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  1. I am a pussy when it comes to stuff that's supposed to be sad, but to add to that Flora is one of my favorite characters for some reason. I don't really know why she is I just really like her, so ofc I cried. I actually cried at a lot of stuff in this game at the stupidest stuff.
  2. I know there is probably plenty of topics on this, but fuck it. Im on my second play through of birthright and I was in need of some help with getting the best child units (especially midori) Here is what I have been thinking: Hana/Silas Hinoka/Subaki Sakura/Hayato (I did this in my last playthrough and I was satisfied with how Rhajat came out since her magic was rather high) Kaze/Mozu (I dont know what I should reclass Mozu into...maybe a basara?) My male avatar/Azura (I made my talent Samurai since maybe making Azura a samurai but Im guessing that was a horrible idea. Im not planning on using Shigure at all) Orochi/Azama Now here is the one im a bit stuck on...Selkie's mother. I've seen people say hana, kagerou, or setsuna but since I'm planning on making hana Sophie's mother im stuck. Are there better options then setsuna and kagerou or which one of those two are best for her? Im rather new to this kind of thing. Then the rest of kids I haven't thought about yet Thank you :)
  3. So, recently I started an art piece which is centered around female Kamui and I'm struggling on the armor. So basically I'm wondering, does anyone have some sort of character / concept sheet for her? I really only have a few images to work with. If you have any sort of image that may help that would be great
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