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  1. Granted, but all of the future Fire Emblem games will just be Mystery of the Emblem remakes. This will include various Mario-like spin-offs such as Mystery of the Emblem Party, Mario, Sonic, and Marth at the Olympics, FE Kart, etc. I wish that the next FEH April Fools joke is to make every hero a +10 5* Raigh for one day.
  2. I don't know if I am a little late to submit a response but I did it anyways. Good survey and good luck on your assignment.
  3. By not getting infected. Who did this?😂
  4. I'll eat only the exact same things that you'd eat back home WYR buy a Nintendo system that plays only digital games or will you continue buying physical copies if the console allows it.
  5. Kaze Is Missing! (Like Mario Is Missing! but with Kaze and Saizo)
  6. Granted, but now you will have a horde of monster girls chasing you like that episode from No Game No Life. I wish to travel time 100 years from now just to see if the future is as Psycho Pass predicted.
  7. Granted, but that means you can only use the DLC characters to defeat her in Maddening Mode, and you will need the Ring Fit Ring-Con for some reason too. I wish a celebrity did a Twitch stream of a Fire Emblem game (if someone hasn't already)
  8. I am going to pick one hero that was released from the first three books of the game. It is good that they are focusing more on Book 1/Vanilla Era heroes but it would be nice if they had some variation. Most of these choices are random but they could happen. Askr: Virion, Leif, Norne Embla: Reinhardt, Siegbert, Hubert Nifl: Ninian, Micaiah (OG), Mercedes Muspell: Camilla, Loki, Keaton Hel: Leo, Morgan (F), Tethys Light Fairy: Nino, Maribelle, Nah Dark Fairy: Peri, Silvia, Nagi Nidavellir: Rebecca, L'Arachel, Valbar
  9. A "Hexes for Dummies" Book or A "How to Put Hexes on your Exes" Book written by Tharja
  10. You can't, because Elon Musk will name his horse that. Are bears dogs?
  11. Granted, but you will have to pay $60 for that feature. I wish that there was a separate gacha game for Lyn alts only called Lyn Heroes.
  12. They will probably star in a Light Novel romcom with a long title. The question above will pretty much be the title of that romcom. It would be named Shiritsuka for short. Will having the English VAs from Fire Emblem Three Houses sing "Imagine" in unison be a good idea?
  13. For wrestling fans: Razor Ramon/Scott Hall has never been in a Royal Rumble match. Just his fake counterpart.
  14. Granted but you have to pay $20.00 for DLC to get her. I wish FEH did a crossover with Black Clover?
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