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  1. The time-locked supports thread needs some work since there's quite a few more missing. It mentions Dimitri-Felix C must be done pre-timeskip. I'm not sure if there's a lower timegate in part 1 for the B support, but it can definitely be checked pre-timeskip and post-timeskip after Dimitri can support again. Byleth//Dimitri C being unlocked after chapter 4 starts is one missing on the list, and I recall reading some Ashen Wolves related supports too, but I can only find Ashe x Hapi C being pre-timeskip only.
  2. I'd go Crimson Flower then Verdant Wind. Crimson Flower has the same starting units (part 1 will be similar except you can use Edelgard/Hubert all you want and won't lose them), but part 2 will be different. Verdant Wind after will be a much more different experience, and by then, you may feel a bit less sameness since Silver Snow was 2 playthroughs before (VW is basically SS + Claude + 2nd Gronder battle and different finale).
  3. For knowing initial goals, you can look at Aggro Incarnate's great base stats/skill levels spreadsheet and see which skill levels change by chapter (the ones with numbers). Characters that can't cross houses (the lords, Jeritza and Dedue) have the same initial goals as their seminars, except Hubert whose initial goals are Reason/Authority. Here is Jacien's pastebin with goal suggestions (not updated with Ashen Wolves yet) if you are also interested.
  4. Part of what compelled me to make this post asking for more info is that after many chapters of Seteth/Byleth being adjutants to each other plus 2 (Great) Faculty instructions, they still have not reached A support, while everyone else is taking 1 or 2 chapters. I understand that the intention is to make all the ways Byleth can gain support outside battle more desirable, but it would be nice to know exactly by how much and any differences on hitting/doing damage/etc. It's more complicated now, but we could get to a table like the RD one at some point.
  5. It's been almost 8 months since FE3H released, but I haven't found any updated and comprehensive lists of possible support point gains in the game. The closest list is this one by The3096, with this support point range thread by Jacien_V to assist (useful for NG+ support buying details). There are still a lot of details to verify, specially after the DLC updates. I am making this forum post to ask if any dataminers (and/or repetitionists) are willing to help complete the list that The3096 started. If the complete support points list already exists somewhere in the web, it would be nice to link here to help find it on forum or browser searches. I would appreciate any help in fixing support point numbers, answering my Check questions, or asking questions I didn't think about. Support Point Ranges: 0 - 100: None 101 - 200: C 201 - 300: C+ 301 - 450: B 451 - 600: B+ 601 - 800: A 801 - 1000: A+ 1001: S Basically, 100 pts to get to C, 200 to get from C to B, 300 to get from B to A, and 400 to get from A to S. Support ranges are halved for the + range. •Support Conversation Gains: See the Support: 1 to advance rank After seeing the Support: +20 (unless request to talk is ignored) Check: if denying/ignoring when they want to talk makes you miss the 20 points Check: point totals after seeing the A support between Byleth and a unit they can have an ending with •Conversation Favored Choice: Explore: 5 Cut-scene: 5? In-support: 5? Hate answer: -5 •Instruct: Bad/Great/Perfect: 5 Praise/Counsel (after Perfect/Bad): 10 Good: 0 Check: if the 45% Faculty boost also applies to Instruct. Battle Everyone but Byleth / with Byleth •Nearby Deployed Units Defeat Enemy: 8? / 1? Hit Enemy without defeating: 3? / 1? Battle Enemy missing all attacks: 3? / 1? Be attacked and unable to counter: 3? / 1? Use an Assist Spell on Unit: 3? / 1? Use an Assist Spell near Unit: 0? / 0? Use an Offensive Gambit: 3? / 1? Use a Support Gambit on Unit: 0? / 0? Use Fortify/Restore/AoE Support Gambit affecting Unit: 0? / 0? Use a Rally on Unit: 3? / 1? •Adjutants Defeat Enemy: 8? / 1? Hit Enemy without defeating: 3? / 1? Battle Enemy missing all attacks: 3? / 1? Be attacked and unable to counter: 3? / 1? Use an Assist Spell: 3? / 1? Use an Offensive Gambit: 3? / 1? Use a Support Gambit: 3? / 1? Use a Rally: 3? / 1? Attack adjutant follow-up attacks: 0? / 0? Guard adjutant reduces damage on a follow-up: 0? / 0? Guard adjutant saves Unit at 1 HP: 0? / 0? Heal adjutant heals