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  1. I tried it with this team composition and cleared the map in 3 turns on Abyssal. It was cathartic to see Edelgard sweep the map and take out Robin on turn 2. I'm kinda salty that I didn't even try it with Edelgard. I'm glad the video was able to help someone out. Someone found it on Reddit and I just shared it here since not everyone goes there. Summoning has become stressful for me. I legit have to mentally prep myself to summon on banners when I'm "low" on orbs and I consider anything under 200 to be "low". While I do have a stash in the story map/Paralogue orbs, it's a miserable experience when I actually have to dig into that stash because I just want to clear the maps as quickly as possible to get the orbs while the idea of not knowing how many more orbs it'll take looming over me is not a good time. If it not for seeing people on Youtube get 4* focus units, I'd be a less inclined to believe it since I personally haven't had much luck pulling them.
  2. We need more checks for Grand Strategy. Granted my Tellius roster is on the weaker end, this map took me forever to clear on Abyssal. I probably should have busted out Edelgard & Altina but I already committed with these units. The biggest mistake was probably letting that Troubadour run around but MVP goes to Soren for tanking multiple combats with Robin.
  3. Thanks for the correction. I pasted the wrong link. I updated it to the Abyssal video. I figured it deserved a mention since it's extra skills you have to add to their base kit.
  4. This person managed a Fomortiis & Gotoh Abyssal clear using mostly F2P units with minimal SI
  5. Makes me wonder if that was the original intent and later changed to the current implementation but forgot to update the text. They did a pretty good job translating the skill for the most part. The underlined part can be a little ambiguous in Japanese. Regardless, the Japanese description states and that translates to where "Terrain traversable by unit is treated as level ground" is the "Cannot be slowed by terrain" effect. Disclaimers: underlined text: it actually says person or people in Japanese. The description does not specify that it only negatively affects enemies so ranged allied units can use their full movement based on the testing scenario I did. The next line specifies ranged enemies but this line can be interpreted as allied units are also negatively impacted. italics text: I initially went with "effect" but figured it's better to be more specific about what the effect was referring to
  6. The bolded part was going to be my followup question. I've always been wary of builds that recommend ascending Y stat(usually Def/Res) on a fast unit that comes with bonus damage and DR based on said stat. Fast units will always want Spd but when I see recommendations to ascend a stat like Res on Guinevere over Atk, it doesn't sit well with me since it's more straightforward to stack more Atk directly and aim for the KO. I can only speak to non-high level environments though. VoH and Tier 21 arena seems stressful. Interesting. If I'm understanding this correctly then all sources of bonus damage would be calculated in step 3. Then what was the craze about "true damage" in the earlier days of the game? With how much it was thrown around, it gave me the impression that it was handled in step 7 where the flat damage is pitted against the flat damage reduction.
  7. 1) For a fast unit that can do bonus damage(based on X% of Y stat), is it worth it to go with Y stat(excluding Atk) over Atk as a boon if you're focused getting KO's? Looking at LH!Guinevere as an example, 5 points of Res for 1 point of damage doesn't seem like a worthwhile trade when 1 point of Atk translates directly to 1 point of damage. As someone who doesn't play in the high level environment of competitive game modes like AR/SD that necessitates a well-built Savior unit to tank multiple hits based on what I've seen/heard, most game modes boil down to routing the map so I tend to lean towards units with high damage output. In this case, if I had a unit like Guinevere then I'd go for +Spd and ascend +Atk, luck permitting of course. 2) How do DR effects like Dodge interact with bonus damage during damage calculation? I know bonus damage comes in 2 flavors of "boosts damage" or "deals damage" but I often hear "true damage" being thrown around.
  8. So... I just realized this banner has a little bit of everything that I'm looking for. A Galeforcer in Eitr, an Arcane bow, and an interesting support unit in Citrinne. I don't need any of these units but they're all nice to have. The main reason is that I already spent the tickets so I don't feel like committing orbs to the banner. But realistically, even if I pulled every focus unit on the banner, they'd just be sitting there in my barracks until the next Engage LHB rolls around. I am saving for a banner that's a long time away but one spark certainly wouldn't hurt but it's best that I keep saving. This banner should see a rerun given the high value skills unless something crazier manages to top it.
  9. This is where I'm a little lost. Is this because special cooldown count - 1 being more common? This is my lack of exposure speaking here but I want to say that I usually see enemy units hovering around 1 or 2 cooldown so that would translate to 10 and 8 extra damage respectively. Is that amount considered a large amount of damage by the current standard? I'm genuinely asking because with how hard new units hit these days I'm hesitant to let my units take attacks so I'm not surprised to see large counter attack damage anymore. I can see 10 damage being considered a large amount and 8 being on the higher end but it's starting to feel like these values are becoming the norm.
  10. Finally, I'm not the only one lol Technically I'm a native speaker of Chinese as well but since almost nothing in my life requires me to use the language other than talking with my parents, I can go a long time without using Chinese if I allowed it so I kinda have get it via Kanji. People go silent when I tell them I learn Chinese through Japanese. Just don't make me physically write Chinese/Kanji though; put a piece of paper in front of me and all of it goes out the window. I manage fine for the most part when I'm the mood to physically write Chinese/Kanji (by having a dictionary app open the whole time) but certain words that stack vertically like 事 or stretch horizontally like 興 usually don't look right when I attempt to write them. It's probably because I wasn't required to write physically outside of homework/tests so once I had the option to start typing Chinese/Japanese, I kinda just stuck with it.
  11. I just realized that I mixed up 増加 with 強化 Thank you for the correction. Fixed my original comment. This is a case where I let Chinese take over. My Chinese isn't great but 除 and 含 are words I do know so when I see words like 除く and 含む where it's one Kanji followed by kana, sometimes I go the lazy route and just take the Chinese meaning if they have the same meaning. It's not often I rely on Chinese when I read Japanese but it's something my brain does sometimes. I do have to say this part of Citrine's weapon threw me for a loop when I read it. I was skimming the description so my brain skipped over the [Movement +1] and [Pathfinder] statuses and then proceeded to wonder why they bothered to mention those 2 statuses when it's going to just spread [Bonus] statuses to other units.
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