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  1. Does anyone have Dragon Fang for Caeldori? Thanks, Jo!
  2. I do. Also replicate for Caeldori Xander Ryoma Leo Takumi Benny Saizo Seigbert and Shiro
  3. Ok i put up those two. Visit for Oboro first, and soon. i dont usually leave oboro on my team
  4. Sprint (Command) Forfeit the ability to attack this turn and move an additional (spd x 0.1 spaces) i was thinking of more the other day, but for the life of me, i cant remember right now
  5. Came for Nohrian trust on caeldori, even though it probably wont use it but then i was like OMFG FINALLY A BENNY WITH REPLICATE!!!!! THANKYOU also i put up my Camilla and Hinoka with Bowbreaker (thanks for fixing my double post)
  6. strange that she was added in because she was voted one of the 3 most popular adults from awakening, but she was voted 26th most popular girl in fates.... Probably because when that poll was taken, she was "Matoi" shown with dark brown hair, and most people didnt recognize her
  7. afriad not. i have assorted fun stuff for sophie, but not better odds. i dont think better odds are Legitametly possible on her though, only if hacked
  8. I put up my Caeldori with Aegis, Hoshidan Unity, Amaterasu, Quixotic, Lifetaker remember, buy one skill after fight, then look in your logbook after to get the rest Shes my wife, so naturally i have tons of fun skills on her. Let me know once youve visited, and i can put other fun stuff on her for you to get tomorrow
  9. you still reach 100 exp as usual. but instead of 99 into 100, its 99 into 99
  10. Hello again I need QUIXOTIC for Ryoma, Xander, Siegbert, Saizo, Subaki, Keaton, Jakob, Laslow, Leo, Velouria, Selena i need REPLICATE for Hinata Benny Jakob, laslow, Rinkah, Selena To offer, Ive got replicate, rend heaven, and other various skills on Avatar, Caeldori, Xander, Ryoma, Leo, Takumi, Camilla, Hinoka, Seigbert and shiro
  11. I was worried there was a level cap I could hit, and be unable to level up anymore to learn new skills when new classes come out. I couldn't find any info, so i sat down, farmed, and found it out, Figured I would share There is a "Level" Cap, it caps at 99, whether you are +20 level DLC class or not. but you can still "Level up" and learn skills, and even gain stat points (if you aren't capped already!), it will stay at level 99, and you can "Level up" 5 times per Eternal Seal, as usual so if you are like I was, close to level 99, don't worry, You wont run out of levels to learn skills on level up. you just keep leveling from level 99 to ... level 99
  12. still looking for Replicate, Certain Blow, and Vantage on BENNY
  13. Looking for BENNY with Replicate, Certain Blow, and Vantage -------------- Caeldori: Replicate, Hoshidan Unity, Quixotic, Aether Siegbert: Replicate, Hoshidan Unity, Renewal, Armored Blow, Aegis Avatar : Replicate, Hoshidan Unity, Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Nohrian Trust Ryoma: Replicate, Hoshidan Unity, Aptitude, Rend Heaven, Death Blow, Shiro: Replicate, Hoshidan Unity, Swordfaire, Rend Heaven, Lancefaire Xander: Replicate, Hoshidan Unity, Swordfaire, Rend Heaven, Lifetaker Takumi: Replicate, Quixotic, Counter, Death Blow, Rend Heaven, Hinoka: Replicate , Lifetaker, Bowbreaker, Aegis, Rend Heaven, Camilla: Replicate, Lifetaker, Bowbreaker, Axefaire, Rend Heaven, Leo: Replicate, Lifetaker, Aptitude, Deathblow, Tomefaire 12938-81331 47716-58335
  14. yes that. its rather suprising that he grows 3 inches of height and 20 pounds of muscle
  15. Noticed a funny glitch with Forrest. Go to the accessory Shop. select CHANGE Look at Forrest and go to the OUTFIT menu WHO'S GIRLY NOW, FOOL?
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