Unit: 0? / 0? •Mission Assistant-Only?: Use a Movement Combat Art: 3? / 1? Battle in the same map as Byleth (not in range for Linked Attacks): 0? / 1? Byleth, Mission Assistant and Adjutant differences need to be accounted for (if any for the latter). NPCs like Rhea (unlike Mission Assistants and Chapter Assistants) don't seem to gain SP. Exploration Activities •Advice Box: 10 •Choir: Always: 30? Check: the effect of Saint birthdays and other Choir event days •Cooking: Like: 20 Normal: 10 Hate: 5 •Eating Meals: Like + Like: 30 each Like + Normal: 15 each Like + Hate: 10 each Normal + Normal: 10 each Normal + Hate: 0 each Hate + Hate: 0 each Double previous amounts on days with 2x Boosts that affect students Check: if "Today's Special" still doesn't give a 2x boost after the v1.2 update •Faculty Training: 7 •Advanced Drills: 5? Check: if the effect of Perfect and Great results is the same as in Instruct (it'd also be nice to know the Perfect/Great formula if possible) Check: support points for update/DLC adults Jeritza and Anna (45% teacher bonus applies?) •Fortune Teller Check: if it adds points (claims on some places that it may not carry over in NG+, plus there's the unknown effect when units already capped their support) •Gifts: Liked/Owl Feather?: 20 Neutral: 10 Disliked: 0 Birthday Flowers: 10? •Lost Items: 20 •Quests: ? •Recruit: ? •Sauna: Very Refreshed: ? Refreshed: ? Saved: ? Collapsed: ? Left early: ? •Tea Time: Perfect (4/5 successful conversations): 30 Great (3): 20 Nice (2): 10 Failure (0/1): 5
  6. Lord gets a Yes from me because Subdue gets a Yes. I like skills that help set up finishes by weaker units or squeeze in a bit more EXP, and Subdue does that in the best form in the series yet, as an optional combat art not tied to a specific weapon (SoV's lord weapons), an always active skill (Elincia's Mercy), or an always active weapon effect (Takumi's Shinai/Niles's Bow). I use it often when the lord doesn't have something more important to do, specially on bosses or monsters I want to set up for someone I'm training. It has disadvantages in being a sword art (not the lord main weapon types) on the contested combat art spots. However, lord is just a disappointing class, mostly because its skill level bonuses only tie to Dimitri's unique class progression. Edelgard and Claude should have had Axe and Bow focuses or sub-focuses, because they have other classes they'd rather be in for their mastery skills, specially Brigand. Even an infantry-focused Dimitri would rather struggle with an Axe rank for Brigand and/or increase his riding for the eventual Move+1. Overall, Res+2 is early-game filler, and the class is terrible unless you really want Subdue and already mastered the better intermediate classes. The other benefit I see in the class is getting Dimitri to complete his Battalion Wrath+Vantage combo faster, while focusing his goals for that. Dimitri can get to Windsweep along the way. Claude may also consider it since he gets Finesse Blade and a healing Silver Sword, but if he wanted the Authority earlier for Battalion Wrath, he may as well go through Mercenary for Vantage. Edelgard's axe magic combat art is better than her sword one, and she's closer to Brigand than the other lords, therefore a No in CF, but a possible Yes if going SS where she can help train others before leaving.
  7. Oh, you can see the Byleth/Dimitri C support on chapter 4/month 7 (it will probably pop up as you start the month when he wishes to speak with you). It's a weird support to delay since by the next chapter you can meet Rodrigue, who is mentioned in that support and Byleth is confused. I suppose they lock it because he reveals some details about himself and wanted the player to spend more trust-earning time. All 3 lords have certain time-locked supports. The Wayseer is part of the DLC after finishing chapter 1 of the side story and buying the option on a main file with renown. Although if you've gotten the support on a previous file of NG+, you can rebuy at the same price. The Wayseer just lets you skip the support building.
  8. Apparently, there's a glitch where if you check the Holy Tomb on New Game+, it locks you out of the Dimitri X Byleth C support. I'm not sure if that has been fixed yet, or if you have the DLC, if you are able to still buy the support from the Wayseer. There was a thread on most of the time-locked supports, but it's missing a few like Lysithea X Byleth A and info on a few others (it mentions the glitch too).
