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  1. List Legend Units promoted to 5★ rarity are in bold Non 5★ exclusive merged units in the regular summoning pool where one of their merges was pulled as a 5★ are in italics Total: 176
  2. What do I have to give Hilda to complete the flower and material resources quests post time skip?
  3. Dang it. I missed that chest because I forgot about the map clear condition hoping that chest won't come back and haunt me. I do have a save of chapter 4 but I don't think it's worth playing all the way back up to my current progress at post time skip.
  4. How do you get the March Ring? I remember Seteth having it in his paralouge but I can't remember if the item can be traded off of him or not.
  5. As far as we know, the rewards from Heroes' Path don't expire, right? I still haven't summoned a Grail unit and none of the existing ones appeal to me so I can hold off until they release a unit that I like.
  6. Thanks! Good thing I asked before entering a map in case I wanted to promote them before getting the skills I want. I just discovered you can change a unit back to classes they've been in before. Neat.
  7. Didn't know that you can actually click on them. Thanks. So I was browsing the class abilities and arts page on the main site and I was wondering, does a unit learn both the mastered ability and art once they've maxed out their class experience or is there something else I have to do? Can we also use the class changing seals during the map (outside of the Certifications)? Haven't tried it yet but I assume we can since it's an item.
  8. Thanks. I must have overlooked it as I was exploring. Funny thing, I've spoken to him every time that I can during exploration and he has never mentioned tea. About class changing, is there an easier way to view class experience other than going to Certifications? Most of my units hover around lv 10 and I want to promote them but the beginner classes have some nice skills I want them to learn.
  9. Thank you. Does anyone happen to know whom to deliver the high quality tea to after getting it from Ferdinand?
  10. Been itching to build some units recently, particularly Saizo since he got a weapon refine and it goes well with the debuff team that I've been thinking of building. Thing is, I already have a +9 Felicia and I plan on building Kaze because I like him as a character so that's already 2 dagger units that I plan on +10'ing. Good thing I've been saving feathers because I foresee a feather dump when the right copy of the units I want to build shows up. I suppose copies of merge projects not showing up and being really picky about asset/boon combinations has its merits. Also been eager to pull for some units. Still waiting on Keaton and Maribelle to come back on a 3 unit banner so I can complete my Valor collection. Keaton is lower on the priority list given that I don't have a lot of beast units so it'll have to depend on my orb situation whenever he comes back. I wouldn't mind pulling for another copy of Gunnthra in hopes a better asset since she's pretty good in AR and Hrid because he works well with his sister but he's lower on the list since he's a sword unit. Didn't get LH!Alm in July so waiting on his return as well but I'm not sweating over legendary heroes because they'll come back eventually.
  11. Arvis' flames were didn't mean much against a maid from an ice village.
  12. Pretty good run this week. Got mostly melee enemies so it was easy to score well. The mountains slowed down the enemies just enough to let my units nab KOs with the correct color.
  13. These 2 threads don't see much traffic but they are dedicated to other modes in the game: Allegiance Battle Squad Assault and Chain Challenge
  14. How appropriate that Gharnef met his doom via magic. Had LH!Azura equip TA3 so Gharnef would attack Katarina instead on turn 5.
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