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  1. List Legend Units promoted to 5★ rarity are in bold Non 5★ exclusive merged units in the regular summoning pool where one of their merges was obtained as a 5★ are in italics Total: 219 -> 220
  2. Hubert is too good at taking out OM!Byleth. Will train Lorenz up until level 40 but I won't be using him as the bonus unit for this TT.
  3. When skills compare stats(ex: Spd vs. Spd) at the start of combat between the skill holder and the opponent, does the skill take into account the combat buffs the enemy will be getting or does it only check against the opponent's visible stat for comparison?
  4. Do we know when the flags expire? I forgot to claim my login bonus flags during one round of the the previous VG and was still able to collect them the day after the event ended. I would assume the game saves VG data until the next one begins as we're able to see how many flags we have left even after the event ends if we had any leftover.
  5. Nino & twins surprise Innes and Eirikia with Christmas in July.
  6. The rewards we get from things like Twitter campaigns don't expire as long as we log in within the distribution period, right? As in, once we log in and it's in the present box, it'll stay there until it's collected?
  7. You might want to consider having ally support each other since they're usually fielded together. I was expecting you to chip Sothis with Lyn after the TA "debuff" but it turns out it wasn't needed.
  8. The enemy uses movement assist skills defensively to move units out of enemy range. Since none of your units can reach the Brave Axe flier, the AI deemed it unnecessary to have him use his assist skill. Turns out I didn't even clear Infernal last time. Not gonna complain about 4 more orbs. I think I spent more time trying to figure out Infernal than Abyssal. I pulled out all of the buffs to get the ORKO on the armor knight with Nino.
  9. Pegasus Flight looks fun. I want to try it out my Caeda. Hopefully we get it as a seal some time down the line.
  10. Flier skills are definitely fun. If they ever release Flier Formation into the 4* summoning pool, I'm gonna play around with it. It's a little funny to see Duma not moving much from his starting position. He was at the bottom half of the map when I cleared this map lol
  11. Good thing you dealt with Azura early. She would have caused a lot of headache.
  12. I personally found this one challenging because of that Dull Ranged Cleric. Myrrh certainly tanked a good number of hits. Pretty sure this is the longest clear I've recorded mainly due to the Rally Up+ sword fighter and those healers undoing the chip damage from Nino. Definitely thought about grinding out a Summoner Support on Nino but luckily it didn't have to come to that. Just needed a skill inheritance on Tethys. Wouldn't have been able to clear the map without her. Notes: Turn 1: Nino needed the Res buff from Fortify Res 4, Drive Res, and Peony's Flower of Joy to survive the 2 mages Tethys needed to move to the tile right below Nino to lure the Thief into going south Turn 3: Needed to hit the Thief with Chill Speed 3 for Nino to outspeed as he had Lull Spd/Def 3
  13. Hopefully. They usually announce these one day reruns on a Feh Channel so we might hear about it on the next one, which will most likely be the one for CYL4.
  14. Looking at Kaden's rerun history, the next probable banner will be Heroes with Goad skills. Candidates include: Hector, Reinhardt, A!Camilla, F!Kana, and Kaden. This does not look well for Kaden as Hector is more incentivizing to pull for given Distant Counter and I can see them putting Camilla and Reinhardt on the banner for color balance.
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