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  1. Yeah, I think it's Yeti's, but not sure though I'm just wanting to fix the RNG to be more accurate and tweak the odds of the luck factor I've had too many instances in FE games where I miss with 95-99% accuracy and being hit with %4-7 accuracy. (And I mean every FE game) I'm just aiming to tweak it a little and rebalance it. That way if a enemy hits me or I hit him with 4-7% accuracy, then you could really call that moment a miracle. I tend to try to add a surprise factor in any hack I make, including my progression in my Pokemon Gold gbc hack/reskin. This hack Ishould hope would be no different. Best way I could give an a example is basically like this. Think of 8% accuracy as being able to hit with this low accuracy 8/100 times. What I want to do, is cut the 8/100 times of it happening, to 4/100 times of it occuring. This really decreases and increases the luck factor in both ways. Luck acts like a placebo. You still decrease it from occuring often, while at the same time, when it does happen even after the edits I tend to make, you will probably consider yourself really lucky depending on the situation you're in. ... Does that make sense at all??? xD Sometimes my mind works faster than I type^^
  2. Made some new changes Updated (possibly better) ability Updated Level Up moves (lost Screech, rearranged Pain Split and Haze, added Ominous Wind) Updated TMs (Added Swords Dance, U-Turn, & Trick Room) New Tutor Moves (Was thinking about adding these) So hopefully, I think I made a better movepool for both Physical and Special attackers, plus a ability that's less game-breaking :p Tell me what you guys think?! EDIT: Also edited Stats by the way^^
  3. Just a small update: (but not much of a update) My internet has been going in and out recently (that time of the month), my laptop was hacked last night and I basically stayed up all night to fix it. I didn't lose anything though. Had to debug the hacker though and get him out of my system though, Which was still dreadful afterwards as he/she never failed to leave behind Cellphone & Nudist Colony Beach Resort ads -_- Plus, if you're in the same situation as me, I'd know the feels, we've been having a ton of bad weather lately, I got to watch a funnel cloud fly over my parents house and was directly underneath it to see the eye of it. Scariest **** I've seen in my life..and the closest thing to a tornado I never wanted to see. Fortunately, though we're okay as it didn't touch down here at home. But.... On a sadder note though, it touched down about 2 1/2 miles after passing us, hit a neighborhood, and killed 3 people. One of those people was only 9. :'( Nevertheless, I making a little progress, but not much due to everything else happening at the moment I'm expecting to have better internet capabilities on the 16th, which is Monday I think, so I'll try to have something convenient for my next post, cheers :3 EDIT: (Grammar OCD kicking in)
  4. I actually did have Night Shade (Level-Up) and Will-O-Wisp Ominous Wind though I completely forgot about, that would really fit here o.o (I'll figure out something) Those are really good idea's, which is the better one though because I like both. The evolution though I thought fit perfectly with his description consider he's not a full evolution due to lost strands of DNA. Which perfectly fits the Shedinja idea. Shedinja was basically a husk and not fully evolved as well once you think about it. I agree the consistency is off though... Honestly, he's meant to be a fast glass cannon with a unique usefullness as a Ghost-type. Most of the TM's were basically distributed to every Eeveeloution anyways. (But with added ideas of my own) Plus they all have the same Egg moves. I just copied and pasted them. Besides, when was there a time you could hit a shadow or phantom anyways if you ran into a ghost irl (not like they truly exist, but I've had certain experiences myself living in a haunted trailer home) He's has more SpD than Def because, well, his ability and being a glass cannon to begin with. That and i'm matching the overall with every other Eeveeloution (wouldn't be fair to the others ya know) Anything that could outspeed a 252 Spe with a base of 100 and either hit with Psyshock (which is used often, and there's other like it) or a SpA with a base of 100 (or more depending on the estimate) can still OHKO it. Even if it did hit Uber, Greninja and/or Darkrai could outspeed and KO it given the right moves. The ability isn't too broken. You said it yourself, counter an enemy Hazeon with Mold Breaker. I know it sounds like I broke the game by preventing physical attacks, but it isn't true that you can't hit it based on its DEF stat. (I could probably mention that in the OP to clarify) If i need to though, I could even out and balance the Def and SpD at the same base. That could make it a glass cannon more? Although, I do think you got some of the stats confused as well when you commented. SpD is not 40, its 80, while Def is 45. I could probably even it out and make it Def/60 and SpD/65?
