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  1. Is the Berwick Saga Gigas Knight cap test still on your radar? 

    Anyhow, take your time, I can wait a long time.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Darkyan97


      Oh, okay then I think I can finish it in a few days from now.

    3. Darkyan97


      Ok, I had time and did it with weapon stat manipulation. It seems Gigas Knight Axe Cap  is 60.

    4. Emperor Hardin

      Emperor Hardin

      Wow if true Gigas Knights have a 10% critical bonus.

      Can you take a screenshot and post it in the thread?

  2. It could be some time until I can do it because I have exams, but I'll check it out eventually.
  3. Does anyone know what is the adress for Magic stat? I really want to promote Enid but she didn't get a single point of Mag in 9 level ups.
  4. Hey Aethin! I just wanted to show my gratitude towards the awesome translation for this masterpiece of a game! I just finished Chapter 8, and I'll probably stop until the translation is finished so I can enjoy the story in full glory. Keep up the good work!
  5. It's exclusive to her. Meila and Robert promote into rogues.
  6. I only encountered two of them in my playthrough: Algimas x Clara and Wayland x Cynthia I suppose Algimas can marry any of his female support partners and I have a hunch that Wayland can also have a paired ending with Meila.
  7. Wait, there is a wife? My Algimas proposed to Clara just before the "Defeat Roswell" chapter. Maybe because they had A support at the time.
  8. Frustration is getting bigger, BANG BANG BANG Pull my Devil Trigger!~
  9. I have a little problem. I just finished Chapter 15 on the so called "Last Turn" when the sun rises, and the cutscenes start playing no problem, but after Clara finishes her last sentence, the screen fades black twice and stays that way completely silent. Did I do something that broke the game, or somehow my patch wasn't downloaded right?
  10. Hi Primefusion! Recently started playing thorugh your demo. It was soo much fun! I am really interested in the final product, keep up the good work!
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