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  1. He's actually fast enough to avoid a double from the green mage cavalier.
  2. Had to downgrade to L&D2 so the green mage cavalier doesn't go for Nino
  3. You give Lugh the toys that I'm too stingy to give mine. I'm hoping we get the green version of Flora Guide so I can give it to Lugh but knowing them, they'll put it on a 5* exclusive.
  4. Got 200K in Røkkr Sieges for first time with DM!Ephraim, BH!Roy, Triandra, and Silque. Initially thought Melancholy might be unnecessary but turns out it's needed to reset the boss's special count since you'll have to attack them again once Galeforce activates so Triandra's Frightful Dream can't be used to cast its Guard effect until after the boss has already been attacked twice.
  5. I remember seeing someone clearing this map with the Laguz royals back when they were released so I decided to do something similar.
  6. Was slightly surprised Dimitri couldn't double Virion so I had Hubert do the honors.
  7. You mean we're not fighting pegasus knight mercenaries from Illia? Just Nino ferrying her peeps around.
  8. Lance flier GHB #n. At least she comes with come decent skills.
  9. Conrad is a little scary because of his charged special but if you take him out first then the rest of the map is straightforward.
  10. I'm not having her tank things that she shouldn't be tanking so she didn't need one.
  11. If you turn off the animations, it's almost as if LH!Corrin didn't take damage.
  12. Lunge can be used offensively and defensively.
  13. The map looks intimidating but it's straightforward once you get pass the first turn.
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