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  1. It would have been nice if there was a digital version of the complete manual and it was available within the Switch (ideally accessible from the new features 'X' menu). I'm going to have to print out the weapon stats and terrain data since I keep mixing up some details. QoL features aside, the port's been enjoyable thus far and I'm happy I waited on trying FE1 until this release.
  2. "These seas belong to Phoenicis and Kilvas, the kingdoms of the bird tribes. Both nations prey on human vessels for supplies and wealth, and their flying corsairs are feared across the seas." Both nations have pirates; it's just Phoenicis focused on Begnion for their role in the burning of Serenes Forest (along with other crimes against laguz like slavery). A pirate banner without pirate talk is no pirate banner to me. We just need someone to sing part of sea shanty to be complete. I like that IS is doing more non-yearly themed banners to not be constrained by the usual festivals/holidays. It adds a bit more variety and units that fit with the theme but may have been ignored otherwise. They'll also probably repeat this theme at some point. However, they need to stop giving the free units only skills already available in the summoning pool at 4*. They could have at minimum, given Darros something like Def/Res Bond 3 at 4* since Winter Jaffar has it at 5*.
  3. Yeah, that's probably it. Thanks for the testing input. I'll be looking out for people that can look at the points within the game with a save editor, and hopefully, soon we'll have all the info. Unfortunately for Byleth, it's best to raise supports with monastery activities and gifts since they grow very slowly in battle.
  4. Yeah, I'll have to do more testing, but from what I (and someone else) could check with Byleth and other characters already recruited, it is 1 point that is gained. 50 points is halfway to C, so there'd need to be other actions like fighting or other things like a meal to reach C. There is also the possibilities of differences between an Annette recruited or as a mission assistant.
  5. Oh, thanks a lot. I will be updating the list to adjust to what I can find. However, there are some claimed timelocks that I'm not finding (or people had confused) like claims that Ashe/Hapi C have a deadline and not just a starting line for Ashe/Hapi B after chapter 4. If around an hour after posting this, there are some missing, anyone should feel free to reply and tell me any I missed. Edit: Byleth supports should be done. Will work on adjusting the other ones in a few hours. There's a lot more supports that I imagined or was aware of, and I even think there are certain end locks missing from the page. This will take a while.
  6. Yeah, I mentioned it as an "incident" to not spoil too much. I'll remove that part once someone can mention specific deadlines for it on every path, although it may just be VW/SS (?). On Byleth x Hilda, I think I remember that one being locked too somewhere. Do you recall if you did Dividing the World (her and Cyril's paralogue) after the timeskip? Also thanks, I added it to the list.
  7. Edit: Added Byleth x Shamir C to pre-timeskip too. I had the B one for post-timeskip only. Also, I wonder if the Seteth/Catherine may have to do with it being Silver Snow, although the supports are generic enough. I'll try to pay attention when I play CF. Thanks, added it. I wonder if it's pre-chapter 11.
  8. Thanks. I added them with a question mark in case there's specifics. It's unfortunate Seteth has a time lock considering he's the last to join before the timeskip, but I do recall I got his C support early by just returning his lost items and giving him answers he liked.
  9. To avoid reviving an old thread missing quite a few supports, I'm making this new one so we can complete it. I will try to keep it in support log order (Byleth first, then lords, BE, BL, GD, others) and may format it differently later. Any help is welcome, such as missing supports or errors like the wrong chapter. There are a few question marks, and I hope someone can help mention any additional specifics, specially since I think some of the pre-timeskip-only ones may have specific deadlines. I also recall seeing some Ashen Wolves supports with timeskip locks, but could only find Ashe/Hapi. Legend: after means after the chapter starts or a pre-requesite is completed; until means until chapter mission; CF - Crimson Flower/Black Eagles Edelgard Route; AM - Azure Moon/Blue Lions; VW - Verdant Wind/Golden Deer; SS - Silver Snow/Black Eagles Church Route; (?) means information may be missing or conflicts with claims Byleth Supports: Here are other non-Byleth supports Crimson Flower only: Silver Snow only: Azure Moon only: Verdant Wind only: Multiple Paths: Ashen Wolves and non-Byleth characters (DLC-only): *Check if the glitch mentioned in the previous thread was fixed with an update: "On new Game Plus, if you access the holy tomb through the Amiibo Gazebo, it appears that the game cuts off some supports that can only be obtained early on (like Byleth x Dimitri C or Byleth x Rhea)"
  10. You may have seen a website that had assumed certification requirements from around the time the game released, but they've always been that. You may have also jumbled them up since Bow Knight requires both A bows and riding with C lances (A in main weapon/move type + C in secondary weapon). Dark Knight/Holy Knight probably have a lower skill level requirement in Reason/Faith, since until DLC wave 4's Valkyrie for female units, you couldn't raise both riding and magic in the same (pre-master) class, which meant more reliance on switching classes and lessons. Other classes with B+ requirements, like Great Knight, are to make up for not having classes that boosted all the required skill levels at the same time.
