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  1. Gremory Bernadetta Warlock Hilda Holy Knight Flayn Dark Knight Sylvain MAG-based Wyvern Lord Annette Sniper Dedue Magic Bow Sniper Mercedes Bow Knight Dimitri Falco Knight Shamir Wyvern Lord Ashe Dancer Ashe Assassin Catherine Gremory Byleth
  2. Ultimately, I think it depends on what kind of playthrough you're doing. On anything resembling an efficiency playthrough, I'd immediately go for the three soldiers. Every other unit has a use in their base class (even Boey in providing chip, heals, and just adding consistency through giving more options in the action economy), where Lukas, Forsyth, and Valbar will generally be left behind otherwise outside of a few specific strat's (Valbar's contribution to Deen's map being the example that comes to mind). If you're more focused on post-game, I'd start saving them for female units you intend to bring that could use another loop of level ups. Tatiana was mentioned above, and is a prime example of this. She's arguably one of the best characters in the game as she allows you to play more aggressively with your party via Fortify, but has very few levels to work with. Having access to a 20/20/20 loop of levels would help her a lot. I would never use it on someone already in the mercenary line, as they already have the fork built in. I'd also never recommend reclassing into the soldier line, as it's the worst class-line by far. Some people might suggest initially going Soldier, and then reclassing into a better line with the forks later, but if you're already grinding, you will get the stats regardless just by going mercenary on your male units and grinding, so it's just a waste of forks. Special mention goes to the aforementioned Pegasus!Mae, as she's really good in a high-efficiency/LTC context. Not something I'd do most of the time, but it's very optimal if playing under a specific set of restrictions.
  3. Thank you very much for this very informative reply! I don't know how to say this other than this completely changes how I'll plan future runs from "I'll use them and they'll hit S-Rank" to something I can plan and account for.
  4. I thought EffiexArthur had fast support and could get it via Chapter 7, 8, 9, Mozu, and Invasion.
  5. So I'm on Chapter 12 of Conquest (Lunatic obviously), and I don't think I'll have any trouble with it (though I haven't started it). However, there have been some issues with my playthrough that have me concerned: Percy. I tried to get him by Chapter 10. Now I'm on Chapter 12, and Arthur and Effie are still A Rank. Honestly, I have no idea how. I gave them the entirety of Mozu's join map, and ArthurxEffie solo'ed the bottom part of Invasion 1 with the Dual Club. The only map I skimped on building support was Odin's join map, and that's because I wanted to make sure Odin and Wyvern!Elise got enough XP, and JakobxCorrin got enough support for Jakob to get Malig Knight ASAP (though it turns out Butler Jakob > E Rank Malig Knight for me on Chapter 10). So, instead of using Selena and Beruka, I have to waste slots on Effie and Nyx (was going for Nyx!Ophelia, which now feels like a mistake, though my idea was Vantage/LoD access for Nyx would make her usable as another Nos' tank, which I no longer believe is viable). I still think he's worth the effort to get recruited, but it feels like it's almost at a point I should start over and either use ArthurxEffie properly, or Effie is a trap and go for something like ArthurxBeruka or something later. For the record, Nyx is set at A Rank with Odin at this point as well. Silas. I know he's insanely good with VoF. However, my Corrin has been Jakob's backpack, so I never really lose health on her, so he never proc's it (I know about HP Tonics, but spending a turn not having JakobxCorrin murdering something is never something I feel like I have the luxury of doing). Now it's Chapter 12 and he's level 9 and a backpack for Selena who I have a hard time fielding because of the above. I honestly wish I'd gone SilasxCorrin over JakobxCorrin simply because Silas feels like a better unit to invest in than Jakob, and while I know Ninja Corrin isn't great, MN stacked SilasxCorrin seems like a good exception. I realize Ophelia, Percy, and Trample/Dragon Fang Dwyer will probably make up for benching Selena, Beruka, etc. I just haven't even played since I failed to get Percy after Chapter 11 (where I thought, "I wish I didn't have to deploy Effie. Oh well, this will be the last time."). Thoughts, please?
