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  1. Thank you, both! A shame, i thought that it would carry over because it was a 5*, well then, i will just hold back until i promote her.
  2. Hey there, i have a question about mergin. For example, if i merge a bad boon/bane 5* to a 4*, will i keep my +1 when i eventually promote my 4* to 5*? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks a lot for this! And about Wyvern Valley and Dragon's Table. Yes, it should be Dragon's Table, it is the same place, and they call it like that on Awakening, buuut, Wyvern Valley and Wyvern's Dale are two different places, WV is on Valm/Valentia, WD on Ylisse/Archanea.
  4. Wat. No, really, what does that even mean? Did the said something like that? Easy, see Radiant Dawn: Axe/Thunder/Dark> Lance/Fire> Sword/Wind/Light. Of course, that would be a little unbalanced, but we can trow up Daggers or Bows if you want so in the middle class, and we repeat the Heavy> Middle> Light pattern, all within an order.
  5. Am i the only one that is annoyed by the fact that they messed up the pairing of the magic triangle and the normal weapons? I mean, it is supposed that the order is Axe> Lance> Sword, and Thunder> Fire > Wind, meaning that it is Heavy> Middle > Light, but then, they decided that they should put Axe/Wind> Lance/Thunder> Sword/ Fire. Is there some kind of sense that i am simply not seeing? Why not just Axe/ Thunder> Lance/ Fire> Sword/ Wind? I know that it is a small thing, but all the same, i don't see why did they do this.
  6. Do you by any chance checked that website in spanish? Because, you know, Draug was a pun, "Draug> Guard", so, it seems that the spanish translators tried to maintain it, "Aidraug> Guardia"
  7. Just found this typo. Oh, and another thing, in the credits, if you let someone die, instead of seeing what happened to them, it will just appear gibberish, thanks a lot though for this patch, definitely made it worth to play it again.
  8. Well, that´s about it, to be honest, i suppose that you can count her ability to wield light magic without being someone from the clergy, and all of her spoily things that relates to her and Altina.
  9. Iniktemis


    Hey, hello, i hope that you have a nice time here in the Forest!
  10. Nyx? Well, she will destroy the defenses of your Kana, and also make her a little blind, but if that´s not a problem, go ahead. Now, if you are just talking about optimization, i would say that Camilla is a very nice mother in your situation, she doesn´t destroy her magic, and gives good speed, defenses, resistance, and, well, everything, she is very well rounded (no pun intended)
  11. Go for Flora or Anna if you have her, ez.
  12. God no, i can see it now on Conquest, a ninja debuffing you, also using Poison Strike, while Lunging both of the unpaired units to a bunch of swordmasters with Brave Swords(?), yes, doesn't sound too nice.
  13. Oh, i see it now, i read it too fast and thought that he was talking just about the newer FEs, thanks and sorry. Then, as everyone says, i don´t know what can i say man, what´s exactly what you want? the game to be harder but with more powerful characters?
  14. Have you played any other Fire Emblem game besides Awakening? Maybe you are a little spoiled because Awakening had such a big growths for all the characters in general, that you could just blow the game with almost any character, it was as if no one had a big "weakness", whereas here in Fates, you might found that some characters are as durable as wet paper, slow as a rock, blind, or weak as a baby.
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