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  1. ##make jiac step on a lego getting a leg up on the competition
  2. fucking fight me jiac i fell for the crap too smh
  3. //in y'all i haven't played forum mafia like ever (except one game where i got townread for posting a picture of a notebook with drawings on it) so let's go hi refa and rein comma wal btw and the rest of you too, i guess
  4. honorary mentions: rssp1 and Kaoz for the memes Mitsuki "for putting up with it all when she wasn't even in game lol" Walrein and Jiac for being amazing cohosts c:
  5. Game end. Due to a combination of factors combined with the fact that there's no real way to salvage everything and please everyone without wrecking game state, the game has been canceled. Sincere apologies to everyone involved. By mutual host decision, we've decided to appoint Elieson as the closest thing to a winner that we could find. Congrats, dad. -Walrein
  6. Phase end has been extended to 7/21/2017 at 11 PM CDT. Pending moderator action for infraction of rules.
  7. don't worry, there's a lot more on the way tbh i should start keeping track of bad player ideas too
  8. note: pls let us know what your discord tag is if you have one and want to be in the official EiMM gamechat (and aren't already in, ofc)
  9. avianemone on skype (hospital flowers) avananemos#7986 on discord discord is preferred tho actually why am i saying this just DM me from the memechat on discord
  10. honestly at this point there's only one thing I'm wondering. who was the aristocracy from Clarinets' PM?
  11. no, night 0 just lasts 8760 hours.
  12. /in hi, i'm back! ish. i can possibly get on Skype (avianemone) sometimes, but please try to contact me on Discord (avananemos #7986) if you can! thank you for your understanding. good luck and have fun in murder season! c:
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