  5. @Radetzky120 - Thx, I shall in a near future :3
  6. No, not really, but if anybody wanted to try their hand at making a picture of it they could, my artistic skills go only as far as South Park lol
  7. Just an idea I had on FB, was curious on thoughts about it. :) Pokemon: Hazeon, the Immature Pokemon Type: Ghost Evolution of: Eevee Evolution type: Regularly Evolve Eevee into Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon, or Sylveon by also having a extra Pokeball in your bag, and a open space in your party. Dex Entry/Description: Hazeon, the evolved form of Eevee, is created when leftover DNA strands of Eevee is left behind during it's many evolutions, resulting in a haze-like evolution with a transparent body as its not a full evolution process. It has the unusual power to possess other living beings to show them their feelings and emotions in dream-like hallucinations. A cross between Flareon and Umbreon. It's hazy body is dark grey with a red aura full of DNA embedded in its chest. When it is loved, the aura will glow. But beware if it blackens, which is a sign of cruelty and mistreatment. Ability: Transparent - The first physical attack taken during battle will fail to do damage. (With the exception of Special Attacks that inflict damage based on Defense, A Pokemon with Mold Breaker can also disable this ability if it uses a physical attack.) Stats: HP - 75 Attack - 115 Defense - 60 Sp. Attack - 115 Sp. Defense - 60 Speed - 100 Overall- 525 Moves: (Leveling Up): - Helping Hand - Tackle - Tail Whip 5 Sand-Attack 9 Night Shade 13 Quick Attack 17 Hypnosis 20 Haze 25 Shadow Claw 29 Pain Split 33 Dream Eater 37 Shadow Ball 41 Last Resort 45 Ominous Wind Moves: (TM/HM) TM01 - Hone Claws TM05 - Roar TM10 - Hidden Power TM12 - Taunt TM13 - Ice Beam TM15 - Hyper Beam TM16 - Light Screen TM17 - Protect TM20 - Safeguard TM21 - Frustration TM21 - Return TM30 - Shadow Ball TM32 - Double Team TM41 - Torment TM42 - Facade TM44 - Rest TM45 - Attract TM46 - Theif TM49 - Echoed Voice TM54 - False Swipe TM59 - Incinerate TM60 - Quash TM61 - Will-O-Wisp TM63 - Embargo TM64 - Explosion TM65 - Shadow Claw TM67 - Retaliate TM68 - Giga-Impact TM69 - Rock Polish TM70 - Flash TM73 - Thunder Wave TM75 - Swords Dance TM77 - Psych Up TM79 - Frost Breath TM85 - Dream Eater TM87 - Swagger TM88 - Sleep Talk TM89 - U-Turn TM90 - Substitute TM92 - Trick Room TM97 - Dark Pulse TM99 - Dazzling Gleam TM100 - Confide HM01 - Cut Moves: (Egg) - Captivate - Charm - Covet - Curse - Detect - Endure - Fake Tears - Flail - Natural Gift - Stored Power - Synchronize - Tickle - Wish - Yawn Moves: (Battle Resort) - Snore - Covet - Low Kick - Signal Beam - Endeavor - Uproar - Hyper Voice - Skill Swap - Role Play - Pain Split - Spite - After You - Helping Hand - Trick - Recycle - Snatch - Magic Coat (lol) - Heal Bell - Magic Room - Wonder Room - Gravity - Icy Wind What do you guys think? :)
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/co7gzmjv3x0rc16/Fire%20Emblem%20Midnight%20Sun%20Glitch.WAV?dl=0 I Pm'd Alfred this, but just in case, if I can get someone's verification of hearing the glitch I had, please tell me I'm not crazy xD Been having a hard time trying to copy it and give it to him, until I may have discovered the magic of recording the sound and making a .wav file If anybody read my earlier posts about this sound glitch, this was what I meant by Lasertag gunfire :') I just hope someone hears it besides me. :'(
  9. Oh, well ok, I will at least try :')
  10. 5/12/16 UPDATE: No screenshots of anything atm, but me and Pookachou have already put some ideas together for story :3 However, there are some things I want to clear up as far as what's new. -As I said before there will be a easy and a hard route, however the difficulty is not just enemies and maps. Both routes will have the same recruitable characters, but some characters can only be recruited in a certain route at a certain time of the plot. They also may also be recruited differently depending on the route you take. Lunyla's route you may get some of the best units early and maybe mid-game. However on Riku's path, some of the best characters may not be there til mid to late-game in general. These things plus the maps and enemies should really be the difference maker in difficulty. -I've been working on more maps for Chapters 1 & 2 and also ideas of other characters with Pookachou's help. However, I'm still in the need of a Spriter or two, it's really the important piece I'm missing to doing all of this, so, what I've decided to do. I would like for people to see if they would be interested in either giving ideas or thoughts for characters and/or providing their own sprites for this project to use. (Other than the ones in the OP) But that's completely optional though, I'm not expecting a big turn out of sprite work out of this, the last thing I'd do is ask for free stuff, but if you did I'd be greatful, and you'd be credited for your generosity. I'll promise it and even put your usernames and thoughts in my signature as a reminder. :)
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    Oh oops
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    Whatever you do, don't name the son David Too many David's in the world already, including myself :') (although my full first name is "Davidlee") Anyways, jokes aside, I honestly wish one day I have a family of my own, so I have been thinking of names already Son - Jecht (duh), Christmas, Bruce, Corrin, Sebastian, Cloud, Tiz, Tidus, Marluxia, Sora, Riku, Axel, Herbert (my father's name), Gray, Jakob, Leon, Benny, Niles, Odin, Owain, Loki, Gerome, Forrest, Foleo, Gaius, Caius, & Snow Daughter - Lucina, Amy Lee (favorite singer), Severa, Elise, Camilla, Vanille, Mia, Samus, Raven, Ahri, Sona, Katarina, Mei, Lute, Tana, Catria, Tiki, Luna, Celestia, Rarity, Dawn, Micaiah, Shiori, Yuno, Peri, Charlotte, Cheyenne, Lightning, Tifa, Azura, Kurumi, Tohka, Miku, Akiza, Noire, Selkie, Velouria, Panne, Lucy, Erza, Juvia, Shiki, & Marceline EDIT: I just assumed we was still thinking of names o.o
  13. Here ya go, if that's better for everyone. :') Still kind of need advice on my map skills so far if anyone is interested.
  14. Finally finished the Prologue Map, it's not perfect though, so I can use some expertise from a good map maker :3 Technically, your first two units of the game will start at the bottom below the ledge, and then fight their way to seize the fort of your first enemy.
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