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  1. Hey! So like, what's going on these days with you?

    I haven't had the chance to talk with anyone from the old days for a long time.

    1. Emeraldfox


      Oh shit what up Raven. Sorry for the late replay.

  2. My favorite part of this whole discourse is people acting like the Pokemon not in the Galardex don't exist anymore and are boycotting the game long before it's released. It sucks, yeah, but it isn't the worst thing to happen.
  3. Pokemon Sword and Shield Fire Emblem: Three Houses Sakuna of Rice and Ruin Panzer Dragoon Daemon X Machina Astral Chain Trials of Mana/Collection of Mana Dragon Quest 11 S Thanks Nintendo, really cool.
  4. What defines my favorite characters is how much I like them. What they look like, how they act and how well they preform does affect that.
  5. While that's true they still have, and use their stones to transform into dragons. I'm pretty sure the beast units from Awakening and Fates would do the same, rather than transform under certain conditions.
  6. Hector is a goony-ass mother fucker, he's a clown. But I appreciate and respect that he's the tank out of his friends.
  7. I asked because beast units in Awakening and Fates work like Manaketes in that they use a stone to transform. They don't transform the same way the Laguz do at all.
  8. Hold up, how would Selkie and Keaton be beast units when they don't work like Laguz? Speaking of, I just want Velouria.
  9. Aya Maruyama from Bang Dream. She's great. Also, play it if you like rhythm games.
  10. This is my main team. Rainbow teams actually work, trust me. I'm planning on raising Cibella's rarity, yeah, I know I have Xainfried, but I prefer Cibella's skills. If you're screaming at me for mono teams don't worry, I have those set. Fire: Euden, Sinoa, Verica and Melsa Water: Karina, Cibella, Xander, and Thaniel Wind: Addis, Pia, Louise and Lowen Light: Julietta, Amane, Estelle and Malka Shadows: Ieyasu, Sazanka, Botan and Cleo
  11. 1: Mr. Sandman and Super Macho Man's ranks should switch 2. Severa shouldn't be weaker than a generic Eevee 3. Draug should have the Armor Knight skill too 4. Tethu should have had two slots, Esna requires two slots. In Ever Oasis she supports the player(Tethu) throughout the game. 5. Sukapon should be deleted
  12. I think there's a good chance for a localization, GranBlue can be played in English. Go ahead, play it in a browser.
  13. I say do the event to get the free character at least. The more the merrier.
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