  9. The online liaison starts appearing on chapter 4 (month 7) for buying and such, but you can only start doing recons on the next chapter (5) after you visited all the areas, including the graveyard which unlocks then. Do 3 4-person recons and you get the Essar Research Group battalion.
  10. These are some of the gifts Anna likes and dislikes for those interested in raising her motivation. It may be missing some rarer gifts; I think she may like the Ancient Coin, but I used them all on Rhea and can't check. Forget-me-nots can be harvested from Yield-3 Pale Blue Flower Seeds, which is great since you can get plenty from trying to get Speed Carrots. Anna Likes: Forget-me-nots, Landscape Painting, Exotic Spices, Goddess Statuette, Coffee Beans Dislikes: Fishing Float, Smoked Meat (Random note: If you get a Bad result when instructing Anna, select Critique.) I haven't seen much talk of Sauna strategies. It's possible everyone has different heat tolerances/endurance (doesn't seem to be strictly stat-based) and some random numbers are thrown in. Raphael, Petra and Anna I've mostly seen their bars grow slower than Byleth's, while most others tend to grow faster, specially the frail characters like Lysithea and the healers. Doing Stay Longer first seems to be good to get an idea of how the 2 bars will grow without overdoing it.
  11. Jeritza Strong in Sword, Lance, Brawling and Riding Weak in Faith and Authority Budding Talent in Flying Anna Strong in Sword, Axe, Bow and Faith Weak in Reason and Authority Budding Talent in Riding I was right about Jeritza except for the budding talent which is randomly flying and not bows for using his sacred weapon. He has a Minor Crest of Lamine. Anna, on the other hand, has strengths based on her past playable appearances with nothing new. Her personal skill is just Luck+5, she has a Major Crest of Ernest, and she seems pretty good in Speed and overall Assassin-like although her Luck seems lower than expected. Like Ignatz, her initial goals are Sword and Bow, so if you want to wait until chapter 11 to recruit her, she can be an instant Assassin like him. You can faculty train with Anna for her strengths and she can give part 1 seminars in Swords/Bows.
  12. I'd be interested in occasionally using a tool like this. Here's some things it'd be nice if it could do: -interpret starts and ends at the same level as class changing to adjust base stats without leveling up in the class. Ex: Swordmaster Start 34 End 34 for Lysithea to change her Str to 17. -show average stats -(following the above) show decimals just to tell if it'd have been likelier to get a low-growth stat up by then -include enemy class growths -have class stat boosts as an aside in parentheses I think sticking to average stats would be best since those take more work to generate for this game than previous ones, but if you also have a random mode that could be fun to check. You probably already noticed (since the sample table seems to show it), but if there's a random mode, it should consider non-Byleth faculty/knights have a minimum of 0 stats per level up and the rest have a minimum of 2. An average mode can ignore this since everyone's growth totals are over 200 and the decimal places keep carrying over.
  13. For Anna, she'll probably have the Crest of Ernest (occasionally stops enemy counterattacks when using a weapon) if her clothes are any indication. I don't think this will be the gauntlet Anna (although that'd be great, specially if she brings a new class, but those seem set for next year), and we've had Sword, Bow and Axe playable Annas, so maybe this one is a playable Lance Anna to make use of the crest, with strengths in Reason/Faith too. She'd be geared towards becoming a Dark/Holy Knight. If she had to have a weakness, I'd throw Heavy Armor.
  14. Characters that have a weakness in Faith are foreigners to Fódlan (Petra, Dedue, Cyril, Shamir), questioners of the Church/their teachings (Edelgard, Hubert, Dorothea*) or both (Claude). Hilda's probably there more for laziness (or be like the retainers?), and maybe that disrespects the goddess. To show units are bad at magic but still faithful to the church/religion, they just have a weakness in Reason (Ashe, Catherine, Alois, etc.). Every house has someone with no weaknesses (Ferdinand, Ingrid, Leonie), one unit weak in swords (Bernadetta, Mercedes, Lysithea*), one unit weak in riding (Dorothea, Dedue, Raphael), 5 units with budding talents, and a main mage with Reason + Authority initial goals (Hubert, Annette, Lysithea). Ignatz is the only commoner with an Authority strength and not part of the 'Weapon + Authority initial goals' club that the main mages and lords are in. However, Golden Deer has 3 units with Authority strengths, and he's the one with the 3 rallies + A-rank Authority skill instead of Lysithea.
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