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  1. Physical, Game Stop pre-order copies are coming with free house pins.
  2. Once you go lunatic you can't go back, so I hope it is there.
  3. You drawing? With tablet? Krita was pretty good when I gave it a shot. Crashes once in a while and buggy conversion to photoshop files though, but it's free.
  4. I may be old fashioned, but Mechwarrior 2's game disk DOUBLED as music CD when you put it in a CD player. I just don't see $100 as a good price point, it's on the high side for me even if it included a figure, which it doesn't. Besides, I prefer the USB drive Europe has, so I'm out of luck anyway.
  5. I have completely abandoned this game for a while, and I came back to being tier 11. It's kind of a strange place. I have had troubles raiding maps that had Sutr before, but now the tables are turned. People are raiding my map with Sutr in a team of 5 and they can't even beat my AI team. I haven't even unlocked additional slots yet, and am still just using 4 members for both raid and defense.
  6. Do the season-bonus units get their bonuses on defense too?
  7. These singer Reinhardt Future Sight Lucina teams are a cancer, and I'm seriously considering building a similar team to make others suffer.
  8. I keep fluctuating between tier 13 and 14, and there's a markedly different difficulty. It seems everyone with fully developed team of legendary units are currently at 14 and above, and that's the cutoff for this season.
  9. Apparently I made it to rank 27489. I think the final day's first defense was a success is why, but I cannot check it now.
  10. I just had a successful defense where I won because my single remaining unit killed one enemy and so they opted to destroy my pots while avoiding her, and then after successfully destroying both pots, they continued to avoid her to the end of Turn 7. What?????
  11. Just encountered my first defense team that has five members, including an Azura and a Veronica. I won anyway, and it was actually easier than some defense that had four members. I think your choice of character might be more important, and an extra defense slot may not be worth it until you have five OP characters. The AI simply is too simple for an extra member to make up for its flaws. Maybe an extra offense slot would be a more effective purchase?
  12. I lost both raids today. You all talk about how you lose from playing in bed, and I didn't listen.
  13. I think the difficulty is starting to become better adjusted as people are filtered into their appropriate tiers. I don't seem to be raiding completely overpowered teams anymore, and my defense is starting to be able to win. Right now the most challenging thing for me is to convert my team from a quickly suicide one to one that lasts. My Eirika always seems to overextend due to being on horseback.
  14. I never successfully defended before, then I logged in yesterday and saw this. I want to think my defense finally got good, but it is more likely that the good players have simply moved above my tier.
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