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  1. Thanks for doing such a thing. Sakura is best girl in the Fire Emblem franchise.
  2. I just look back into my previous posts and topics I made last year and holy shit they're cringy as fuck. Surprised that I didn't get banned that for making such troll content.
  3. So apparently, I'm shadowbanned from my!castle. I still can access PvP and others castles, but they can't visit mine, as I tried to access my castle from my other CQ cartridge.(Which btw, every copy of Fates has a different castle address number.) I didn't have any units in illegal classes in my castle team, although Kana(Who was not in the castle team) was a Nohrian King. I'm not sure if that caused my castle to get shadowbanned, or perhaps something else. But, is there a way to get unshadowbanned? Do I need to change my units and Kana into something else, or delete the save data?
  4. It's odd that they're releasing themes for a system that the game isn't coming to.
  5. Dog reaction memes What is this, 2007
  6. Well not much value, although I'm a huge fan. Although, would selling a limited edition pin get me something good?
  7. Is it worth it to preorder a game for a pin
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