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  1. I would probably think it doing a bad cosplay of Joker or Pennywise. WWYDI Fire Emblem Heroes adds 6-star heroes.
  2. Last game: Pokemon Sword Only half of the characters are playable after the timeskip regardless of your options. Also, regional variant Anna with Blonde Hair.
  3. I would like to see a banner that includes heroes with their classic artwork. Mostly those from the first four Fire Emblem games. Also, instead of dialogue they will simply have a retro-style text box when they speak, including tap dialogue. Kinda like this: It would be fitting for this banner to take place in November and call it "Nostalgia November". They could even do classic NES sprites for them so that they stand out from other units They could start with these characters Marth Caeda Camus Duo Unit: Cain and Abel Tempest Trial Unit: Jagen GHB: Minerva
  4. We used to have obsessions with fictional characters from various forms of media. Probably, every fictional character in your time is now real. Perhaps they had built and conquered empires over the pasts centuries. If so we shouldn't had let our waifus take over our laifus.
  5. Maybe you're not playing the right song. Also, that video was 10 years ago. That guy was really ahead of his time. Where's the Wooloo Sauce?
  6. So this is how I played my SS route a few months ago. I only used characters from the Church of Seiros. For a while I was soloing maps with Byleth until I recruited Shamir and the others. It was fun using units that I didn't use a lot in previous routes. Most of all I enjoyed using Shamir and Dancer Flayn. I never gave these two a chance on other routes so the SS route was my chance to use them. Plus, I only recruited Lorenz and Ashe in this route because of their circumstances in the time skip. Still, the other BE characters felt out of place spending benched for the majority of the run. I made Byleth look like a teacher that is overprotective but still follows her ideals. I didn't feel any good or bad feeling after playing this route. It was basically to kill time since I already spent and enjoyed playing the other three routes. In short the Silver Snow route is basically to kill time or to give other units you barely used a chance. You won't miss a lot since it is like a Pseudo-Golden Deer Route because it has almost the same maps minus the battle at Gronder Field (sorry if I misspelled this since it has been a while) .
  7. Write a Creepypasta story about it. I dunno what else I would do. WWYDI you were sent back in time to 2010 when 2020 begins in your place?
  8. Zeke must have PTSD flashbacks every time he thinks about that.
  9. Petra shares the same English VA with one of the most hated anime characters of 2019. I'm of course talking about none other Myne from Shield Hero. "My actress of voice counterpart is what you call a female dog" On the bright side Petra also shares the same English VA as Aqua from Konosuba.
  10. It is probably going to take about 1-2 years for Niantic to add Pokemon from Alola. But it would be nice to nickname a Wimpod or Golisopod Bernadetta. Her "secret technique" is probably like Golisopod's First Impression. Also, she always uses "Emergency Exit" in almost every social interaction. For now a Carnivine will do for Bernie since she said she liked Piranha Plants.
  11. Golden Deer Route: Male Byleth/Leonie Claude/Marianne Lorenz/Hilda Raphael/Lysithea Characters from other houses recruited - Felix, Ingrid, Bernadetta Blue Lions Route: Male Byleth/Annette Dimitri/Dedue Sylvain/Ingrid Felix/Bernadetta Ashe/Marianne Characters from other houses recruited - Marianne, Leonie, Bernadetta, Petra Black Eagles Route: Male Byleth/Bernadetta Ferdinand/Petra Caspar/Lindhardt Characters from other houses recruited- Lysithea, Marianne, Ashe, Annette, Leonie, Ingrid Silver Snow Route: Female Byleth/Seteth Hanneman/Manuela Shamir/Catherine Characters from other houses recruited - Lorenz, Ashe I meant to post this last month, but until now I was able to recover my account. I think in around mid-November I did my final FE3H route which was the Silver Snow one. I might do a Maddening run later on.
  12. I'm nominating Florete since they came in second on the last nomination.
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