  6. Ophelia would beg to differ. Velouria's best as genetic material for +11 STR Kana.
  7. Just wrote this out for a friend today. Don't know if this will help you at all, but I thought I might share in case it does. [spoiler=Pairing Info]Beruka!Percy So Arthur and Beruka have the same classes. What does that leave Percy inheriting from Beruka? SKY KNIGHT. That's right, he gets access to both flying lines. Flying Bows, Lances, Staves, Tomes; Axes? Pick your favorite, and have fun. Even better, this kid has +6 SKL, so slapping Aether on him (DLC...) or pairing him with someone who has a class with interesting skills (not happening in my run) leads to solid proc' rates. Percy!Kana Alright, let me begin by saying this: in Revelations, my Charlotte!Velouria!Kana, just by using Hoshidan Trust/Quixotic/Aether, had good enough proc' rates to carry herself through fights, even at low HP thanks to Vantage, through self-healing to full. Honestly, I probably didn't even need Corrin's help with the final boss. She was that good. I just want to take proc' fishing to 11 with a +10 SKL stat and Master Ninja inheritance from her mother (Corrin). Every fight is going to be a light show. Nyx!Nina Did you know Nyx and Niles share the same class? Huh... didn't that happen with Beruka!Percy. Sure did. This time, we get Diviner. Nevermind the fact that this means Nina can get Quixotic/Breaking Sky/Tomefaire/Magic +2 by switching in to the Diviner line for skills... that's a ton of damage right there. Yay. Azura!Dwyer Why? I thought you liked giving him Charlotte/Effie!?! I do, but Dwyer has staff ranks, and Xander wants his Charlotte backpack, so Falcon Knight Dwyer as a staffbot it is... not that +3 STR/4 SKL/4 SPD are bad mods either. Jakob!Shigure Gets Wyvern Rider? I have no idea why, but he does. Probably never going to use it, but it is there. Neat? Rally Bot Falcon Knight is still his best job, of course. Selena!Sophie She really didn't need Sky Knight, but she ends up with no negative mods, good mods for a mixed attacker, and more fliers is never a bad thing. Solid Mozu!Midori Non-negative Luck mod. Enough said. Charlotte!Seigbert +6 STR kid that also makes a great backpack. Probably best used as a unit that doesn't have a dedicated lead so that he and his partner (wife?) can both make use of their insane damage as needed. Best used as an axe unit and has Great Knight/Wyvern Lord/Malig Knight/Berserker/Hero to choose from. Beautiful. Felicia!Forrest Nyx was taken by Niles, so Forrest gets his more balanced pairing. Great mods, though the only thing Mercenary gives him is Sol/Strong Riposte. Makes him a good counterattacker, but then he'll be trying to compete with his dad in Dark Knight. Worse still, you have to wait to Child Seal if you want to start with Tome Ranks before switching to Dark Knight, which totally wastes your Staff levels. Still, he's a solid Mage tank due to his +4 RES, and with Dark Knight could be a solid EP (enemy phase) unit. Peri!Ignatius Lets give one of the tankiest units in the game access to Paladin. That sounds like fun to me. Problem is, he gets Axefaire, and Paladins don't use Axes. Perhaps he should go Vanguard? Not really sure. Still a solid tank regardless. Effie!Velouria +7 STR Mod. Moving on. Elise!Ophelia +5 Mag and Strategist on what some argue is the best unit in the game? Okay. Camilla!Soleil Giving one of the few Ninjas in Conquest solid growths and access to flight is pretty solid. Probably just going to be a Ninja (despite the poor Weapon Ranks), and Trample/STR +2 for more damage. Oh, and you get Lunge. Remember the Before Awakening map? Yeah, you get to be THAT GUY.
