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  1. I'm nominating Florete since they came in second on the last nomination.
  2. I wonder if any of the Three Houses characters will make it the top 4 for the next CYL. But, I doubt it since characters like Chrom, Eirika, Azura, and Marth will most likely make it this upcoming year. This is just an early prediction of who the Brave Heroes for next year could be. However, the three house leaders could make it to the top 20.
  3. I wonder if Fleche would make a potential GHB unit as well. But if they haven't made Anthony from Fates a GHB unit then I don't Fleche will be one either.
  4. Well, I'm currently playing the Blue Lions route and I often forget that the Church is on our side. Also, pretty much Catherine/Cassandra (outside of Gilbert/Gustave) is the only relevant character from the Church on this route since she has connections to Faerghus. I haven't been using other non-student characters much, other than Gilbert and Catherine. The other characters kinda seem out of place compared to when I saw them on the Golden Deer route. In short, I am often forgetting that I have to rescue Rhea on the Blue Lions route as well. Good thing I found this thread. It was something I wanted to point out.
  5. An ax-wielding warrior like Hilda. Lil Nas X
  6. I spent it all on fishing bait. Flayn or Fleche?
  7. For both my GD and BL runs Dorothea was the Black Eagle's representatives since I didn't recruit her on both routes. She's probably the default competitor for the BE. Edit: Overall, I guess it is random. Is just that the other houses will have less options the more characters you recruit from them. It is quite hilarious.
  8. I actually had a dream last night that there was a hidden Black Eagles characters. It was a woman that kinda resembled Kagero but without her hair tied. She also had droopy eyes like Marianne and had Bernadetta's hair color. I was aware in that dream that I forgot about a character. Also, a lot of FE3H has been appearing in my dreams lately as well.
  9. I would like a banner where there's a character representing each affiliation (pre-timeskip)? 1. Seiros - Flayn (Green Tome- Flyer) 2. Black Eagles - Bernadetta (Sword - Infantry) 3. Blue Lions - Ashe (Colorless Bow or Dagger could work too - Infantry) 4. Golden Deer - Lorenz (Cavalry - Lance) Tempest Trial Unit: Seteth or GHB: Lonato
  10. Cyril continues to clean Rhea's room and finding her hidden artwork where she poses nude (I'm not using him much in my current BL run).
  11. I should have took a screenshot that way the question would have been more comprehensible. Anyways, it is interesting that a random enemy appeared and I could have defeated him for extra EXP.
  12. Marianne and Hilda going through their phases.
  13. Golden Deer Route: Byleth/Leonie Claude/Marianne Lorenz/Hilda Raphael/Lysithea I'm currently on my Blue Lions run so I will update once I finish this and the Black Eagles run.
  14. Female Byleth is seriously like Kawakami from Persona 5. I wonder if anyone has named their female Byleth - Sadayo or Kawakami yet.
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