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  1. The link should automatically turn into a video once you paste it. It might take a second for the video to show up. At worst, you can tie it to a some text like this. Does Opened Domain stack with a Harmonic skill? I tried it with 2 of my Harmonic units, specifically both being Resonance: Blades, and was only able to activate one so I suspect it will be the same.
  2. I tested Rescue+ on a target unit that has a Link skill and both units got the buff so I'm gonna assume it'll work for his weapon.
  3. Had to read the Japanese text to get a better understanding but I want to confirm before I spend resources, the Atk/Spd buff and the HP recovery on Shigure's refine activates as long as he uses an assist skill, right?
  4. Has anyone dropped tiers in SDR once they've hit one of the thresholds? I could have sworn I reached tier 10 last season but it's having me start out as tier 9 this season.
  5. List Legend Units promoted to 5★ rarity are in bold Total unique: 382 -> 385
  6. List Legend Units promoted to 5★ rarity are in bold Total unique: 375 -> 382
  7. Not sure what the deal is with people just throwing fallen Rhea in front of my Ashera in SD but it has happened enough times for it just to be a coincidence. The DR on Rhea doesn't do much especially against Ashera's naturally high Res supported by BG!Catria's TA support to break through the follow up prevention.
  8. Roy's kit can pull off Galeforce without much trouble but he wants Spd than Def in his A slot but that can be off loaded to his seal slot since he's got everything you'd want in a Galeforce initiator. The in-combat debuff on the enemy might work against him though as you want your WoM anchor to take enough damage to allow teammates to warp in.
  9. As someone who regularly forgets to do AA, I use guides more as a reminder to do RB since I like to stock up on Trait Fruits. Since I've been using RB guides from the beginning, I can't comment on the difficulty but it's definitely more convenient to follow a guide than having to trial and error my way to a solution. Thanks!
  10. PM1 announced that this week is the last week he'll be doing Resonant Battles solutions. Does anyone know if there are other people who also have been doing RB solutions?
  11. List Legend Units promoted to 5★ rarity are in bold Total unique: 374 -> 375
  12. List Legend Units promoted to 5★ rarity are in bold Total unique: 363 -> 372
  13. I was worried that picking +Atk as the base might screw me out of hitting a Spd threshold for PvE content but it seems pretty safe to merge into the +Atk but I'll keep both copies for the time being just in case. While I can't say I'm swayed to pick Gatekeeper over Marianne/Eirika, his support is unique so I'll have to reevaluate him. When I say "another sword infantry", I'm focusing less on their commonly associated play styles(player phase powerhouse, Galeforcer, Dodge tank etc.) but more the classification of a sword infantry. The sword infantry classification simply does not interest me enough to evaluate any unit unless the character is a favorite. They can give a character I don't have an attachment to an extremely good kit and that'Il probably just make me consider them at most. I'm at the point where unless a new unit brings something new/interesting to the table, they get skipped in favor of saving for a favorite. I'm simply not convinced that Marth's kit will hold water long enough for him to not be dethroned by the next super unit, which is a role that I personally don't think is worth investing into as it just seems like a resource sink unless it's a favorite. As someone who doesn't even spoil my favorites and is content with giving them tools from the F2P pool, Marth's kit hasn't convinced me he's worth the pick. I'd argue Spd is his next best stat after Atk. Mine is +Def at +1 and the only notable annoyance that can't be easily fixed when using him as a Galeforcer is having his auto follow-up canceled by NFU to deny the second hit needed to charge Galeforce. I can get around physically weak defensive units by downgrading his buffs or giving him QP to lower Galeforce's cooldown against an enemy that can't counterattack but NFU is a hurdle that can only be overcome by winning that Spd check.
  14. Need a second opinion on assets. I now have a +Atk and neutral copy of CYL Marianne and I'm debating between the two. She'll most likely be used in Abyssal clears as an offensive support and not much else. I'm personally leaning towards +Atk because her entire kit very likely grants her enough Spd to double most enemies that she'll be attacking. I say that because I have a Caeda that maxes out at 49 Spd with max merges, dragonflowers(not max but enough to get the last Spd point) and L & D (only A slot) and she rarely needs the Spd boost. Even then, SD!Caeda's harmonic skill is usually enough to get her over the threshold on Abyssal maps so I'm not really that worried about Spd in Marianne's case but I'm open to opinions. Second question is who to pick for the CYL free summon? I did not expect to get 2 copies each of CYL Marianne and Eirika from the remix banner so I'm a little lost as to who to redeem. I don't have an attachment to any of the characters so I'm mainly basing my pick on unit performance/role. Marth is another sword infantry and Gatekeeper's kit seems a bit niche but I already have Marianne and Eirika. If I had to rank them, the order is probably Marianne -> Eirika -> Gatekeeper -> Marth but I'm open to opinions.
  15. List Legend Units promoted to 5★ rarity are in bold Total unique: 358 -> 363
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