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  1. Hello everyone! My Ewan is about to become a shaman on chapter 13 of Eirika's route, and that's cool. But where can I get dark magic? I can't find any in the shops!! And when will I be able to get some? Should I just say fuck it and make him a mage instead?
  2. I finally did it by moving forward with all my dudes together at first until the reinforcements were taken care of, and then, sending a few of them to take care of the onis and the archers. I did loose one unit, but it's fine, I didn't plan on using her anyway. Conquest is definitely a difficult, but very rewarding game. Thanks everyone!
  3. Hello everyone! Does anyone have any strategies to do chapter 14 of Conquest? Everything goes well until those pesky Kinshi Knights/Pegasus Knights reinforcements come in, their high speed makes it hard for my party to deal with them! Thank you!
  4. Thank you for your comment but I think my topic was perfectly worded. To quote myself: "What do you guys think? Do you agree with these points?" I would have agreed IF I had left out the first sentence. But as it stands, I think it was fine. But thank you for your advice anyway, will take it into account the next time I create a topic. Also, don't be fooled by the fact that this is my first topic as a new user. I've been here since 2010-ish, I just created a new account because I wanted a fresh start (you might (or not) recognize this name: lilmik11),
  5. Hey guys. Right now, I'm at chapter 20 of Revelations, and I have three complaints about the three games so far. 1. As of right now, I just don't see the point of Revelations. All of the maps are gimmicky and repetitive, there are too many damn units being recruited at once (chapter 16 and 17 are the worst offenders), and the balance is simply horrendous (Nyx (lv. 9 Dark Mage) and Shura (lv. 10 Adventurer) joining you in the same chapter is hilarious). Story wise, it may make sense, but gameplay-wise, Revelations is a mess. I think it shouldn't have been a game by itself, instead, the developers should have worked harder on Birthright and Conquest (especially the former which had so many filler chapters). They could have added plot elements of Revelation as paralogues or as the final chapters of the game, kinda like Sacred Stones. 2. I don't like the fact that maps are re-used between the three games. It feels like a cheap quick cash-grab. The developers could have had different maps for the three games OR simply sell the whole thing as one game (with two paths). 3. Children are useless gimmicks, story-wise, they are simply not justified. They're only there because it worked well in Awakening, here, it feels so random and out of place. Overall, I think that Fates shoud have been sold as one game with branching paths. What do you guys think? Do you agree with these points?
  6. Looking at the Conquest tier list, I feel like most people underrate Peri so hard. If you are able to get her out of her bases (which are not event that bad), her growths and her personal skills make her a killing machine. She may be a bit squishier than Silas or Xander, but offensively, she's miles ahead of them. She will double (and kill) almost everything sans generals on the final chapter. She's also a great parent for basically anyone IMO.
  7. That was a great read! And I agree with everything you said, especially the cry-baby part. I feel like it got really boring and repetitive, especially near the end. Looking forward to your next analyses!
  8. Hey guys. I just finished my Birthright file so I started a Conquest one. I just have two questions 1. Is Mozu worth it in Conquest? Apart from her low HP, I liked using her in Birthright, she was great as a Master of Arms. However, since you can't grind in Conquest, I wonder if the babying will be worth it in the long run. I also wonder if her low HP will be problematic in the long run (sure you can give her Seraph Robes, but perhaps some characters would use them better?), especially considering the fact that I don't know what the game offers in terms of challenge. 2. I have bought one Heartseal, but I don't know who should get it between: Female Corrin (to Cavalier) Jakob (to Paladin) Mozu (to Archer) Thank you!
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