :s would be nice if you have an european / australian FATES My Castle with one or more of the skills on their charakter. Laslow: Rally Speed, Replicate Xander: Swordfaire/Life or Death, Quixotic Avatar: Tomefaire Siegbert: Miracle, Leathality, Rend Heaven Midori: Norian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Quixotic, Shuricanfaire ____________________________________________________________________________________ Helping me would be very nice! :))) But pls remember, blueshild units dont help with sharing skills :s
  2. Hey there, im searching for some EU Laslow Rally skills. My path is nohr, and I didnt marry him with Aqua, so he has no chance to reclass into sky knight... :/ and i need rally speed. Also searching for hoshidan unity/ nohrian trust midori, maybe also quixotic. PLS help. (Also rend heaven siegbert, miracle siegbert and maybe lethality on him, he did only receave astra and replicate from him parents)
  3. Hey, will Certain Blow (skill) help me to hit with Staffs aswell? (Enfeeble, Hexing Rot..) thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, isn't that a little but rude to say, and rasist? Or is it just me who feels insulted about that line?
  5. Also "Nohrian Trust", any Rally, "Hoshidan Unity" + "Dragon Ward" and Support skills like that can be used on 2 fronts. "Nohrian Trust" obiosly a little bit dangerous, since you will have 2 lead units with 1 HP bar. Also "Replicate" on Azura with "Warp", to have 2 "Singers" at round two. Feels strong. Also, since they share the same items and buffs, you can get a elixir with the replica, to heal the main unit at the other side on the map (or just heal the replica with any healing rod/staf /ability).
  6. Hello everyone! I decided to make a new series, a charakter review for all units in the game, on a daily basis (maybe all two days, thats a lot of work tho). Once the game launches on EU I planned to post something similar on Youtube, but for now I planned to post it here. I'm pretty sure there is more about that charakter than I can tell you, but I want to focus on the unit-aspect, not the charakter behind the unit. This list should help new players to detemine wheather certain charakter suits his/her playstyle. Since its a review type of thing, I will end every "chapter" with my personal opinion about that unit. With that all been said, since this is the first post of this type, I'll show you my list of topic's for this and future units. If you think i did forget smt important please let me know. I want to improve, and constructiv critisism is the best way for that. Note: This will be focussing on Birthright and Conquest. I will maybe update this for Revalations in the future, but i dont think i've got any good information about most of the units in the DLC. List of topics: 1.: Name, Side (Nohr/Hoshido), recruit chapter (general introduction, short to keep it spoiler-free) 2.: Start stats and effectivness at that point of the game. 3.: Grow rates of the unit and all possible classes (without the second seal thingy) 4.: Optainable skills (useful or lackluster) and possible weapon choises 5.: Good setups for playthroughs & multiplayer 6.: Overall review PS.: This is the first unit review of mine. All above will not occure in the future, only changes to the formular will be explained. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter one: Felicia At first we will be looking at Felicia, one of the two Maiden/Butler units you will be starting with. She will join a male Avatar on chapter 2, or after chapter 15 if the Avatar is female. She will be serving the Avatar on both sides (your decision between Nohr or Hoshido wont affect her. HP:19 | Str:5 | Mag:9 | Skl:10 | Spd:10 | Lck:12 | Def:5 | Res: 9 Unlike the usual promoted unit you get at the start, Felicia isn't on a horseback. She also doesn't oneshot everyone or is super tanky, but is a very nice support unit. As Maiden her weapons of choise are the hidden onces (shuriken and daggers) & staffs/rods. She has less Str and HP than Jakob, but a better Spd and Mag stat, making her a better supporter, but less good fighter. Her personal skill, Devoted Partner, boosts the combat ability from the Avatar, and helps very good in the early game. Since she is a promoted unit, she got both skills of the troubadour tree, Resitence +2 and Demoiselle, boosting even more the Avatar. Another