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  1. Any people you want to be enemies with? I have a few enemies here. Tangy Citrical Fruit, Fiesty Vixen of Desire, Periwinkle Tulip Princess, and Dangerous Horsey Lady are my enemies I declare war with. To make someone your enemy you should do something heinous, like killing their family, causing their misfortune, or kick their puppy. That will help you make enemies with anyone you want. Then you can start the plotting. How will you destroy your enemy before they destroy you? You can hire henchmen to do your dirty deeds if you don't want to get your hands dirty, but maybe you want to make sure the job gets done properly. Then once your enemy is vanquished, you are victorious! You are a full fledged villain! Come to the dark side or something.
  2. Oh hallo freohr! :D I am a lurkin for you! I like everyone mostly, except freohr she's my nemesis because I always misspell her name
  3. Aww! I don't know who you are yet because this website isn't really great for watching on this itty bitty screen!
  4. I am destitute! Poor as a sack of potatoes during potato blight season of death! The horrendous evil thing has happened a few months ago, and my computer passed away. I hate iPads and their ilk. I scoff at the ignorami who state that these blasted contraptions shall replace the simplistic beauty that is a computer. Scoff in their pathetic face of stupidity and stupid stuff. Scoff I tell you! But I love you all guys! You are almost my favorite people sometimes! I would bake you a pie, but I'm a tragedy in the kitchen. So tragic I bring Shakespeare to tears. A river of tears, salty tears on which nothing can survive due to the bitterness and despair that are trapped within each drop due to the surface tension of each teardrop. But there is hope yet! Maybe ill buy a computer soon or something I almost have the cash now. Whatever Cheers my good fellas!
  5. or so i've heard D: Dio the Dick must Die!
  6. just watched ep 2 and 3, and Dio needs to learn to stay dead, i think
  7. hang around for a bit, i suppose. lol i slept too long so i'm not really ready for bet yet D:

  8. i feel uncomfortable, like they were too easy. not sure if i over-studied or did things wrong. D: my answers made perfect sense, i suppose, so i have that

  9. i was going to make a statement about Southerners, but since I'm Hispanic, I obviously don't qualify. Sorry guys, I guess I'm just not part of the southern demographic
  10. blah! i just woke up from hibernation mode, and now my internal clock has gone haywire. D:

  11. the final villain will be ganondorf, because why not?
  12. it's nearly 7 am here in my corner of the world, so you're not late yet haha i have to survive until 2:15, then i'm free to hibernate until the end of time :D
  13. the day has arrived! after a long sleepless night, it's finally here exam day i don't want to take exams, i just want to SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm delirious because i haven't slept at all i'm hungry too but i'm sleepier. as soon as i get out of school, i'm going straight to bed to sleep forever
  14. do you support secondary typings that don't necessarily follow a reverse triangle scheme? or do you just not support secondary typings altogether? i mean, because only Gen 2 has had all three starters be only single type. my only complaint is that Gamefreak has been really reluctant to use different type combinations, and it would be cool if they did some of that for the starters. i mean, i'm kind of bored of the whole fire/fighting, grass/poison, and water/ice that's all over the place, you know? i would like some unorthodox typings for the starters in their higher evolutions. like maybe a blacksmith fire/steel pokemon starter or something, i dunno. lol
  15. NOOOOOOOOOOOO I hate pulling all nighters! ):

    1. Nightmare


      All nighters have been my entire life.

  16. i really do want to visit the Philippines. perhaps it's just the fact that I talked too much with my teacher about it, but it sounds like a really awesome place to experience. I've always been really interested in different cultures and how they influence and interact with each other, so a place like the Philippines is right down my alley. perhaps, once i graduate and have a well-paying job, i'll possibly visit the place. :D
  17. Filipino culture has been largely influenced by Spanish culture, although more directly from Spanish-colonized Mexico since Mexico and the Philippines were considered the same territory, namely New Spain. You would be surprised at how similar the cultures between Mexico and the Philippines are. The Philippines is like Mexico's Asian half-brother. It was... odd when I first came into contact with Filipino culture, since i'm Mexican-descent myself and I kept thinking dang, this is somewhat familiar. My high school physics teacher was Filipino, and since I was always involved in some sort of extracurricular activity with her, I spent a great deal of time with her. Me and my classmates would always ask about her life in the Philippines and what it was like, so she totally went all out to introduce us to her culture. it was weird to realize that halfway across the world, there was this island full of Asians that are kind of like Mexicans. Many of the words in Filipino are actually derived from Spanish (in particular Mexican Spanish, not Castilian), as well as a large amount of names and surnames. Your holidays and such are celebrated in much the same manner as Mexico, and both are majorly Roman Catholic. Even your food (as is evidenced by your realization that empanadas are actually popular throughout Spain and Latin America) is largely influenced by Mexican cuisine. (Relating to my story about my Filipino teacher, when it came to food, i was surprised at how similar Filipino food is to Mexican, to the point that I felt that I was eating a home-cooked meal made by my grandmother). however, compared to the rest of the Spanish colonies, it seems the Philippines managed to avoid most of the assimilation that destroyed Latin America's native cultures, so it's not like the Philippines are a carbon-copy of Mexico or any other Spanish colony. It just made the Philippines have this really interesting Asian twist to some cultural aspects of Mexico. it's pretty cool.
  19. sounds intense haha i guess i must watch for ultra awesome! hmm wouldn't have it any other way
  20. i dunno about that, Awakening with its Taguel is really trying to imply something of the sort. sure, what you said is true, but i get the impression that Awakening is supposed to be a sort of retcon to make all the games fit together. that would be a very minor detail to modify, i think, since it's not really critical in the plotline, so assuming that Awakening is a sort of retcon of the series it could definitely be a possibility, at least. what are you talking about? it's not like there is a game in the series that has this feature as its main mechanic.
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