  11. 1. After certain chapters in the side story, the game will tell you which Ashen Wolves characters have become available for recruitment on part 1 main files (starting from chapter 2). It's up to you if you want to talk to them. They do not appear in part 2 if not recruited in part 1. 2. Yes, all units in the side story have fixed skill levels/class selections, and their stats will grow without effect on/from main game files. Nothing carries over. If you finish Cindered Shadows, you get 2 rewards you can check on the DLC supply box once per main game file. 3. It's not possible in a non-modding way, but all paid DLC features are optional as you mentioned. You can pick the ones you want to use per file or none at all. Online features are the ones that can be turned off.
  12. Along with some of the ones mentioned above, I like The Sleeping Sand Legend, Claude's paralogue. Making up for the lack of hidden items in the sand, the enemies already have the rare items, but there are two factions fighting each other which may result in missing out on some weapons if you don't hurry. If you want everything, you are almost forced to use Stride/Warp/Rescue and flying/magic users to reach the assassins, and you have to use Steal (which sees few uses in the game overall) to get stat boosters. The boss is noteworthy (although weak defensively) and the map is not repeated in any story battles. The map does become easy once you get the items, but you may have used a few gambits trying to get everything and there's wyvern lord reinforcements in Hard/Maddening that add either a bit of urgency (or training fodder). I don't like Lorenz's paralogue, Land of the Golden Deer, much. Little incentive to not just defeat the 2 enemies with drops and then the easy boss with warp/stride, and the Raphael/Ignatz paralogue in the same map at least has you split up, with monsters and a side objective of helping the villagers.
  13. I like a lot of these, but I'm going to rep Sothe here. I like how he has utility beyond fighting and is a free/forced deploy, specially with FE10-stealing and treasure finding, since he has multiple things to get each chapter, even if it's just an Arms Scroll and some coins. I like coins for forging him stronger knives. Joining with a Bronze Dagger is one of his best aspects since he can weaken without accidentally doing a critical hit. It's unfortunate Bane is forced on him by chapter 4, it would have been great as an early, weaker command skill like Flourish or SoV/3H Subdue. I want more early pre-promotes in the future to come with self-restraining arts/skills/weapons in the future, to help train others in the player phase and be competent in the enemy phase. Felicia would also be my second vote. I had low expectations, and she surprised me a bit as a character and as an unit. She's fun even in physical/hybrid classes thanks to the variety of magic weapons, and armories starting to sell them before ch14 (although there's random chance and visitor rank to get some earlier). Felicia's Plate is my favorite dagger for her, but props to the Fruit Knife and Stale Bread so she can slay foes with her food, and heal herself later.
  14. I have a silly reason to think they won't release LH Claude or Dimitri for a while: they don't have a timeskip version of Byleth, Dedue or Hilda to be their trailer pair-up partner. Blue Hair Byleth only makes sense for timeskip-Edelgard due to endgame spoiler reasons. However, they've paired heroes in the past with versions that are a bit further/back in the timeline and this is probably not a deterrent. Looking at the blessing calendar, it seems the next LH will be Earth (very unlikely they do back-to-back Fire). This exes out Claude who should be Wind. Dimitri could fit this, but considering he would likely be a High Lord with Areadbhar and Blue is full, I don't see it yet. He could be Water and October could be a good time for him. Will they ever finish the first columns and give out an Earth Res? Sigurd could fit that although he'd have liked the Duel effect for BST. Elincia with a new Amiti is a possibility around, but she doesn't feel like an Earth hero, more like Heaven=Wind (or Water). I haven't seen talk of a red dagger possibility, since we only have colorless dagger MH Eir, and they could change a sword user to a dagger user. Considering Sothe was in the 8-bit anniversary trailer, I wouldn't put it past them to have had him in mind because an LH was planned for this year. It's not deserved yet, but they may be thinking of spreading out the popular picks even further. I am going to imagine June's going to be Sigurd, and July is colorless tome Ashera.
  15. Does anyone have the full damage formula for Three Houses? I specifically want to confirm the Crest addition part. It seems Crest damage is added after whatever is shown in the preview window, before being reduced by any Barrier/other damage reducing ability (rounded down with decimals not remembered), and before Critical Hits. What prompted me to wonder:
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