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  1. Does anyone know how S supports work yet, as in when exactly they occur and how you choose them? Because (extremely vague/minor spoiler) EDIT: Found a partial answer:
  2. Same here. I don't own a Switch and barring some shocking life event won't be able to afford one for a long while, so I decided to just say screw it and decide to find out what the story is like now. I might watch some full playthroughs of the game too if I can find anything decent. The game has so much material I'll definitely enjoy it anyways if I'm able to play it later.
  3. Personally, if there are any sequels to the game, I'd like them to potentially pull a Drakengard, say all routes are canon, and have different sequels follow up different endings. Someone in this thread suggested a spin off game focusing on Claude trying unify his homeland, that could be very fun and would let us see a completely different continent in the world. In some endings those who slither in the dark are destroyed, but in some they survive, so there could potentially be a sequel game focusing on defeating them as well. And so forth.
  4. A youtube account has posted a bunch of clips now, including a bunch of the previously soundless movies with sound. Channel is here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdKApOmzVDP43YG1iAJyNVg/videos Watching some of the movies with sound now certainly adds to them. For example:
  5. So the person who posted a bunch of movies without sound has added a few more to them. One in particular stands out to me:
  6. Okay I'm not 100% certain, but based on what I can tell the answer is: As to why I think that's the case:
  7. So an interesting note about the s supports, from what I've read of several of them (minor spoilers I guess) EDIT: Oops double posted, but I must be a fool because I can't find any option to delete this post (I was gonna just edit in what I said to the post above it). Am I missing something obvious or is there not a delete post option?
  8. Apparently all the supports have been leaked, but I haven't yet seen any link to a pastebin or whatever where they were posted. Anyone have one?
  9. EDIT: Unless I'm wrong and things are even more complicated than I thought.
  10. Some someone revealed the Rhea S support. https://i.imgur.com/sySZVxk.jpg Warning that it has some pretty major spoilers for other plot elements. Like, VERY MAJOR
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