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  1. >Peony Sorry for the late reply. Characters in part 1 are enemies in part 2. The fact you can't save them make the game quite melancholic and more memorable IMO.
  2. I haven't read everything but what I read was very good! I have truly made a great choice by chosing you to improve the story/writing of Clarent Saga! Thank you!
  3. Thank you for your answer. Defeating Chaos was challenging enough. You can even beat him on his first encounter (the berwick saga wiki claims so, by using Dean). I personally used Sherpa with Brymranger and Reese with Lanette adjacent to bring him down. After defeating Chaos, I felt the final boss was disappointing...
  4. I just finished this game and it was really great! Not on my top 3 FE games but really close. I would really like to thank Aethin and his coworker for the great translations of Tear Ring Saga and Berwick Saga. If I have to nitpick I would say there remain some untranslated dialogue (only a few lines here and there) but it is really minor. Overall this is a quality translation! I hope more people will give it a try! Be warned of the game difficulty though, for my part I played with cheats and it was a cakewalk.
  5. Hi everyone, just to say I am not dead! More seriously I have reworked the game and it is now in beta state. I will work until I can improve it to the best extent of my capability! I hope people will enjoy it!
  6. I am playing the game right now and I am at chapter 3. So far the translation is really wonderful! The game is fantastic (even better than three houses IMHO). Thank you so much for your hard work.
  7. I understand your point. I wanted to point some example on project exile but copy paste doesn't work on their pdf, so never mind! I shouldn't obstruct this thread with my rant anyway and I will focus playing with the current translation of Berwick Saga!
  8. Awesome Aethin, keep up the good work and take your time! Currently I have some grief on some Fire Emblem translation, namely Project Naga and Exile. Maybe I am incorrect since I can't read japanese but these translation don't seem to be accurate with the original japanese script. A good translation should stay faithful to the original script and not add stuff or rewrite sentence (which seems to be the case of project Naga and Exile). For example if a sentence is ambiguous in japanese then it should stay ambiguous in the translation (of course if that is possible!). But it seems you don't follow that trend(!?) In any case Thank you for your hard work!
  9. I see that a lot of player seem to drop the game. I consumed all my vouchers on the Diehart/Luna/Tiaris banner and got nothing. I still got 2 Freya which is nice since I am playing her. I am at level 41 and the difficulty has dramatically increased so tomorrow will be surely my last time playing the game (for one last sweep). I still had a great time playing this game though. Edit: it feels nice to stop playing and caring for the game. I guess I will start playing Berwick Saga instead.
  10. I can't wait to pull Shelfaniel and drop the game! I am sure someone already covered this but here is some basic probability. The drop rate for a SSR seems to be 2%. So the probability to get at least 1 SSR from n pulls is 1-0.98^n. I also think the 10x summoning doesn't increase your chance to get a SSR because when you draw 10 R, the game gives you 1 SR (and no SSR I think, maybe someone can confirm this) instead of a R. So with 16 pulls you have around 1/4 chance to draw at least 1SSR, with 36 pulls you have 1/2 chance to draw at least 1SSR, with 70 pulls you have 3/4 chance to draw at least 1SSR. Edit: there is one guy saying he didn't get any SSR from 200 pulls. It is possible but the guy was really unlucky because the probability is 0.98^200 so he had around 2% chance to not draw any SSR from 200 pulls. Considering the fact he surely made only 10x summonings, this seems to support my claim that 10x summoning doesn't increase your chance of getting a SSR.
  11. Thank you Sire for your reply! I will try and experiment different team!
  12. I have ultimately reinstalled the game since there are no game released recently that I am interested in. I know I should finish making my own game instead but the game is f***ing addicting. I need some advice to build my team. Currently I play Cherie/Angelina/Freya/Liffany/Sophia. I have also Bernhardt in which I have invested runestones (for the Brave path). Now the character I want to draw by priority are: 1) Shelfaniel to replace Liffany, she will be an easy pull with future banner and act as a princess leader. I will replace Freya with Bernhardt as a tank and empire leader. 2) Liana or Tiaris to replace Sophia. There will be a banner with them and Rachel later so I get a 2/3 chance. 3) Leon to replace Angelina. He will be quite hard to get and Angelina is really good enough for me. So I aim for Shelfaniel/Cherie/Liana or Tiaris/Bernhardt/Leon Maybe there are better aiming choice with my current team? Getting Leon will really be the cherry on the cake.
  13. I have finally uninstalled the game. Here is some thoughts on the game (for those who are still playing, feel free to skip this message). I would say it is an okay game. Would I recommend it? Yes and no. The main appeal is that it is a mobile game (obviously) and you can play outside when taking the bus or train. I say that because I don't have a phone able to play it (I played it on my computer). The second appeal is of course the Langrisser universe, playing the original game (especially Langrisser 2/Der Langrisser) make it really more enjoyable. The gameplay is fast and addicting but it lacks what make the original series awesome (great story and characters, the character design, epic battle). Honestly, there are a lot of better TRPG available (just to name a few series : Fire Emblem, Langrisser, Shining Force, Ogre Battle...) The only thing I am sad to miss is the collaboration with the Legend of Heroes series :(
  14. Thank you for your answer Sire! Wow you played a lot! I really enjoy the game but I guess I will quit after upgrading my top 5 heroes to the last tier class. It seems the game changes a little because of the "faction stuff" but I don't really care tbh. Btw I really recommend playing the original games because they are fantastic (Der Langrisser and Langrisser IV comes to my mind).
  15. Hi, I just stumbled on this thread with a quick google search, and it seems there is a lot of advanced players here. I have just a question, I will soon reach Lv 35 and the last class tier, but I want to stop playing the game. Will I miss something or will the game get better? I enjoy it but it feels a little pointless for me, as it gets really repetitive and my progress is slow. Plus the game is really addicting (not really a good thing if you ask me). I also felt that it is the langrisser game I enjoy the least (I have played all langrisser games -except the third one and re:incarnation- and growlanser 1 to 4). Give me back Satoshi Urushihara!
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