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  1. They can demote Leo and we can have both QR3 and Blazing Light in the 4* pool but that would make too much sense.
  2. We said the same thing about changing traits and here we are. As for QR3, I'll keep complaining until it happens. At this rate though, QR4 is gonna happen before QR3 hits the 4* summoning pool.
  3. I like having a copy of every character I've pulled so I never get to the state where I use them for fodder. At the same time, I know I would hate it if I foddered a unit for a skill that becomes more accessible later on so I much rather prefer to have kept the unit in the first place given that I've gotten to the part of the game where I don't necessary need any new skills outside of the ones available in the 3*/4* pool. Anything fancy would just be a luxury, not a necessity and that also helps me save orbs so I'm not tempted by new skills. Interesting. I'll have to put this on the back burner until Infantry Pulse is in the 4* summoning pool.
  4. You know, with how annoying Spendthrift Bow Norne is, I probably should but I don't believe in foddering 5* exclusive units unless I've +10'ed them, which at the moment it's only SF!Nino but even then I don't think I can bring myself to do it because it's Nino. Mind sharing the build?
  5. Moving the conversation here. Currently I'm waiting for more copies of Seth and Clair to get them to +10. Thinking of building Palla. Then there are the ones I'm still waiting for good traits before investing: F!Corrin, Seteth(only a few copies), Altena, and Silas, and Tharja. Kaze is also on the list but that can wait until he gets a refine, which might take a while but that's not a problem. Raigh & Chad I might +10 as well once I +10 Lugh but that's still far away. Still need to pick an archer and healer from the 3*/4* pool to +10 but no one's caught my eye yet.
  6. I'm nearing 500K feathers but 220K of that is reserved for a merge project until I pull the right asset/flaw copy and another 220K in reserve in case a new refine tempts me to build someone from the 3*/4* pool. I'm just use to seeing high numbers that it makes me feel uneasy when they're not what I'm use to seeing although I do HM farm during FB here and there so I suppose I can lighten up a little.
  7. Guidance worked its magic here. Can't wait until they release Ground Orders as a seal. I really should promote her. She's usually a few points off from being doubled by Abyssal enemies and then I find another way out so she continues to be.a 4* lol
  8. I'm just falling back to one my questionable strategies when things don't make sense the normal way: face-tanking things with mages. Celica ORKOing Freya was a very pleasant surprise. That Cleric caused a decent number of resets as I was trying to figure things out. She had to go ASAP. DC seems to work well on Catria, any reason why you don't like having her equip it?
  9. @GuiltyLove Had to be mindful of unit placement so there's enough room for Celica to attack once the enemy closed in. Freya went down easier than I thought but I won't complain. Celica gained a new AoE to play with.
  10. I figured the Chinese version would mention it as the translation tend to closely mirror the Japanese script. I wonder why it's omitted in the English version. Maybe they couldn't fit that part into the text without making it sound awkward.
  11. Seteth would not have been my first thought to give Distant Ward to but it definitely shined here. I pulled my first Seteth recently and I'm eagerly awaiting a good copy so I can build him. This was the first thing that came to mind. That archer could have been a dagger unit. Regardless, your Chad's bulk continues to surprise me. Young Caeda is destroying face despite an Atk bane. I gotta start using mine more. Raigh will probably shake it off. Hopefully. Thanks! I'm glad I maxed her out so I can go back to saving for Lugh when they (hopefully) put him on a weekly banner. That means I'll have to +10 Raigh too but that's fine. Might have to +10 Chad but that means I'll have have 3 +10 dagger units but it's not like I'm hurting for feathers for the moment so I'll have to see. I find sub 100 orbs to be stressful. I like to be in the 3 digits in case of an emergency where a character I care about gets an alt. Also, forgot to mention that the English version removed the part where Raigh calls Lugh a "natural airhead." Not sure if other versions did the same or based it off of the English script.
  12. @GuiltyLove All my remaining orbs went towards SF!Nino in case you were curious. I feel a little naked to be under 100 orbs lol Might have been interesting to have mirror matches but bulk doesn't run in the family.
  13. Map layout (no unit placement) Stats by difficulty: https://feheroes.gamepedia.com/Lugh_%26_Raigh:_Bound_Hero_Battle --------------------------------- Unfortunate there's no dagger unit to reference Chad but it's not a big deal. The map is based on Raigh's recruitment chapter IIRC.
  14. Looking at the calendar, the last item is listed is on 12/9 and the banner also ends on that day. I want to see if we get a DSH banner for December or the one we just got replaced it. Do we usually get the next calendar on the last day of the listed events/banners of the current calendar or the day after?
  15. They could be cheap and just put Triandra on Freya's MHB. I'm tempted to summon because green and colorless focus units on this banner are really good but that means I'll have to dig into my orb savings...
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