good thing going for her is the synergy within herself: for combat, she can attack enemy unit's from range, since she uses hidden weapons. Those give stat debuffs, but mostly important debuff on the enemy deffense. Your Avatar can now fill the gab between her and the enemy unit, not only for the dual strike with her AND attack the lowed deffense on the enemy, but also getting the Demoiselle boost. For Hoshido she is one of the best staff/rod users you will get and her Exp gain isn't so bad, since she can get Exp via healing, attacking and supporting (dual strikes), she will also level up very quickly. For Nohr she isn't very bad either. You've got a good healer, with 6 movement and, as mentient ealier, an early unit with the ability to use hidden weapons. But what makes her shine in Nohr is her speed: the nohrian soldiers are more about Str and less about Spd, making her a good pair-up unit, since Butlers/Maiden give +2Mag/+2Spd/+2Res (and with only support C +1 more speed!). On the Nohr side her late join chapter 15 is also very good since she can still do good work with her staff and you got a magic shurikan at chapter 12, so even her combat will help your party. HP:40 Str:20 Mag:45 Skl:45 Spd:55 Lck:65 Def:20 Res:45 (Felicias growth rate as Maiden / % chance per level-up) As display'd above Felicia excells at Spd, Skl, Mag, Res & Lck. Also nice HP growth for a healing unit, but very poor Def and Str. Her biggest problem is her bad Str growth: she wont hit very hard till you get the Flame Shurikan or change her class. Talking about changing her classes, she has the Troubadour and the Mercenary tree on her own. In the Mercenary tree she can go Hero and push her HP, Str and Def, since the Hero's growth rates are better than the Maides in therms of physical combat. Other good reclass option is Strategist, but keep in mind you will loose the ability to use hidden weapons, but gain the ability to use scrolls/books. She will loose even more bulk that way, making her very vurlneble for any sort of physical damage, but her Movement will help her to play around the enemys aggro range. With decend Mag stat on her own and good growth in this class she can dish out very good damage, and her heals are also very good. Skillwise she gains some quite good ones for supporting. Rally Skill (Bowknight) and rally Resistence (Strategist) for example to boost some stats. Inspiration (Strategist) and Demoiselle (Troubadoure) boost the allies around her, Bow and Tome - Breaker (Bowknight & Maiden) help her stayng alive while healing, but only in some situations. Sol (Hero) is also a good skill, since she has somewhat good skill, but for selfhealing Life to Serve (Maiden) will also be pretty good, since she should be a staff/rod using unit in the end anyway. For playthrough setups I think she is best suited as Maiden or Strategist. Via early acces to heart seals she is one of the better candidates to use it at the beginning. While healing she will be able to get at least C-supports with pretty much everybody, which is very good, but realy needed for Nohr, since her C-Support pair-up stat boost is Spd. But the rally skills, Life to Serve, Inspiration and Demosielle will make her a very vailable unit even late in the game. I prefer chaning her back into Maiden in the end, because hidden weapons realy support in a good way, she got a little bit more bulk and she looses the weakness to beastbane & beastkiller type weapons, which can oneshot her late, even if the enemy can't double her. For online setups i can't help atm, but if this format keeps going, i'll try to figure something out in the future. As ratings for her, with no heart feelings, I would give her a solid 7/10. She is realy good on both sides. Compared to the start Paladins and Great Knights of the past, Felicia doesn't protect the protagonist, she supports him, to make him a very strong unit even at the beginning and she scales ok-ish into the late playthrough. A very diverse unit to fill alot of gaps in your party. Since this is only MY opinion abuot the unit Felicia, it mustn't be yours. I wouldn't be suprised to see some people rank her even higher. Thanks for reading so far! If you are still with me, please bare in mind this is my first try doing soemthing like this. I did put alot of time into this, and will update this topic from the suggestions of the comments.
