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  1. Thinking of running Raigh, Lugh, a healer, and BH!Lucina at the moment. Debating if I should swap Brunnya in for blue but then I'd have no melee units. Or I could swap both Raigh and BH!Lucina out for a red melee unit and Brunnya, respectively once I get the 5* version of her. Decisions, decisions.
  2. Didn't expect to see Chad to be added into the game this quickly so complaints from me! Honestly more excited about him than the banner focus units.
  3. I need an excuse to pull red. Looking at the revival banner schedule, Katarina, BH!Roy, and Elincia week will be my targets. All 3 units want Atk and Spd so given their current merge levels, I would like 1 Katarina, 3 BH!Roy, and 1 Elincia. If I don't have enough orbs, I'd be ok with not pulling for Elincia. No staff version of L'Arachel or Elincia in between please. Also, they need to put Maribelle on a 3 person banner already, or release another unit with Staff Valor.
  4. Getting Felicia to survive the first enemy phase took more work than I expected but it was straightforward after that. Also, I can't take the name Cougar(Cormag's name in Japanese) seriously 🤣
  5. Tried pulling for Celica and got 2 BH!Roy's and a Hubert. Not bad, could have been worse but now I'm at 5% on the banner with no orbs to spend. Time to tackle those Chain Challenges I suppose.
  6. List Legend Units promoted to 5★ rarity are in bold Non 5★ exclusive merged units in the regular summoning pool where one of their merges was pulled as a 5★ are in italics Total: 186 -> 187
  7. Played all 3 routes but I hear that there's a route where you can side with Edelgard on the BE route. How do I unlock that option?
  8. LH!Lei(I suppose regular Leif too) sounds similar to Ike to me in Japanese despite having different VAs. They share a map select quote so that's probably why.
  9. Does surrendering count as a loss for the ladder in Aether Raids?
  10. "He's mine!" Celica probably I just imagine Celica going "Hi Alm and..... Faye."
  11. And she's only neutral. Just wait until I pull a +Atk version. Hubert handled the map quite well. Infantry Hexblade is interesting. Not enough for me to pull for a copy but it looks fun to play around with.
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