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  1. Ok so the idea is that you need your unit with highest skill and give them the following skills. Quixotic HoshidianUnity Skilltaker Skill+2 and NohrianTrust This should maximize their chances of triggering skills, then pair them up with a unit with the following skills. RendHeaven Aether Lethality Astra DragonFang the second character will have to be corrin, or one of corrin's children.
  2. Name: Fraisel Gender: Male Class: Lancer (promotes to Spear Master or general.) Age:12 (somewhat tweenish) Growths: HP-45% STR-30% MAG-10% SKL-35% SPD-50% LCK-35% DEF-45% RES-45% Recruitment Method: adopted by S-rank Niles and Male Corrin Personal Skill:Invisible Weaknesses- not weakened by hidden weapons Crit Quote: "What does it matter what I say if you're dead" / "Please Leave" / "Well this is awkward." Personality: Very emotional and sensitive but never displays it. Notes: Doesn't inherit growths from parents but does inherit skills Support Notes: In S-Rank supports his spouse will come to a realization of his emotions and personality and realize why he has been acting the way he has (in the C-A supports) and confess their feelings as well.
  3. Kamui: draconic hex, quixotic, lifetaker, paragon, dragon fang Mitama: rally luck, miracle, camaraderie, renewal Peri: death blow, lifetaker, locktouch, lethality, aether Hinoka: darting blow, vantage, rend heaven, astra, luna Kana(F):dragon fang, quixotic, renewal, aptitude, draconic hex Effie: defense +2, resistance +2, movement +1, luna, lifetaker Sophie: lethality, shelter, natural cover, aptitude, quixotic Percy: aptitude, lucktaker, luck +4, hp +5, strength +2 Path: revelation Resource: cabbages Resource: peaches Resource: crystal Resource: lapis Extra notes:N/A
  4. This is a forum made for swapping my castle addresses, I've found that most of the larger posts covering this have get very disorganized so I made this. In this post I will be making a format (it's below this) that you can use to fill in information about your castle so everyone will have an easier job finding skills and things they need : ] . If any do not apply please use N/A. Please keep all castles as easy siege. <Character 1>:<skills> <Character 2>:<skills> <Character 3>:<skills> <Character 4>:<skills> <Character 5>:<skills> <Character 6>:<skills> <Character 7>:<skills> <Character 8>:<skills> <Character 9>:<skills> <Character 10>:<skills> Path:<path> Resource:<resource> Resource:<resource> Resource:<resource> Resource:<resource> Extra notes:<please put any extra information here>
  5. My MU has a s-ranking in swords yet I cant seem to find any sort of weapons at a-rank or above. any way to get any of these swords? thx
  6. I checked your castle and you didn't have lethality on your avatar? can you please fix this... thx
  7. Hi just wondering if anyone has a MU with lethality on an easy raid castle? sorry if this is posted in the wrong section ,I'm new.
  8. Just playing fates :P

  9. Hey does anyone have a MUwith lethality? If so It would be a huge help ,thx.
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