  7. I also dont like Hinoka... FLAT ISNT JUSTICE In the conqeust chap 12 conversation Camilla should remind her of that.
  8. Okay, thx alot! I was thinking about rushing through lunatic Awakening now. Glad i mustnt do that.
  9. Guten Tag, I was watching Abdallah Smash 026's Walkthrough, until irealiced he got under "Connection" in the my castle area a slider called "Bonusses". He recalled it and said: Thats for me playing FE:A. But it was kinda wierd. It got a list of Items like the dread scroll, ebon falcon wing, boots (?!) and some seals or so. He got that set 2 times, first bc he had a 2 behind that item, but it was only 1 boots item, and anather item down the list, but with the number 3 behind it. Is this for full playthroughts on data bases? Because you only get 3 on FE:A. I would like to know, bc you can get this set with number 1 behind this for sure.
  10. Thx for the replay. As mentiant ealier, i havent gotten my hands on a game thus far, since i am from europe. All my knolege commes from online reading. There for this are my thoughts atm. There was a way in the japanese version to modify safe files to get things like a second Yato into your game, and the stats on +7 Omega Yato for example are just strait BS. Thats why im just for banning those things: Any forged weapon, which should only exist 1 per game, should be banned. Not the normal versions. Yeah even if you cant get Warp yet, we know it will come soon. I wanna think for the future, not the present. Wanna make a list that works even after the dlc's. And Warp is, i hope you can agree, not realy balanced and combined with rescue staffs and those things pretty much lets you attack without any giving the enemy a chance to strike back. I didnt know the kids are as good as in awekening, wasnt focussing on them. Tbh i didnt care much about them, just bc they not look very interessting to me. Yeah galeforce got nerfed, but its still very strong. Its also DLC exclusiv. In order to have as much players as possible on board we should try not to use DLC-thingys. Not everyone has acces to them. Lastly I like to hear things from people like you, who seem to have real knowlage about the game, not just 3th party information like me. I would love to see your idea's about that topic if you are interested in it.
  11. Guten Tag, i realy like your idea. But to make such a ranked system (or league type format) you need a ruleset everyone commits to. Yeah, luck IS a part, but this why would that make that a non.competetiv game? For example in pokemon the luck/hax are also real, hitting or missing, bonus effects on attacks/abilitys/items. Its just the same. But the pokemon competetiv scene is HUGE. Also 5 on 5 keeps the turns short. A battle with 10 vs 10 would just be too long, also punish a false decision to hard. 5v5 is more forgiving, also easier to keep the view over every unit. With a proper ruleset this can be done. _________________ The hardest party on this will be finding the ruleset. Everyone has their own view on it. It should also be fair for everyone. For example something like this: - Best of 3, 3 minutes turn time. (best of three to reduce the impact of possible hax, 3 minutes bc thats enought to move 5 units) - Some kind of map pick system, hard to call out now. - No "blue shild" units, no eternal seal uses, no forged Yato's or weapons of the royal familys. (For balance, since the skill/luck + 5 mess around with the activation rates of some skills) - Only ONE royal (including Kamui) per team, to push variaty of troops and balance. Aqua is an exeption however, because oh her lack of special weapon (as far as i know) and also to give her a special niche. - Ban DLC-Skills "Warp" & "Galeforce". for balance reasons. (No real counterplay, to strong snowball and unfair tactics with "Warp") These are just my thoughts. You can tell its just early, not even released in europe, so it will be hard to determine the rules now. Regardless of that, im sure we can find enougth people to try at least, or make some kind of tornement. We finally get the option for multiplayer online-matches. We should take it!
  12. Guten Tag, my question: On 3th Path "Revelation", can my Avatar promote into both, Nohrian Noble & Hoshidoan Noble?
  13. Guten Tag, It is war. Camilla is born, raised in the war. She knows nothing but it. Also her father is not the best guy when it comes down to raising a child in the perspectiv of been peaceful and have mercy. It's kinda a miracle the MU isnt such a killer herself. I mean, try to think about a sister/brother, who get's captured by your swarn enemy you are fighting since ever you could imagin. And after you get him/her back, the enemy nation trys to kill him at all cost. Wouldnt you be upset about them? Even it's Camillas trait to be so destructiv against all who want to harm her family, it's only normal if you think about it.
  14. Guten Tag, simple answer: A Z A M A! You already got more than enought healers in Brithright, on conqest he is a pain in the foot to deal with, and I cant stand face/atitude.
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