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  1. Is the Berwick Saga Gigas Knight cap test still on your radar? 

    Anyhow, take your time, I can wait a long time.

    1. Darkyan97


      Yeah, I started it half a week ago. I'm on Chapter 4 Dean is now level 8 I think. I try my best to manipulate his growths with every level up.

    2. Emperor Hardin

      Emperor Hardin

      Don't worry, Brackets means there are no random growths for 99% of the cast. Instead there are brackets. Like Dean can either have 17 or 19 strength at max level. 

      For Dean/Gigas Knight, we wanna see the max weapon level of Axes. If a weapon level is over 50, it gets a critical chance for every point above 50. So a 60 axe level means a 10% critical bonus. I wanna see if the Gigas Knight max axe rank is 50 or 60. Dean has a very high axe growth, so you should get it.

      I also don't think there are unique class caps for anything other then weapons, so don't worry about it.

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