  8. The chapter was so easy I didn't even notice until I read this topic. Now I feel bad for having missed it. Still, no point in having a gimmick if the game is too easy for people to appreciate it. :(
  9. I'm going to be the minority (here), and state that I was on the fence about Fates until I heard that children units were returning. Most of my offline time is spent planning builds and pairings. Without them, the game would lose most of its appeal and replay value for me. My friends and I love talking about the units, the children, the benefits of pairings, debating the best uses of certain children, who are more important to optimize; etc. Do I like the way it was handled? Eh, could be better, but I wasn't expecting a lot about a game that doesn't hold these children at the forefront. Even better, some of the children make a point of letting their parents know just how they felt about the treatment. I do feel the game has way too many characters, and it takes away from the character quality as a whole. The multiple routes thing was a fine diversion, but there were times that I wondered why I was even bothering. I'm now beating Birthright/Conquest on Lunatic (already done Revelations) because I can, but then... Conquest is my favorite story, Birthright lets me use Scarlet, whom I want to invest in to making as amazing as she can be because of her sweet personal skill, and Revelations... I'll do a run when I've finally determined what pairings I'd want for PvP (with my friends), and I'll keep that final save because I love the boss fight, but the rest of the route was really bad. I hated all the gimmicks. I hated that it played so poorly that it destroyed all my desire to replay the route, the route that was supposed to be my eugenics playground. I constantly say the writing is the worst part of Fates. Honestly, if there were a better "eugenics" title, I probably wouldn't play FE. I like the games well enough, and mechanically they're a ton of fun, but most of my time spent with Awakening wasn't the 1300'ish hours I logged in game, but the countless hours I spent in research and pairing planning. If IS made this game, with all the replay value this would have, and all the different pairings and builds I'd have to research, I'd find every excuse I could to throw money at them. I've bought people 3DS and copies of the game for Fates, despite my issues with it. I'd go all out for this game because I'd rather have all my friends playing this than anything else I could spend my money on (except food? I like food.). If someone else makes it? I'd want to play the new FE titles, but at some point it wouldn't be worth it. I have limited time, too limited to keep up with most of the games I already own, and a game like this would quite possibly be enough to satisfy me for thousands of hours of my free time. I've got a niche I like, and FE satisfies it in a way no other game has. Oreshika and Golden Chalice have faceless people who die too quickly to get attached to or care about. Crusader Kings is more spreadsheets and less game. That being said, if FE's story could even begin to approach Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, or the depth and wealth of character investment you get in Persona 4, then it might overcome its current status as my niche. It's a shame I choose not to pirate games. I'd like to try out some of the older titles, but Nintendo is bound and determined to make them impossible to acquire. If they'd just make some of the older games available for digital download for modern consoles, I'd have my free time all planned out.
  10. Had a Charlotte!Velouria!Kana with Life or Death/Aggressor/Heavy Blade (couldn't get Lancefaire)/Vantage/Galeforce(Was supposed to be Quick Draw) absolutely tear an opponent apart as a Falcon Knight (mostly used forged javalin). Was going for max damage to snipe an important target before dying. However, what happened (due to the unfortunate accident of taking Galeforce) is I managed to kill my opponent's Saizo (weak target to exploit) and Tankumi on the first turn. With only Corrin, Ryoma, and Kaden left, and Kaden being the only threat with Beastbane, it was a simple matter to mop the fight up. I was pleasantly surprised. I worried that the lack of Lancefaire (and Quick Draw) damage would be my undoing. The worry was needless, though Lancefaire would have been preferable to Heavy Blade. I'm not sure I'd recommend the build, after using it. It was supposed to be a Vantage tank/tactical missile, but I feel like there are better ways to build +11 STR Kana.
  11. Required? Corrin is a required deploy, and can use Dragon Veins. No one else need be there if a map requires their use.
  12. I actually prefer Felicia. Jacob's problem is that Butler is not his best class, and he's outclassed by others in the cast (Xander, Dwyer with the appropriate mom, etc.) at the classes he's actually good at. His best use is to reclass to a +MOV pair-up class, be Corrin's backpack, and never do anything else ever. Felicia, on the other hand, with a quick reclass to Strategist, leaves me with very little reason to use Sakura or Elise (which makes me sad, because the other little sister and best little sister deserve to be loved). It's very unlikely she'll ever be a competent combatant (though RNGesus loved me during my first playthrough of the game, and had her slaughtering everything), but at least you can argue it is her best class due to growths. Flora's too busy setting herself on fire waiting until you've already got a powerful core group to even be relevant to the discussion.
  13. This is really easy to say as a third party. However, had it been my own sibling calling me home? I wouldn't betray him. I love him. If I did find it in my heart to do so, it'd be due to cowardice, not intelligence: fear for my life over loyalty to my sibling. I have a friend who's father, after losing thousands on a contract repairing a church due to a crooked preacher keeping the money himself instead of paying for the man's hard work, began cooking meth. The fumes from doing so drove him mad. He'd beat my friend, threw him against walls, and would do great physical harm over the smallest slight. When that same man got cancer, his son, my friend, dropped out of college and was by his side until he died. Some might argue it would have been "smarter" to stay in college, not to forgive this man who did such terrible things to him growing up, but that boy loved his father, despite all that, and was there as his father lost the battle against cancer. I don't think it is up to us to determine what was right or wrong in that situation, despite what the narrative tells us. I apologize for the personal anecdotes, however I find it difficult to understand that was should blame Corrin for choosing the family that raised him, despite their flaws, when even today there are people and circumstances that show the same sort of selfless love and familial bonds that Corrin might have felt when he chose Nohr.
  14. My bad. Honestly, DH isn't that great a skill, so you can live without it, but a Dragonstone-wielding, healer/tank Kana is definitely one of the best units to carry it. Something to look forward to as far as Conquest/Revelations go, I guess.
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